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Chapter 178 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Prison Agreement (3)

Even though Goblin Dollars were not immediately trustworthy, as long as they could be exchanged for Ducats 100% of the time, it wasn't a bad deal for Goldman.

'If we clearly specify it in the contract... we won't lose much. After all, trust is life in this business.'

Moreover, as the winner of the gold vein war, the empire was solidifying.

Of course, borrowing Goblin Dollars instead of Ducats was a repulsive idea, but Goldman didn't think that Rockefeller would lend them Ducats either.

'I don't know if it will be a poison or an antidote.'

Goldman made up his mind.

'I have no choice but to do something or die.'

"Alright. Those Goblin Dollars. If you can guarantee that they can be exchanged for Ducats, we have no reason not to borrow them."

Rockefeller emphasized this point.

"I hope you remember my purpose well. From now on, interest payments must be made in Goblin Dollars."

"I'll need Goblin Dollars to do business. How am I supposed to get Goblin Dollars to pay the interest?"

"Then you'll have to come to me and take Goblin Dollars. After paying the appropriate amount of Ducats."


Although it was awkward to be dependent on Goblin Dollars,

Goldman had no choice due to his two failures.

'I don't like it, but I have no choice.'

"Alright, let's do that. But you have to guarantee the Ducats for sure."

At that, Rockefeller, who was grinning, replied.

"It's a pity for someone who knows that trust is life to us to say such a thing. Don't worry. Our Rothsmedici family has the most gold on the continent, so we can exchange Ducats for you without a problem."

46. Continental Common Currency (1)

With the winner of the gold vein war being the empire and Goldman, who had paid a huge indemnity, returned to the Goblin Bank and received a massive amount of Goblin Dollars from the empire.

At first, there was strong opposition within the Goblin Bank for accepting the strange paper currency of the empire instead of Ducats, but as the details of the negotiations with the empire were revealed, the dissatisfaction gradually subsided.

And they soon began to expand their lending business on a large scale, using Goblin Dollars instead of Ducats.

"What is this? It's not gold, and it doesn't seem like a promissory note either. What is it?"

Marion, the leader of the Dark Elves who were short on money due to the war with the High Elves, visited the Goblin Bank to quickly secure war funds.

But would you believe it? The Goblins were offering strange paper money instead of the Ducats he wanted.

"Ha ha, this is a new promissory note. It's called Goblin Dollars, and you can think of it as a kind of currency concept."

"A currency?"

"Yes, like gold coins. They say that in the empire, they use this like money. The entire continent will probably use this promissory note like money like the empire does."

Marion couldn't help but frown when he was offered the strange paper currency instead of the gold he wanted.


With his clenched fist, he slammed the desk in front of him and yelled at Goldman, the head of the Goblin Bank who was facing him.

"Are you joking right now? What is this? Are you giving me this as money?"

His reaction was natural.

All those who came to the Goblin Bank to borrow money had the same reaction.

"Why are you so upset? It's the money you're going to borrow."

"Are you lending me this as money right now? What I need is gold Ducats. Not these paper scraps, but gold coins made of gold, Ducats! Give me Ducats. I won't take anything but Ducats."

At that, Goldman frowned.

'I knew he would be like that. Well, I would have hated it too. But what can I do? We don't have many Ducats. So just take this.'

"I understand. I understand everything. It must be very confusing to suddenly lend you something like this."

Marion's mood was very bad, and the dark and negative energy began to rise from his body as he faced Goldman.

"Of course! Just lend me the Ducats properly. Or else you'll be in big trouble."

Lend him Ducats?

I'd like to do that too.

If I had enough Ducats in my hands.

"Hmm... but do you know this?"

What was he trying to say?

Marion reluctantly responded with an uncomfortable expression.

"What are you talking about?"

"The reason we're offering Goblin Dollars like this is because we want Goblin Dollars to be widely used across the continent. Why? Because from now on, we plan to do business with Goblin Dollars at our Goblin Bank."

Before he could say anything, Goldman continued.

"And these Goblin Dollars. Surprisingly, they can be exchanged for Ducats anytime, anywhere. You can exchange them at our Goblin Bank or at any guild bank affiliated with the empire."

At the first mention of this, Marion asked with a frown.

"What are you talking about? This paper scrap can be exchanged for Ducats anytime?"

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