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Chapter 28 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Belle Époque (7)


I stand there, utterly bewildered, staring blankly.

There was nothing else I could do.

On my way home from work, I made a deliberate detour to the art gallery.

I had rushed there, hoping to see another time period of the teacher and, although not understanding, to say a belated greeting.

“The exhibition... is over?”

Where my gaze rests.

The sign of the art gallery, and next to it, the phrase announcing the current exhibition bears an unbelievable message.

Lucid Dream Art Gallery, closed for internal renovations for the next exhibition.

This damned art gallery.

It's basic to write when an exhibition starts and ends if you're going to have one.

I mistook the continuous same exhibition for lack of information.

With a sense of regret, I loitered around the stairs leading downstairs, but with all the lights off and no sound, I lacked the courage to go down into the dark basement alone. So, I loitered around the first floor.

I wanted to ask an employee when the next exhibition starts, if I saw one.

But even after waiting for 30 minutes, no employee appears.

“Who on earth is the boss that runs a business so irresponsibly?”

I kicked the ground in vain, cursing the unknown owner for a while before heading home.

Actually, I wanted to call Yeongju for a congratulatory drink rather than going straight home.

‘When should I tell her?’

I still haven't confessed the truth to Yeongju.

Of course, Yeongju is busy with her life and hasn't contacted me.

Still, it felt a bit wrong to keep a secret from my only friend. Maybe I should just mention it casually, not boasting?

As I sat on the sidewalk in front of the art gallery, pondering, I received a call from Monica.

“Yes, Monica.”

- Ban, have you finished work?

“Yes, I'm near home.”

- You worked hard today. You're coming to the drink tomorrow, right?

“Of course.”

Naturally, I should go.

I saw Sooyoung making a reservation at a restaurant earlier.

It was a top-grade Hanwoo beef barbecue place. Only a fool would turn that down.

But maybe because I've been working with Monica for a month, my English seems to have improved a lot.

I once studied English when preparing for a job at a design company, where it was a mandatory requirement. I stopped studying after getting the necessary TOEIC and TOEFL scores, so my English didn't improve for a while.

Indeed, conversation with a native speaker is necessary... Ah, Monica isn't a native English speaker, right.

“I will definitely come tomorrow.”

- Alright, see you tomorrow then. Oh, Ban. And one more thing.

“Yes, Monica.”

- There's someone who wants to meet you. They are asking for your contact information, can I give it?

Huh? Suddenly someone wants to meet me?

“You have to tell me who it is.”

- A friend of mine, Korean, and probably will offer you a job. Attended the major shareholder meeting too.

My eyes lit up.

I had successfully collaborated with MG Electronics, but just overcame one hurdle and was wondering how to earn money in the future.

I have over a hundred million in the bank, but it feels odd to keep going to Ikseon-dong to paint portraits. I still need to earn a living to dedicate more time to art activities, so this news is like rain in a drought.

“Of course, that's great!”

- Can I give your contact?


- Alright, my friend's Korean name is Yoo Min-young. Please take the call when it comes.

“Yes, yes! Yoo Min-young. I'll remember that. Thank you, Monica.”

- Haha, no problem. See you tomorrow.

“Yes, goodbye!”

Even though no one was watching, I bowed while ending the call and clenched my fist.


I've heard that successful painters have schedules filled up for three years. It means they have many clients.

I used to envy that life, but now I feel like I'm living it as work starts to follow.

“Yoo Min-young? Let's see, if they attended the major shareholder meeting, that means they must have money, right?”

What kind of job will it be?

It won't be on the scale of MG Electronics, but I hope it at least covers labor costs. I'm still building my career, so I shouldn't be too greedy.

Regaining my spirit, I put my phone back in my pocket and looked at the art gallery sign with a smack of my lips.

‘Will I never dream again? That’s a pity...’

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