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Chapter 64 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy

Despite her inner turmoil, Navia spoke with a feigned seriousness.

"What do you mean by that......?"

Theorban mocked Navia with a look of disdain.

"It means Duke Nikan Agnes has thrown you out of his foster care. You're now a girl who has lost not only her parents but also her foster father. Tsk tsk."

"Are you ignoring my warning now!"

Theorban retorted with a flushed face.

"After treating you with respect as a former war hero and elder, you think you're my superior?"

He pointed a finger accusingly at Suleiman.

"Show some respect when you speak to me! Wasting your life serving such a worthless master, you're nothing but an old man in the backroom."

Suleiman, unable to contain his rising anger, summoned his magic.

As a whirlwind suddenly hit the lobby, Theorban shuddered and hunched his shoulders.

'Does this old man dare to threaten me?'

Although Suleiman and Theorban held the same countship, their status was worlds apart. Suleiman was a hero who led the Allied Nations' war to an undefeated myth, receiving countless honors and titles. In contrast, Theorban had become a count by marrying well.

"That magic trick, you think you're the only one who can do it? Guards!"

Theorban sharply called for his mage guards.

Just as the guards were about to unleash their attack magic, Navia's calm voice pierced the escalating tension.

"Isn't this also a form of territorial dispute?"

Realizing Navia was right, they reluctantly withdrew their magic. Navia sighed in relief, looking at them alternately.

'With the Duke already in a foul mood, we can't afford any more disturbances.'

It seemed like the situation needed to be diffused by dismissing Theorban promptly.

Suleiman, his jaw clenched in anger, suddenly looked down at the tug on his sleeve. There, Navia gazed up at him with fearful eyes.

His heart sank for a moment.

'Ah, has she been hurt? That despicable Theorban...!'

Then, Navia began to speak unexpectedly.

"According to Count Alvin's words, does it mean that instead of being involved in a crime and staying here, Duke Agnes has discarded me here like trash in a garbage bin?"

Suleiman almost gaped in shock but quickly composed himself.

Navia's simple question, laden with implications, masterfully turned the tide of the situation.

Theorban inadvertently ended up alluding to the Eseled family's derogatory nickname, "the garbage disposal," especially within Eseled's own territory.

He glanced at Theorban, who appeared utterly dumbfounded.

"Oh, no......"

Then, Theorban glared at Navia with venomous eyes.

"Is it your habit to spout such nonsense!"

Navia looked at the suddenly aggressive Theorban in confusion.

"Didn't you say that to me, Count?"

"That was your interpretation......"

Before he could finish, Suleiman interrupted.

"Was today's visit intended to insult the Eseled family?"

Theorban was taken aback.

"Are you accusing me based on this girl's trickery?"

"It seems like the cunning wordplay is yours. Eseled has yet to clarify Navia's situation."

This issue was to be settled today at the palace in front of Nikan and the Emperor.

Suleiman coldly declared, "So, the one insulting Eseled with baseless facts seems to be you."

Theorban clenched his fist in rage.

'How dare this insignificant old man insult me!'

If he ever became the master of Eseled, he would dispose of this useless, pitiful old man immediately!

But for now, he lacked a valid reason.

He ground his teeth and apologized with a forced smile.

"......I misspoke. That wasn't my intention. How could I speak such ignorant words about my own family?"

Suleiman did not let it slide.

"The apology should be directed to this young lady, our guest, don't you think?"

Was Theorban being cornered over a single slip of the tongue?

His anger surged uncontrollably at the thought of apologizing to a mere girl of unknown noble lineage.

'But causing more trouble now could lead to bigger issues, like leaving behind the maids.'

For greater gains, Theorban suppressed his anger for the moment.

"……I was too harsh in my words. I'm sorry. I meant no harm. I simply came to help you."

Suleiman gazed coldly at Theorban.

'Coming to help? That's outrageous!'

His eyes then shifted to the maids standing beside Theorban.

"I will cover the wages of these maids from my own expenses. Families should help each other out, right?"


Theorban had sent only a fraction of the income from his various enterprises, including the anesthetic grass farm, to Eseled.

With this meager income source, Eseled managed to sustain their livelihood.

Recently, Theorban even reduced this support, citing decreased income due to business downturns.

Until eventually, they were on the brink of bankruptcy.

And so, when they could no longer afford to maintain their private soldiers and had to disband them, he would be ready to take over.

He knew this all too well, yet he dared to talk about 'helping family'?

But right now, she couldn't refuse the maids.

More precisely, she lacked a valid reason to do so.

In reality, Minerva was the only female servant here.

Margaret, being a noble with a title, couldn't be counted as a servant.

In fact, Suleiman and Margaret didn't receive wages; they lived off their own pensions.

Rejecting the seemingly kind gesture of sending servants would be tantamount to snubbing Count Alvin.

'If it weren't for the anesthetic grass, I wouldn't be in such a bind.'

As Suleiman frowned unhappily, Navia suddenly smiled brightly.

"Wow, really? Thank you."

Her voice sounded genuinely happy, and her face lit up with pure joy.

But Suleiman felt he was starting to understand this girl.

'She must have something in mind.'

Having only known Navia for five days, Suleiman naturally felt that there was a reason behind her actions.

And indeed, Navia had a plan.

'Why forcefully reject something that can't be refused?'

Accepting the inevitable and watching for a chance to counterattack was the best strategy.

In other words, wait until a vulnerability appears to turn it into an opportunity for a counterattack.

What if no weakness appears?

'I'll just have to create one.'

Navia smiled pleasantly.

Theorban also felt better, thinking he had successfully planted his servants to monitor her.

'You dared to rile me up; I won't let you off easily.'

A flash of murderous intent flickered in Theorban's eyes.

'You're lucky if your head is still attached by tomorrow.'

Theorban, who had just been humiliated, sneered as he looked at the maids he brought with him.

"Take good care of her."

"Yes, Master."

The maids' eyes sparkled.

They weren't sent to genuinely serve Navia; they were there to torment her.

They were thrilled at the prospect of earning money while slacking off.

They circled around Navia, smiling and greeting her.

"Please take care of us, Miss."

Navia met their gaze and smirked.

"Hello? I'm counting on you too."

'Hopefully, you'll slip up and give me a weakness to exploit.'

Benny and Sairen felt an inexplicable chill and rubbed their arms.

Is it because winter is coming?

Theorban, completely shrouded in black, didn't want to linger in this cursed mansion any longer than necessary.

So as soon as his business was done, he abruptly said,

"I must be going now. Oh, are you heading to the palace today?"

Suleiman sent a cold gaze at Theorban for flaunting his knowledge of this unofficial schedule.

"You better negotiate the compensation well. The price of anesthetic grass has shot up lately, hasn't it?"

Theorban smiled, confident of his eventual victory as long as he had the anesthetic grass.

Suleiman clenched his fist, maintaining a stern expression. He had anticipated Theorban's meddling if any compensation came through.

He didn't even want to deal with such a despicable person.

He didn't escort Theorban out but instead immediately asked Navia,

"Shall we go back to your room, Miss Navia?"

Navia nodded and called out to the maids who were about to escort Theorban.

"Benny, Sairen."

They turned to Navia in confusion.

"Yes? Did you call us?"

Navia asked slyly.

"Are you starting to help me from tomorrow?"


As Theorban headed towards the lobby, he frowned and turned back.

'What nonsense is she spouting now?'

Theorban looked down on her, as if she were an idiot, and said disdainfully,

"These girls will start taking care of you from today."

"Oh, I see. I thought you were heading towards the door to leave."

Theorban's expression turned fierce. He wanted to retort immediately, but his lips only quivered, and he couldn't retaliate.

Navia's point was valid.

Theorban, having delegated the authority to personally take care of Navia, couldn't let someone else take over without permission.

Additionally, commanding someone else's servant, who is not their own maid, is clearly an act of property theft.

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