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Chapter 63 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy


Navia had been pacing restlessly in her room ever since Lark suddenly disappeared in a worsened state.

As soon as the door opened and Margaret entered, Navia hurried towards her.

"Is the Duke alright?"

Ever since she witnessed Lark's condition, Navia had been internally convinced that Lark wasn't really ill.

After all, he looked too robust, his complexion was good, and he seemed healthy.

But then he suddenly looked pained and staggered - could it be something serious?

Margaret smiled weakly and comforted Navia.

"It's okay. You don't need to worry too much."

With those words, even her lips that were stretched in a smile began to fade slightly.

Navia intuitively felt she was about to hear some bad news from Margaret.

And sure enough.

"And... I'm sorry, but the Lord has ordered a temporary halt to all of Navia's activities..."

Margaret said this with an extremely awkward expression.

She was fearful and sympathetic of the child's heartache.

Even a child, as a member of a community, receiving and then being abruptly stripped of duties, was a great loss.

Especially for someone as intelligent and discerning as Navia.

Navia took Margaret's words and was relieved that the situation wasn't as bad as she thought.

'A suspension of all activities...'

That probably meant more than just stopping her role as a barber, but to stay out of sight and quiet as a mouse.

"I see."

Navia replied calmly, with a reassuring smile, as if she was entirely unaffected.

Of course, she would be lying if she said she wasn't disappointed about suddenly not being able to do anything.

'I haven't yet had the chance to style Margaret's and Minerva's hair.'

It would have been nice to finish just two more people's hair before stopping.

But in front of a more distressed Margaret, she couldn't show her feelings.

"I'm fine."

Navia was used to saying she was fine.

More precisely, saying she was fine was the only thing she could do.

But she was content with being in a situation where she could say that.


Margaret's heart ached at Navia's easy resignation and acceptance.

It would have been better if she said she wasn't okay, why are you doing this to me, or showed great distress.

That would have been a more typical and normal reaction.

But Navia, with an expression that didn't even consider such things, repeated her words.

"You really don't need to worry. But, you haven't heard any unnecessary words because of me, have you?"

What had happened to make this child grow up so quickly?

And to become an adult so accustomed to enduring...

Margaret tried to calm herself and smiled gently.

"Not at all. Hey, I'll prepare some delicious food and we'll eat together today. How about that?"

Navia was about to agree and then smiled awkwardly.

"I'm sorry. The Duke's order not to do anything seems to mean not to cause a disturbance. So, it's better to stay quiet today."

"…Alright. Then I'll prepare the food and come back. Just wait a little."

After Margaret left, Navia suddenly wondered what kind of disturbance she had caused.

Lark's mood didn't seem bad. He was curt, but treated her well.

'What about me upset the Duke?'

Perhaps he didn't like the way she styled his hair? But his reaction wasn't like that.

Navia felt he was really hard to understand.

"…I had hoped we could become friends."

'Such a foolish thought. Not knowing my place.'

Navia continued to look down at the gold coin she was holding.

"I need a coat."

The clothes Navia wore when she came to Eseled were all torn and gone.

She needed a coat and a pair of shoes to go to the information shop.

'One gold coin should be enough to get some decent clothes and shoes.'

"I'll ask Lord Suleiman."

Since Suleiman was going out to the palace today, she planned to ask him to buy some clothes and shoes.

Navia had heard at dinner the day before that Suleiman usually spends this time in the study on the first floor.

So, she had to go downstairs.


Still not fully recovered, Navia stood in front of the central staircase, gazing down the dauntingly long stairs.


She took a deep breath.

"Alright. Let's go down."

Navia gripped the railing and descended one step.

* * *

Suleiman and Margaret did not reside in the main building, but in separate annexes.

They opened the golden wardrobe, the only luxury in their rooms, dressed, and headed to the main building.

In the morning, they made simple meals, wrapped their heads around Theorban's tyranny, adjusted the budget, and attended to their respective official duties associated with their titles.

It was a succession of quiet and monotonous tasks.

But there was a change. They had added a visit to Navia's room to their schedule.

This small change had turned their routine upside down.

They, who thought they would never be involved with a child until their death, found this change to be almost a blessing.

The desolate Eseled Ducal residence now smelled of life.

They didn't know how long it had been since laughter had echoed in this place.


Suleiman hummed a tune as he smoked his pipe in the study.

On the table lay several documents outlining how to coordinate this realm's affairs at the royal court today.

"Ah, should I quit smoking now?"

He mused aloud as he puffed out smoke.

'Now that the child is here, smoking seems inappropriate.'

Although smoking had been one of his few leisure activities, he thought of quitting without much regret.

"It's better than hearing Margaret's nagging."

Suleiman immediately put down his pipe.

"Should I go prepare for the meal?"

He was just about to leave the study when he heard it.

"How can there be not a single servant in the Ducal house!"

Turning, he saw Theorban bursting in with two maids and a guard.

Theorban, meeting Suleiman, smirked arrogantly.

"Good morning, Count Theorban."

Suleiman looked over Theorban and the maids coldly before speaking.

"What brings you here this early, Alvin?"

Theorban, also a count but considering himself superior due to his old age and war hero status, glared pointedly at Suleiman.

In truth, Suleiman found Theorban's character more repulsive than his attitude.

Theorban stroked his black beard and spoke in a patronizing tone.

"I have a daughter too, so I know a noble lady can't do anything without a maid. And yet, having a girl alone in a place without servants is rather troubling, isn't it?"

Suleiman glared at him with a mix of anger and disdain.

'Ah, he's just looking for a way to keep an eye on things.'

Knowing Theorban's plan to install his daughter as the successor here, he saw right through the ploy.

"It would be problematic to assign someone uninvited without the master's permission."

Theorban bristled at the term 'uninvited' but soon sneered.

"Ha, what are you saying? Oh, is it because of money?"

Suleiman's anger surged.

His expression turned icy.

"Maids to assist me?"

Just then, Navia's clear, youthful voice broke the tension as Suleiman's expression softened.

Turning around, he saw Navia cautiously descending the stairs.

"Oh, Miss Navia..."

Suleiman quickly conjured a breeze to gently lower Navia to the ground.

Navia, careful not to absorb the magic with her Black Moon, stepped onto the ground and beamed.

"Thank you, Lord Suleiman."

Suleiman's displeasure seemed forgotten as he beamed back.

Theorban, incredulous, said loudly enough for all to hear.

"Tsk, to think a girl discarded by Duke Agnes is freely wandering around the house."

Suleiman called his name in a stern warning tone.

"Enough, Theorban Alvin."

Navia had already approached Suleiman's side.

He was trying to hurt her with his words, but what to do?

'To me, it's good news.'

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