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Chapter 58 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

First, Director Park, followed by many directors, came to see the work in progress.

Initially, it was only Director Park, but rumors spread that he made a personal donation and asked for an additional painting of his wife. Soon, directors who had already visited returned to make donations and request family portraits.

Youngju hints at my wallet.

"How much did you make in side income?"

"Over 200 million in total."

"Wow, that's crazy."

"Enough space for painting?"

"For now."

"I'll give you a bonus, so take it."

"No need, man. I'm a director of our company. Do you think I'm happy for such petty money?"

"Really? Then it's fine."

"Hey! You should ask twice! So heartless."

"Haha, I'm busy now, so I'll ask again tomorrow. Tomorrow's the last day, so think about the amount you want. There won't be a third time."

Youngju clamps her mouth shut, perhaps thinking a joke would make the bonus disappear.

I straighten my clothes and say.

"I'll be with the kids. I'll be back soon."

"Hey, eat something there. You hardly ate any meat."


After parting with Youngju, I walk down the long corridor to the VIP room.

A staff member guarding the door opens the sliding door upon seeing me.

A six-person table.

The entire wall is made of large glass, offering a refreshing view outside the VIP room.

Two beautiful women waiting for me smile brightly.

Monica, the Italian goddess, waving a fork instead of chopsticks, exclaims.

"Jeonghoon! Long time no see!"

Minyoung, the elegant Eastern goddess, also greets me as she stands with a polite bow.

"You're here, Painter Ban. Please, have a seat."

The staff pulls out the chair next to Minyoung, but Monica pulls out the chair next to her and says.

"Jeonghoon, sit next to me."

Hmm, it seems like the setting is next to CEO Minyoung, but it doesn't matter.

"Have you been well, Monica?"

"Thanks to you."

"Thanks to me? What did I do?"

Monica leans her chin on her hand, smiling.

"Because of Belle Epoque's success, and the painting you made for me gave me strength."


Someday Monica will return to her hometown to create her own brand.

Thinking of it makes me feel like I should be nice to her while she's still around.

My life changed entirely due to that museum, but Monica is the one who gave me the opportunity in reality.

Monica is more talkative than usual, maybe because it's been a while.

Minyoung quietly places meat grilled by the staff on my plate, pushes side dishes towards me, and fills my cup.

After a while of exchanging personal stories, Minyoung finally speaks up during a brief lull in the conversation.

"I'm really grateful for this time, please have a drink."

"Ah, yes. Thank you."

Wow, what's this drink? Was there such a drink on the menu? It smells faintly of chrysanthemums and sticks to the palate.

"Wow, this drink is amazing."

"They say it's an award-winning drink from last year."

"Wow, drinks win awards?"

"Haha, it does sound strange when you say it."

The atmosphere is pleasant.

I feel like I'm soaring high.

Enjoying such a fine meal, with excellent meat and drinks, in a great restaurant.

Not long ago, I was just a shut-in painting unnoticed works in a damp, musty basement room. How did my life change this much?

For a while, we take turns drinking.

Min-young settles the bill for both our company members and this table, then tucks her hair behind her ear. Her face, flushed from the alcohol, is quite attractive.

“I was planning to open the theater next year, but the COVID situation is resolving faster than expected, so I’m looking to advance the opening by scouting a performance team. If it goes well, we might open the theater in less than six months. All this is thanks to Director Ban, who eliminated the opposition from the board.”

I appreciated the compliments, but being praised so directly made me feel awkward, so I just smiled. Then, Monica joined in.

“I told you, didn't I? He's a star from the East. I'm sure Jeong-hoon will become a star of the world, I guarantee it.”

A star.

The stars in my heart have already died.

A painter remembered in the hearts of other stars in a distant future.

Can I be such a person?

I'm not sure yet.

Monica exclaims.

“Just look at now! Jeong-hoon has already gone beyond reproducing what's visible to making the invisible visible. Desires hidden in people's hearts, desires they didn't even know they had. That's what he's bringing to light.”

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