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Chapter 180 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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"I've been living separately from you because I didn't feel anything. Why should I live with you if I don't feel anything even when I'm with you?"


It was something he hadn't thought about.

Trinity Tepez, who came from the Tepez family, was living well with Rockefeller as his second wife, unlike the emotional woman.

'Trinity is a completely different person. Although she doesn't seem to care about me.'

"Then, if I love you, would you be willing to live with me?"

She immediately answered his question.

"Yes, if it's sincere."

"Then it's fortunate."

Rockefeller stood up and showed her a bright smile.

"I'm a little clumsy at expressing myself, but the truth is, I've always kept you in my heart."

He smiled kindly, but Rockefeller didn't have any feelings for her.

"I'm sincere."

"What kind of person is sincere... when they don't even visit once after getting married?"

"That's because I was busy with work. Don't you know? I can't take care of every little thing like this because of my work."

Rockefeller, who had approached her at some point, began to comfort her.

"It was because I was busy with work. I hope you can let go of your anger. At least now, I'm glad to know your feelings."

Could she believe those words?

She didn't believe it, but she had no other choice.

Her heart was already here, so even if his words were lies, she had no choice but to be deceived for now.

'Could it change?'

That foolish thought came to her.

* * *

A few days later.

In the same place, Rockefeller felt an inexplicable déjà vu in the same atmosphere as a few days ago.


The window by the window was wide open that night as well.

The moon was full.

Sitting at his desk, lightly organizing the documents, Rockefeller was reminded of what had happened before.

'At least that incident ended well.'

Why did he feel that if he closed the window and returned to his seat, the same thing would happen again?

'That's ridiculous.'

Rockefeller got up from his seat, closed the window, and sat down again. He then began to review the documents.

'Yeah, it's nonsense.'


He unknowingly raised his head due to the feeling of someone's presence nearby.

Although he knew well that no one could assassinate him under Ismail's protection.

His confidence had been shaken a lot due to the Isabella incident a few days ago.

As expected, when he looked around, there was a man looking at him and sitting down.

Rockefeller couldn't help but laugh at the sight of him.

"Hey, Rockefeller."

There was only one person on this continent who dared to address him without honorifics.

'Lee Han, welcome.'

"When did you arrive? You should have at least told me."

Lee Han, who had been sitting comfortably with his legs crossed, smiled at that.

"Did I ever tell you when I was coming? I just come whenever I feel like it."

"What brings you here? You came without even telling me."

"Not really here for any particular reason. Just curious."


Lee Han had a lot of thoughts about what was happening across the continent, including the empire.

People all over the world are using the Goblin Dollar he can print without limit!

Isn't this a real utopia in reality?

"It's the Goblin Dollar you created."

"Ah, you came all the way here to ask about that?"

"I thought it was only used in the empire... but now I see goblins and elves are using it too."

At those words, Rockefeller laughed heartily.

"Isn't that a good thing?"

"A good thing..."

"You're not denying it, are you? You're the one who can print as many Goblin Dollars as you want."

As expected, Lee Han knew Rockefeller well.

He laughed lightly and said,

"Of course, it's a good thing. I'm just amazed. I had no idea it would go this far."

"It's a good thing, then. Just enjoy it."

Watching Rockefeller focus on his work, Lee Han was amazed at his ability to work even in front of him.

Usually, people would be too busy watching his every move and feeling awkward.

It seemed that Rockefeller was the only one on this continent who could treat him so lightly.

"I wanted to say thank you."

Rockefeller, who hadn't expected such words from Lee Han, looked at him with a surprised expression.

"What? What did you just say..."

"Thank you. My expression might be a bit clumsy, but I really wanted to say thank you. Things seem to be going well in the empire because of you. And it's helping with all the little, annoying things happening outside."

Lee Han took out a Goblin Dollar from his pocket.

"Most things are solved with this. I can just print it and solve it, so there's no need to bother moving around, right?"

"Well... that's true."

"Although I did contribute to this a little. Still, the very idea of it is really amazing."

Lee Han finished speaking and got up from his seat.

"I may not see you for a while."

Rockefeller knew the meaning of those words.

Lee Han's last.

It was about leaving this world.

'Has the novel's time already come to this?'

"Where are you going?"

Instead of answering the question, Lee Han just smiled lightly.

"I have a place to go. Somewhere far higher than here. Maybe when I get there... I might find the answers I've been looking for. I've talked nonsense. Anyway, thank you."

Lee Han disappeared suddenly.

Although the remnants of mana were still strong in the surroundings, Rockefeller couldn't feel it.

Because he was an ordinary person.

'Has he left...?'

Lee Han's departure.

Although it was somewhat bittersweet, it was a good thing for Rockefeller in another way.

'Is it completely my world now?'

The protagonist of the novel left, leaving a single reader in the novel.

And he became the founder of the continent's most prestigious financial family.

'Honestly, the most important thing in living in this world.'

Rockefeller's idea of truth.

'It's money.'

And a world where you can print it infinitely.

The owner of that world was Rockefeller.

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