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Chapter 178 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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"You heard it right. Borrowing these Goblin Dollars is the same as borrowing Ducats."

At that, Marion snorted.

"Then I should take the Ducats even more. If they are going to be exchanged for Ducats anyway, why would I take those Goblin Dollars?"

If he borrowed Ducats, he could use them immediately as war funds.

However, if he borrowed Goblin Dollars instead of Ducats, which he had never seen before, he would face various difficulties because he couldn't use them effectively.

It was too annoying to introduce it as money to others.

'How can I use that? I don't even know if others will accept it or not.'

"Isn't that right?"

At his words, the head of Goblin Bank, Goldman, smiled.

"Yes, I honestly agree with you. If it's going to be exchanged for Ducats anyway, why would you take Goblin Dollars? But you should know this."

At this moment.

There was only one reason why Goldman actively recommended Goblin Dollars.

It was because it was difficult for them to provide as many Ducats as he wanted.

'We have to lend money to do business as before, and we have no choice but to use Goblin Dollars since that's all we have.'

"The interest rates are different."

Only then did Marion become quiet.

To be honest, what was important to him was the war funds.

But repaying it later was also quite important.


As Marion showed interest, Goldman's grin grew even wider.

'Good, he's hooked. Well, guys like you are all the same.'

"If you borrow Ducats, the interest rate is 6.5%. But if you borrow Goblin Dollars instead, we currently have a special promotion period where you can get a golden interest rate of 5.5%."

Goldman's words, eager for victory, continued.

"What do you think? Do you still dislike Goblin Dollars?"

The fact that the interest rate difference was a full 1% was quite an interesting proposal for Marion, who was borrowing large amounts of money.

"Are you saying that the interest rate difference is 1%?"

"That's right. Why else would people borrow Goblin Dollars instead of Ducats?"

Goldman recalled a mercenary captain who had visited before and continued.

"I don't know which mercenary group it was, but their captain also borrowed money here and took Goblin Dollars. They called us fools."

Goldman still smiled.

"Do you know why they called us fools? Whether they take Goblin Dollars or Ducats, it's the same as taking Ducats. But there's a full 1% difference in interest rates, so they looked at us as fools. We are working hard to activate Goblin Dollars throughout the continent."

The other party was Goblin Bank, a trusted institution based on credit.

Although Goblin Dollars were unfamiliar and strange, Marion, who had dealt with Goblin Bank several times before, didn't completely dislike Goblin Dollars.

If the interest rate is low, why take the more expensive Ducats?

"Is it okay to borrow Goblin Dollars and immediately exchange them for Ducats?"

"That's not possible. The interest rate is only low when you borrow Goblin Dollars. If you immediately exchange them for Ducats, the original loan interest rate will apply."

"How do you know that?"

"That's because we only accept the principal and interest in Goblin Dollars later. If you return it in Ducats, the original 6.5% interest rate will apply. So, remember this. The 5.5% golden promotion is only applicable when you borrow Goblin Dollars."


Introducing Goblin Dollars as money to everyone for a 1% difference in interest rates?

That kind of inconvenience was entirely possible in front of a 1% difference in loan interest rates.

'1% is huge. Especially since I'm borrowing a large amount of money.'

"Okay. But I want to make one thing clear."

The following question was something Goldman could easily predict.

"Is it true that Goblin Dollars can be exchanged for Ducats anytime, anywhere?"

At those words, Goldman smiled more confidently than anyone else in the world.

"Of course. Even if it's not us, the Rothsmedici family of the empire, who boast of being the richest on the continent, guarantee it. You can try exchanging it there. If they exchange it, I'm right, and if I'm wrong, we'll have to close our business here today."

It was a well-known fact that the winner of the Gold Vein War was the empire and the Rothsmedici family, which belonged there.

So, Marion was able to have more confidence in Goblin Dollars rather than doubt.

'There's no reason for them to lie here. But it's a little strange that the empire also guarantees Goblin Dollars to be exchanged for Ducats. The empire originally used Dalants... Even they don’t want the copper-mixed gold coins.'

As he left Goblin Bank with a loan approval, Dark Elf leader Marion chuckled as he looked at the Goblin Bank building standing behind him.

'Goblin Dollars... These goblin guys always attach their names to their things.'

Where he was looking, there was a big sign that read 'Goblin Bank.'

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