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Chapter 65 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy

Theorban spoke with a gaze so intense it was as if he was chewing and swallowing his words.

"Benny, Sairen. Now you must attend to that child."

"…Yes, understood."

Benny and Sairen approached Navia hesitantly, as if questioning whether this was alright, their expressions uncertain.

Watching this scene, Suleiman momentarily turned his head to the side.

It was because he felt a refreshing clarity in Navia's words, unwittingly bringing a smirk to his face.

Eventually, Theorban had to leave, striding out alone without anyone to see him off, his steps defiant.

Navia then continued speaking to Suleiman.

"I'm hungry."

Suleiman, noticing Navia cutely squinting one eye, realized that her words were not due to actual hunger.

It was her way of wanting to dismiss the maids.

"You two, go bring some snacks from the food storage and kitchen over there."

The maids appeared flustered. Indeed, it was to be expected.

How could they be expected to know their way around when they had never been here before? Normally, there would be a senior to guide them in such situations.

'But this ducal family is too poor for that.'

Navia clutched her stomach pitifully.

"I'm so hungry…"

And since the maids had heard plenty about the state of the Eseled family, they reluctantly nodded in agreement.

"…Then I'll get it ready. Which room is it, by the way?"

"The third room on the left from the central staircase on the second floor."


As they obediently disappeared in the direction Suleiman pointed, Navia’s body suddenly sprang up.

"Shall we go back to the room?"

Navia was about to say she could walk on her own.

But recalling how long it took her to come down to the first floor, she simply nodded her head.

'I hope my body recovers quickly.'

Being in a child's body was inconvenient enough, but the physical pain added to her discomfort. Still, she could feel her wounds healing rapidly, her condition improving day by day.

Suleiman remarked softly, "Quite impressive."

He hadn't felt as exhilarated recently as he did today.

Navia blinked her eyes and then grinned.

"Didn't I tell you? I'm worth my keep."

And this wasn't even something that could be considered 'worth her keep.'

"Haha! That's right. Worth your keep. Worth your keep."

Suleiman closed his mouth bitterly, even as he admired Navia.

What would this place look like to Navia?

'A lord as great as a god, powerful private soldiers nowhere to be found, reduced to needing help from such a small girl…'

"Suleiman, I have a favor to ask."

Suleiman's face lit up with anticipation.

"Oh, what is it? Go on, tell me."

Navia opened her small palms wide and said, "Could you buy me a coat and shoes with this? Any style or color is fine as long as it's neat."

Suleiman glanced at the single gold coin and replied with a kind smile, "Sure, I'll buy something pretty on the way home. Use that money for something else."

"No, it's only right that I pay for what I use."

Arriving in front of the child's room, he gently set her down and met her gaze.

"A child doesn't earn the money for their own needs. I know you're talented and clever. But as long as you're a child in this house, I'll take care of you."


"You're the youngest in our house."

Navia looked down.

She should be happy, so why did these kind words make her feel so uneasy?

Perhaps she should be touched and joyful. Vivian would have thrown herself into Suleiman's arms, laughing like a flower in bloom.

'Am I just not ready to be happy?'

Navia couldn't quite pinpoint why her heart was fluttering.

All she could do was not let on that she felt strange.

"…Then I'll do as you say. Thank you, Suleiman."

As she spoke with calm grace, Margaret appeared with food, and Minerva with a medical bag.

Margaret tilted her head and asked, "I felt a disturbance in the lobby earlier. Did Theorban come by again?"

Suleiman nodded like a sigh, confirming.

"Navia needed servants, so he left two maids behind. Typical scheming."

Margaret's face showed she understood the situation well.

"I hope there's no trouble."

Suleiman cheerfully changed the topic.

"I'm sure those two have caused quite a stir while I was away at the palace. I'm looking forward to this, actually."

Margaret bit her lower lip.

Her gaze then landed on Navia, who stood quietly with a calm expression.

Suleiman noticed that look and cautiously asked with a smile, "Is something wrong?"

"Well, it's... "

Margaret conveyed the message from Lark, who had stopped all of Navia's activities with an embarrassed expression.

"My lord..."

Upon hearing the news, both Suleiman and Minerva's expressions darkened.

Navia said with a nonchalant smile.

"It's okay. I'm not bothered. Ah, Suleiman, maybe it's time you head to the palace?"

"Hmm, yes. I was just about to leave."

Suleiman replied uncomfortably, not keen on visiting the palace in such circumstances.

Navia greeted him with a bright, unshadowed smile.

"Take care on your journey."


Suleiman couldn't help but smile back at her smile, though a hint of bitterness lingered in his eyes.

Is it difficult for Eseled to be a haven for Navia?

'I feel so powerless.'

Margaret gently lifted some food and said to Suleiman.

"Can you wait a moment?"

Suleiman nodded.


After putting the food inside, Margaret came out, closed the bedroom door, and gently touched Suleiman's shoulder, which had fallen into silence.

"I'll see you off. Let's go down."

Being long-time comrades, they didn't need many words between them.

Just being by each other's side was comforting enough.

But now, it was hard to keep silent, the heartache almost unbearable.

Suleiman murmured bitterly, eyes filled with regret.

"A soaring bird eventually descends. But I never imagined such a plummet."

Nothing lasts forever.

Great families, great nations.

All have an end.

The power that reaches its peak inevitably falls in the next generation.

It's the natural order.

But Eseled's case was a bit different. This place had the potential to be greater than any other family.

Because of Lark Eseled's exceptional magic.

His magical talent knew no bounds. He could wield all abilities and use them endlessly.

A living nightmare, a deity.

This deity's presence had awakened a mysterious girl to stark reality.

The place had weakened to the point of being unable to care for a small child.

And their lord had let go of everything, waiting for the end.

Dark and despairing.

"Do you regret it?"


Suleiman answered firmly, as if it were the most useless word.

"Margaret, we were already dead then, weren't we?"

The Allied War was a war meant to be lost.

The previous emperor had started it to sweep away those he disagreed with, planting a traitor.

A forced change of generations.

The army was a mess. Supplies were the worst and drastically insufficient.

"They never tire of this."

In that ruined camp, Lark appeared like the god of war.

Suleiman continued with a look of recollection.

"We repay the grace that resurrected us and even made us war heroes by simply standing by his side?"

Margaret smiled quietly and nodded.

"I thought that was enough..."

He had seen a hawk soaring in the sky.

Its proud flight seemed to dominate the world.

Who wouldn't dream of flying high beside such a brilliant dream?

"I'm afraid of his fall."

But it was just a daydream.

Suleiman's smile faded as he stared straight ahead, having reached the lobby.

Then Margaret suddenly said in a light-hearted voice.

"Life has times of rest, right? Not just for people but for families and even nations."

Suleiman nodded as if he understood well.

Margaret continued.

"We once saw the light."

"Yes, we did."

Suleiman remembered the seven-year-old ruler.

It was a definite light.

Then Margaret abruptly changed the topic.

"Navia is a very intelligent girl, don't you think? Reminds you of someone, right?"

Suleiman blinked, then chuckled, realizing the same.

"Yeah, I guess."

'Just like the ruler who saved us, a mystical and amazing child.'

"I have a good feeling that she'll get along well with our lord, despite some current issues."

Suleiman, acknowledging Navia's sharpness and pity, found it hard to agree with Margaret's words.

"Margaret, you know what kind of person our lord is, don't you? Look at today. Getting along with someone like him is optimistic talk."

Suleiman thought it might be quicker for them to create a new haven for Navia instead.

Margaret rounded her eyes in surprise.

"Oh... I thought you felt the same, but you still haven't caught on?"

"What do you mean?"

"You really are oblivious, Suleiman."

Suleiman was at a loss.

Oblivious? Him? The iron-willed Suleiman?

"In my 63 years, that's the first time I've heard that."

"I must have said it before."

"No, really, it's the first time!"


Suleiman shook his head in disbelief and boarded the carriage.

"After returning from the palace, this matter must be settled once and for all."

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