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Chapter 180 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Common Currency of the Continent (3)

Late at night.

Rockefeller was working in his office when he looked up at the open window.

The night breeze was chilly.

Getting up from his seat, Rockefeller approached the window and happened to see the moon in the sky.

The moon was unusually large and bright tonight.


After gazing at the moon for a moment, he closed the window and turned around to return to his seat. That's when he unexpectedly came face-to-face with a visitor.


Seeing the flowing hair from beneath the robe hood, Rockefeller could vaguely guess the identity of the visitor.

'What brings her here at this hour?'


As he addressed her, she removed her hood, revealing her pale face.

"It's been a while."

Despite her visit, Rockefeller's reaction was rather sullen.

"What brings you here?"

As Rockefeller returned to his seat, Isabella stood in front of his desk to face him.

"You promised me something. I came to see if you would keep that promise."

The promise...

Rockefeller recalled the promise he had made with her.

From his perspective, it was one of the most ridiculous promises.

"Oh, right. We made that promise back then. If you solve that issue, I'll grant you freedom. So have you made a decision?"

"You're still cold towards me."

At her words, Rockefeller spread his arms and showed his palms.

"Or is there something you want from me?"

"I've been traveling the world for a while. Although it was short, it was a rather enjoyable journey."

Rockefeller decided to silently listen to what she had to say.

"Not much has changed... but there was one difference."

After a brief pause, she told him what she had been meaning to say.

"Congratulations. The world you desired has finally arrived."

At this, Rockefeller showed his confusion.

"The world I desired? What world are you talking about?"

"The Goblin Dollar. Now, not only the empire but also the elves are using it."


From Rockefeller's perspective, it was old news.

Once the Goblin Bank began handling Goblin Dollars, the elves started freely using them as well.

As if it was not a big deal, Rockefeller began to coldly treat Isabella, who had come to visit.

"Well, it's an obvious story. I knew it would happen from the start, so it's not that impressive."

"You created a world where you can print and use as much money as you want, and you don't think that's impressive?"

Hearing this, Rockefeller stopped his pen and looked straight at her.

"Well, there are still things that money can't do. If you consider that impressive, it's a bit awkward for me."

"What can't you do? Isn't it a world where everything is possible with money?"

"For example... controlling you as I please."

He then lowered his head and focused on his work, speaking casually.

"Or dealing with you coming and going as you please. These are problems that money can't solve."


After a moment of silence, Isabella asked the busy Rockefeller again.

"What do you want?"

"I don't want anything."

"Really, nothing?"

From Rockefeller's perspective, he needed Isabella to avoid being at the mercy of the Sinclair family.

So, Rockefeller decided to be honest in response to her question.

"If I had to say something, I wish you would stop wandering around and quietly settle down at home, focusing on household matters. That would be good for me, your father, and also..."

Should he say this?

It doesn't matter.

"It would be good for you too."

"Why would that be good for me? Why?"

"What do you mean, why?"

As he focused on his documents, Rockefeller said something that any ordinary woman would be delighted to hear.

"Normally, if a husband is rich enough to have money rotting away, any ordinary woman would be thrilled. But I guess you've had an overflowing life so far, so it might seem a little mundane to you. Anyway, any ordinary woman would be thrilled."

Seeing no change in her expression, Rockefeller admitted that he had said something unnecessary and decided to focus on his documents again.

"But not everyone would feel the same. This is, after all, my own wish. If you want to force me to keep the promise I made with you, feel free to ignore it. But we should still keep our promises."

"In my opinion, you seem quite insensitive to emotions."

Rockefeller raised his head and retorted.

"Emotions... are they important?"


"I'm not sure. If they're important or not. They're not something you can sell to make a living, they're just fleeting feelings. To me, what's important is life itself. A prosperous life is more important to me than those emotions."

After a brief silence, she asked one last question.

"If I stay with you, will something good happen to me?"

At that question, Rockefeller chuckled.

"Are you asking that? The first things that come to mind are money, honor, and inner peace."

Isabella expressed her doubts.

"What do you mean by inner peace?"

"Isn't it about not having to worry about others' opinions and living comfortably without any worries about the world? That's what I mean by inner peace."

Even so, there was something more important to her.

"What about you?"

"Me? Why?"

"Do you mean nothing to me?"

At that question, Rockefeller put down the pen he was holding and looked at her with a strange look in his eyes.

"Don't tell me... you want love from me?"

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