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Chapter 181 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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What is money?

Is it truly the most valuable thing of all?

And does it really bring endless happiness?

Of course!

'Money is really important. More than anything else in the world. Think about it. If you're sick, you can use it to treat your body, and if you want something, you can buy it with it.'

Because he had money, he could succeed, and his siblings could also climb to good positions.

'I helped Andrew a lot too.'

The second, Andrew, was thriving in the military's command, unprecedentedly due to the influence of Rockefeller, the empire's most powerful man, and recently had his first child.

'The most important thing is that he is living well in a mansion that he couldn't even dream of with a military salary, with the daughter of a lord he had a crush on since childhood. There probably isn't anything happier for Andrew than that.'

What did Andrew do?

'Did Andrew do anything to achieve that happiness? If he did, it was thanks to meeting me well. Some say you should meet good parents, but that's not the case for us. My siblings really met me well.'

The third, Joshua, was greatly contributing to the increase of the family's wealth by helping Rockefeller.

Especially in the field of investment, he was showing his prowess, and at some point, he was earning enough money to surprise Rockefeller.

'Joshua is the most suitable person for this family among my siblings. The amazing thing is that he has a better sense than me. He knows incredibly well when and where to invest. As long as he doesn't take too much risk, he will continue to bring good results. Or it's okay to lose a little. Investment is like that in the first place.'

And the fourth, Leo, also became the Chief of the Papal Secretariat, gradually expanding his position within the church.

'Leo is doing well too. Like Andrew, he is solidifying his position within the church, so the next pope is likely to be Leo, who is the Chief of the Papal Secretariat. Or I can take that position. I made the current pope, so it wouldn't be difficult to do it twice, right? In the end, that position can also be taken with a money frenzy.'

Lastly, the youngest, Lucia, became the empress and the mistress of the empire.

'All of that was achieved through money. If there was no money, all of that would have been impossible.'

In this way, money was everything and everything to Rockefeller as he lived in the world.

Is there no meaning in such money?

'It's a funny story. Money is everything. Everything.'

Some say that money is not everything, and there are things that cannot be solved with money.

'I can understand. They have never had inexhaustible money. Or they should question themselves.'

To those who say they can't be happy with money.

Rockefeller suddenly wanted to ask this question.

Was the money you had at that time enough?

'It definitely wasn't. It was lacking, so there was regret, and it was also lacking, so it couldn't be achieved.'

Ah, except for one thing.

'Yes, there's one thing that's right. There is only one thing that money cannot buy.'

What is that?

'It's health. There are times when a dying or old body cannot be solved with money.'

Rockefeller, who admits only that one thing, unknowingly twisted the corners of his mouth.

'But can't you prepare for all of that with money? Well, anyway.'

Even though he had climbed to a position where he could create something out of nothing by printing money in midair.

The place where Rockefeller mainly worked was the small guild headquarters in Lyon.

If someone asks why the most powerful and wealthy person in the empire is working in a narrow Banco street, Rockefeller would probably answer like this.

'It's comfortable here.'

Then someone might ask again.

Wouldn't it be better to work in a better environment if you have so much money?

If there is such a question, Rockefeller would obviously chuckle first.

'I'm not the one doing the work. I'm not the one making the money either.'

At this very moment, countless Banco traders belonging to the guild and those who borrowed money from them were working like dogs to accumulate the wealth of the Rothsmedici family.

'Money makes money. All I do is lend money. Then the money works on its own and brings in money.'

A sudden commotion occurred in the quiet Ghetto Nuovo street.

Rockefeller got up from his seat and stood by the window.

What happened?

"You damn bitch! If your father borrowed money, you should sell your body to pay it back!"

"I'll pay the interest somehow next month! Please, just this once!"

"Interest? What about the principal?"

"I can't afford the principal. Please! I'll beg you like this!"

"No way, you bitch! If you don't have the money to pay right now, go to the brothel and sell your body!"

A poor girl from the slums was seen holding on to the Banco trader's pants, pleading.

Seeing that, Rockefeller couldn't help but feel awkward.

'It seems like something went wrong.'

The fact that he makes money.

It was an extension of such an incident.

He lends money, and the Banco traders conduct loan businesses with that money.

And in order to make a certain profit, they start usury businesses, and the poor people who receive those loans suffer from unreasonable interest rates, work to death today and tomorrow, and are sometimes insulted like that.

'It's something I see when I'm bored, but it's always uncomfortable.'

However, he had no intention of going out and helping.

Finally, his wife, Isabella, stepped in to help the girl by paying her debt and offering her a job. Rockefeller remained detached from the situation, focusing on his own wealth and the growing influence of Goblin Dollars. He acknowledges the exploitation of the currency but feels no empathy for those affected, as it benefits him and his family.

If I help such a thing once or twice, all the debtors on this street will probably disappear.

But he had no intention of going out and helping.

If he helped out with such things once or twice, perhaps all the debtors on this street would disappear.

Or they would borrow money and not repay it.

That was what Rockefeller hated the most.

'If you borrow money, you should repay it properly. Whether it's in any form, if you borrow money, it's only right to repay it.'

Rockefeller tried to ignore what was happening outside.

Until a familiar someone stood in front of the angry moneylender.

"How much is the total debt?"

"Mrs. Rothsmedici."

"I'm asking how much money this girl's father borrowed in total."

When one of Rockefeller's three wives glared fiercely, the powerless moneylender could only bow his head.

"That's... if you include the overdue interest... it's 5 Goblin Dollars."

A young girl was almost sold to a brothel and nearly ended her life for a mere 5 Goblin Dollars.

She barely held back a sigh and instructed the maid who came with her to repay the money.

When the matter was resolved and the young girl was freed from the moneylender's grasp, she dusted off the dirt on her clothes, stood up, and bowed deeply to the woman.

"Thank you, ma'am!"

But if she let her go like this, he would surely not like it.

"You don't have to be thankful. Just work and pay it off."

Not only did she repay the debt for her, but she also offered her a job.

The poor girl couldn't straighten her bowed waist easily towards the mistress of the Rothsmedici house.

"Thank you so much, ma'am! My name is Cecilia!"


She turned her head and could make eye contact with Rockefeller, who was standing by the window.

When Rockefeller avoided her gaze, she spoke to the poor girl who was still bowing.

"Wait here for a moment. I have some business inside. When the work is done, let's go home together."

"Yes, ma'am!"

Isabella, who went into the guild headquarters, confronted Rockefeller shortly after meeting him.

"You saw everything, but you didn't help again."

He didn't really care.

Rockefeller casually replied, trying to ignore it.

"Whether it's the father or the child who borrowed the money, if you borrow it, you should repay it properly."

"You could have repaid it for her, you know?"

"Who's the good one?"

"That child."

"I don't care about such troublesome things. And if I do such things, it means I'm interested in that child."

Rockefeller asked.

"Do you want that?"

"You know I don't think so, right?"

"How do you know whether or not you have such thoughts? I'm already being careful with everything because I have three wives to watch out for."

"Are you good at making excuses?"

"Anyway, if you solved it, that's enough. Why are you nagging me? Stop it."

She started talking about the reason she came, holding back her anger inside.

"Mayer wants to see you."

Mayer was a boy born between the two.

"Mayer? Okay, I'll visit him in the evening."

"You still take care of your child."

"Of course. He's my child."

"…See you in the evening."

"Okay. See you in the evening."

This marriage was definitely a mistake.

It was a problem that she was deceived into getting married, but she later found out that people don't change.

Everything related to him was a complaint, but she decided to just endure it and live.

It's too late to stamp a divorce.

"I'm leaving."

"Be careful."

When she left, Rockefeller got up from his seat and stood by the window.

Then he stood for a long time, watching Isabella's carriage leaving with the poor girl taken care of.

'Tsk tsk, I wonder how many maids she's taken in like that. Well, it doesn't matter.'

Whether they have a hundred maids or a thousand.

It was a trivial concern for Rockefeller.

All he had to do was print Goblin Dollars and give them their wages.

Would a financial crisis come to this world because of that?

'It's still a long way off if that's going to happen. As long as our family holds gold, the demand for Goblin Dollars will continue.'

Goblin Bank was now massively expanding its financial services using Goblin Dollars, and at some point, Goblin Dollars began to be widely used as their currency even outside the empire.

The world that Rockefeller truly wanted had come.

'They probably don't know anything. How they're being deceived.'

Standing by the window, Rockefeller looked at the people bustling around on the street.

Do they really know?

That their wealth is being slowly stolen from them within the 'currency system called Goblin Dollars' that he created.

'If only gold coins were circulating in the market, and if those gold coins were 100% pure gold coins. They could have kept the value or wealth they earned safely no matter how much time passed. Gold doesn't increase over time. But Goblin Dollars are not. Goblin Dollars increase in quantity as I print them, and their value becomes crap over time.'

Despite such thoughts, Rockefeller did not feel any compassion for them, feeling pity or the like.


Only if they are ignorant and foolish.

Because the family he founded, Rothsmedici, will rule over them forever as a continental financial powerhouse.

'You guys should never try to find out. How you're being deceived.'

The ensuing thought was sincere.

'Because that's good for me.'

- The Founder of the Financial Empire, The End -

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