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Chapter 48 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Bonus chapter 2/4

The Old Burgtheater (2)

Klimt exclaimed in surprise.

"What, what did you say?"

Ernst, also startled, clutched his brother and asked.

"Brother! Didn't you just report back?"

Klimt responded with a flustered voice.

"I went to Uncle Hans' place and then walked around the park for about an hour to clear my mind. He passed away during that time? That's unfortunate."

I leaned against the hallway wall, watching the bureaucrat and clicking my tongue.

'Immobility, the epitome of bureaucracy, and yet they move so quickly at times like this.'

They're handling their own matters even when someone has died. They should've at least waited until after the funeral.

The bureaucrat said with an awkward expression.

"Of course, we should start with mourning, but as the city runs this project with tax money, we couldn't delay and had to come here."

Klimt was struck dumb. Ernst quickly asked in his stead.

"Then, what about the other tasks that were going to Uncle Hans?"

"We are planning to distribute them to other companies."

Ah, that's right.

The death of a painter who boasted a 90% market share in the Austrian decorative arts industry. Ironically, after this incident, as they started resolving the work they received, the Artist Company began to grow.

Klimt, who had received the Golden Cross of Merit from Emperor Franz Joseph in 1888 for his contribution to art, was still struggling with a lack of work until now.

While Klimt seemed shocked, Ernst quickly recovered and prepared a seat for the bureaucrat.

"We will take over that task."

"Ah, thank you. That's a relief. Sorry for the urgency, but if you have any ongoing work, could you prioritize ours?"

Ernst pretended to ponder for a moment and then said.

"Of course, we have other work, but it's a request from the Vienna City Hall, so naturally, it should be prioritized. Now, shall we discuss the project?"

I smirked to myself. What work? We were just idling around.

Perhaps the business talent was more in the younger brother.


Vienna City Hall (Wiener Rathaus).

The city hall, built in a Baroque palace style, is a feast for the eyes just by looking at it. It is located in Friedrich Schmidt Square and designed by the architect of the same name.

The two brothers, dressed in black suits from attending the funeral.

They arrived at the meeting space and were waiting for the official.

The irony of mourning the death of a respected artist while simultaneously being happy about the new work. Klimt and Ernst had faces filled with complex expressions, not knowing how to react.

Then, a door opened, and a man with a mustache entered. A different person from the bureaucrat who had come to their office.

As the brothers stood up, he extended his hand and said.

"I am Anton Pollo. It's an honor to meet the renowned Klimt brothers."

At this time, the two were not very famous. The bureaucrat was merely trying to make a good impression.

After shaking hands and sitting down, Anton said.

"The matter is quite urgent, actually."

Klimt asked.

"I don't quite understand. You requested us to commemorate the soon-to-be-closed theater, not one that's opening soon, right?"

"That's correct."

"If the theater is closing soon, why the rush? Can't we take photos and work at a leisurely pace?"

Anton sighed and looked around, checking if anyone was listening. He then spoke softly.

"It's because of the nobles and landlords."

In the medieval era, nobles and landlords were like lifelines to artists. Artists out of favor with the nobility were doomed to poverty. The brothers tensed up at the mention of them being the culprits.

Anton waved his hands as if to dismiss any misunderstanding.

"Don't get me wrong, this job won't be a loss for you. It's because of the mayor's remaining term."


"The mayor has paid great attention to Austria's aesthetics during his term. As a result, Vienna has transformed into the most artistic city in all of Europe."

Ernst nods in agreement.

"Yes, this is indeed the heart of art. The villagers may adore Paris, France, but those with consciousness regard Vienna as the center of European art. This change in consciousness is all thanks to the mayor."

Anton's expression darkens.

"Yes, that's exactly why."

Klimt steps forward as he listens.

"It's hard to understand. Among the artists active in Vienna, none have been without the mayor's help. Why would the nobles and landlords pressure such a person?"

Standing in a corner, I nod my head. People of this era might not understand, but with my modern mindset, I grasped the situation immediately.

The mayor loves art.

In this era, Vienna underwent major construction, becoming a city of art.

Construction costs money.

The city's money comes from taxes.

No city can collect enough taxes to rebuild the entire city.

Therefore, Vienna must be struggling with debt now.

Anton adds an explanation that aligns with my expectation.

"A tremendous amount of money has gone into city expansion. Unable to cover it with taxes alone, the city received support from nobles and landlords, and even had to take out government loans. The current mayor believes that, though times are tough now, in 50 years, everyone in the world will envy this city."

Hmm, what was the mayor's name? Since I don't know, it seems history has credited the artists for this work. But those who made decisions and pushed the project forward deserve recognition too. Well, I guess I'll acknowledge it?

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