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Chapter 48 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Anton unfolds a city map and points to a spot with his index finger.

"This is where the Burgtheater is. Plans are to close it soon and build something else. It's a very old theater, so instead of just closing it, there's a thought to leave a historical monument."

Anton takes out a pipe to smoke.

In this era, it's not considered rude to light a cigarette without asking for the other's consent, but as a non-smoker, it's almost suffocating for me.

Look at that, as Anton takes out his pipe, the two brothers also pull theirs out.

Soon, the three men light up, and this conference room will be filled with smoke, like there's a fire.

Anton speaks through puffs of smoke.

"It seems one of the nobles heard about Vienna's loan situation from central politics. The landlords and nobles, unaware of how bad the financial situation was, asked the mayor to share the current status, and the mayor candidly conveyed the situation. Upon hearing this, the nobles and landlords changed their attitude. They won't provide any support for the rest of the mayor's term."

That's expected.

Landlords living in a potentially doomed city.

Who would just watch as the value of their land and houses might plummet?

Klimt asks.

"How much longer is the mayor's term?"

"Three months."

"With no support, do you have the capacity to offer us the job?"

"The amount originally allocated to Mr. Hans can be redirected to your company."

"Then there's even less urgency to proceed quickly, isn't there?"

Anton sighs and gives a very long explanation.

In summary, a likely candidate for the next mayor has stepped up, intending to halt all current projects to recover the city's finances. A significant number of nobles and landlords are backing him.

Therefore, if the mayor changes, all ongoing projects will stop, so there's a rush to finish unfinished business within the remaining term.

After hearing Anton's lengthy explanation, Klimt nods in understanding, making a gesture of comprehension. He ponders for a moment.

Ernst whispers to him.

"Bro, if we don't take this job, we'll have to vacate the shop next month. We must say yes."

Klimt glances at his brother but is still lost in thought.

"What's he pondering in such a situation?

Is he burdened with the mayor's work as his term nears its end?

Worried about falling out of favor with the next elected mayor?

After much deliberation, Klimt finally speaks.

“The nobles and landlords. Where are they now?”


“I asked where they are.”

Anton searches his pocket, pulls out a round watch, and after checking it, replies.

“At this hour, they're likely attending the mayoral candidate's speech.”

“And where's that?”

“In front of St. Stephen's Cathedral.”

“Understood, I accept the job. Let’s start immediately.”

“Oh, will you? Thank you.”

Klimt stands up and tells Ernst.

“Go next to our shop and recruit a photographer.”

Ernst's eyes widen.

“To start with photos of the theater?”

“That, and bring the photographer directly to the front of the cathedral.”

“The cathedral? But that's in the opposite direction?”

“Just come. I'll go ahead.”

Without leaving any explanation for his puzzled brother, Klimt shakes hands with Anton and quickly leaves the meeting room. I watch the brothers alternately and then decide to follow Klimt.

‘What’s he thinking?’

Asking to bring a photographer means he intends to take photos.

Photography would indeed help if planning to capture the soon-to-be-closed theater in paintings.

But why instruct to bring them to the cathedral where the next mayoral candidate is speaking?

Ha, I should have studied more about Klimt if I knew this would happen.

Shortly after, in front of the cathedral.

Nobles and landlords are seated in a row, and ordinary citizens are also listening to the speech.

A dignified, half-bald elderly gentleman shouts from the podium.

“Citizens! The financial state of Vienna is at its worst! This is all due to the current mayor's excessive construction. If elected, I will halt all construction, and invest in funds for tenants and commoners, stabilize land prices and inflation, and promote cottage industries!”

Applause erupts from the crowd.

Look at that man, claiming to support tenants and commoners but really speaking about land values and industrial development.

He's indirectly promising benefits to the landlords and nobles, and no one seems to realize it.

I understand the nobles applauding, but why are the common citizens clapping?

Klimt stands not at the back but at the side of the crowd, with his arms crossed.

But his gaze isn't on the podium but rather on the row of seated nobles and landlords.

Why is he watching those people?

After a while, Ernst appears with a photographer.


Klimt glances and then directs the photographer to the seated individuals.

“Take pictures of everyone sitting there. Make sure every face is clear. Use all the film you have if needed.”

“All the film?”

“Yes, quickly now.”

Film is expensive in this era.

The photographer, looking like he's hit the jackpot, starts flashing away. Ernst, seeing the camera lavishly spending public funds, frowns and nudges his brother.

“What are you thinking, exactly?”

Klimt quietly watches the nobles and landlords and mutters.

“We need to show them that hearts are conquered not by money and power, but by beauty and ideals. These money-minded pigs.”

His words echo a past moment.

A night at a tripe restaurant in Hongdae with Min-young.

Monica's impassioned outcry there overlapped in my mind.

‘Those materialists who only see the money in front of them. They don't understand that true creation isn't about satisfying desires, but about creating them.’



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