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Chapter 179 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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In response to Bel's question, Bob continued.

"When someone lives 1,000 times better than you, you're no longer envious but willing to work for them."

"What? When someone lives 1,000 times better, you work for them?"

“Yeah, that's exactly how I feel right now. If Sam showed up now and asked me to shine his shoes, I would gladly shine Sam's shoes.”

"Hey, man. Anyway, it's something to say that you'd polish Sam's shoes."

"It's weird for you to say that. Do you think Sam would ask us to polish his shoes for free? He'd probably pay us for it."

"Still, that's true."

"If he pays a dollar for each shoe polishing, would you not do it?"

"A dollar each?"

"With Sam's ability, it's definitely possible."

"Then... it might be worth trying?"

"That's what I'm saying. People are like that. I'm like that right now, too."

"I'd rather be Sam's horse keeper or something instead of polishing shoes? If Sam wants to go around, he'll need a horse keeper, right?"

As they looked at each other, they both burst into laughter.

"We're talking all sorts of nonsense after a few drinks."

"That's right. In the first place, why would Sam look for people like us?"

"Of course, he wouldn't. Why would Sam miss us and look for people like us? Sam is now a tycoon, so he must be living without any worries."

The two of them drank and laughed until late at night and then slept in a warehouse-like place.

The next day.

To make a living, Bel and Bob naturally went to work at the mine, where they coincidentally met Sam, who had come to visit the mine.

"Isn't that Sam?"

"No way, Sam? What are you doing here?"

The two shabby miners recognized him, and Sam, who had visited the mine with several nobles, almost didn't recognize them.

"Who... is that really Bel and Bob?"

"That's right, it's us. It's us."

They looked like genuine miners with pickaxes on their shoulders.

Sam, who had been mingling with the nobles, asked them for a moment of understanding and had a brief conversation with the two.

"What are you doing here? What about the store?"

At Sam's question, the two answered in a crawling voice.

"Well... we failed."

"You know, we lost everything because of the beer investment."

"Oh... I see."

Sam understood immediately.

He had seen many people like them, who had ventured into beer investment and became penniless in an instant due to the historical bubble.

"I managed to get out well, but it's really unfortunate for you two."

Since they met anyway.

Bob decided to ask Sam how he had thought of getting out at that price.

"How did you think of getting out of there?"

Sam had no honest answer to that question.

He just got out because it was too high, and luckily it was near the peak.

"I just... I can't explain it other than being lucky."

"Really? Well... it was too high. But what are you doing here?"

When they asked about their real curiosity, Sam glanced at the nobles murmuring behind him and soon told them why he had come here.

"Well... it's nothing special. The gold veins here are so large that it seems the Rothsmedici family is having a hard time managing them all. So they gave people like us a chance. If you find other gold veins here, they will give you a certain share of the profits."


"Was there such a thing?"

"Maybe mediocre people couldn't participate in this business. They must have given this opportunity only to those with a certain scale of funds."

Bel and Bob could empathize with Sam's wealth.

"I see. That's what happened."

"Anyway, the gold veins here are so strong. Even the old miners are surprised."

"Gold ore flies out just by digging with a pickaxe. I don't know, but the owner here must be a rich man who can build a castle with gold, right?"

Sam, who didn't know much about the situation here, felt that he needed the help of the two who had been working here.

'It's just as well. It's much better to have someone I know than to have someone useless here.'

"Do you two need a job, so you're working here?"

At that question, Bel and Bob stared at each other.

Somehow, the conversation they had yesterday came to mind.

'If someone lives a thousand times better than me.'

'I'd gladly work for that person.'

After finishing their conversation with their eyes, the two turned their eyes back to Sam and said,

"Well, yeah. Why do you ask?"

"We're short of money, so we're working as miners here. We have no choice but to work hard. We lost all our property because of the beer."

That's right.

Sam immediately made a proposal to the two with a smile.

"I'll give you triple the daily wage here. How about working with me from now on? I have many businesses going on here and there, so I need someone to manage this work separately."

Sam continued.

"It's better to have someone you know than a stranger, right? And you two have store experience, so managing money and such should be easier than others."

That proposal.

Bel and Bob never refused.

"Oh my! We'd love that."

"Love it, you say. Just tell us, and we'll throw away this pickaxe right away."

"Ha ha, I'm glad. Then I'll ask for your help from now on. It looks like I'll be in charge of one area here."

"Oh, really?"

"Then we'll have to follow you starting today."

"Ha ha ha! That's right. We'll follow you from today."

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  1. If someone from below me suddenly rose up 1000 times higher than me... I probably would be die in envious and hate the world for being so unfair towards myself..

  2. And just like that, life is like a rolling wheel.