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Chapter 59 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Honor is More Valuable than Wealth (8)

I felt a mix of satisfaction, anxiety, and relief as I checked the amount of 100 million won in the corporate account. Once we receive the final settlement, our work with W Tree will be over.

"Just three weeks left until the deadline, and 80% of the work is complete."

Originally, I had calculated that 90% should have been completed by now.

However, the workload increased as we added the directors' families into the paintings. Minyoung had offered to extend the deadline if necessary, but it doesn't seem like we'll need it.

Minyoung is bustling around, busy recruiting world-renowned musicians for the successful opening of the Catacomb. Seeing her like this makes me want to finish the theater as soon as possible. Besides, the additional paintings I did for the directors were charged separately under personal sponsorship, so it's a different matter from my contract with Minyoung.

It's a weekend, a day off.

Since I only complete the original paintings and the juniors, including Yeongju, handle the actual work, I rarely have to climb up to the ceiling to paint. Occasionally, I'll go up to give detailed instructions to the juniors if I spot something slightly off.

Rubbing my stiff neck, I turn it side to side.

"Phew, my neck hurts just from watching. I wonder how the juniors who are actually working feel?"

Stiff necks and herniated discs are occupational hazards for painters.

Even though it's a day off, I imagine the juniors are still in their beds, groaning in pain.

Then, the sliding door of the office opens with a clatter.

Who could it be on a weekend?

Looking up, I see Yeongju standing at the door with a "why are you here?" expression.

"Yeongju? Why are you here on a Saturday?"

Yeongju silently looks at me, then throws her bag on her desk, saying,

"What about you?"

"Me? Well, I had nothing else to do."

That's a lie. I'm feeling a bit anxious right now.

I set up a corporate company for the W Tree project and brought in my closest friend.

This project will be over soon.

It's easy to pay off the juniors who are working part-time, but Yeongju and I need to find more work to keep the company going.

That anxiety is what drove me to come in even on a day off.

If I stayed at home, my head would be in turmoil.

Yeongju slumps down at her desk, saying,

"I feel the same. Ugh, it's so hot."

Summer's heat is at its peak.

Luckily, we installed an air conditioner when we moved in.

"The air conditioner is on."

"I know, dude. It just takes time to cool down. What temperature is it set to?"

"25 degrees. Lower it if it's too hot. I had set it to 18 degrees when I arrived."

"Alright, let's lower it."

Yeongju goes to the air conditioner, flapping her clothes.

"Hey, you didn't come here for a vacation because you don't have an air conditioner at home, did you?"

I chuckle.

"What are you talking about? Do you think I still live in a basement studio?"

"Oh, right, you moved. Does your new place have an air conditioner?"

"A system air conditioner."

"Oh, nice. How many units?"

"Five. One in each room."

"Wow, that's better than my house."

"But it's still hot."


"Only my room is cool. My brother doesn't turn it on because he's not hot, and my mom says why use an expensive air conditioner when a fan is enough."

Yeongju giggles.

"Mothers are all the same, aren't they? My mom also complains about using the air conditioner when it's hot, saying just take a cold shower and stay still."

It seems even middle-class families have similar mothers.

Our parents scrimped and saved so we could live like this, but I wish they would turn on the air conditioner when it's really hot.

"Especially when cooking, the kitchen becomes like Africa, but she refuses to turn it on. Even when she's sweating with a red face."

Yeongju laughs, "At least my mom turns it on when cooking."

While we exchange these unconstructive jokes, the heat subsides a bit. Yeongju returns to her desk to turn on her computer. It's her freedom to do whatever she wants on the computer on weekends. Maybe I should cool off my head with a game?

What game should I play?

Soccer? Or maybe an RPG? No, RPGs take too much time. I'm already busy enough without investing time in games. I shouldn't even start. Maybe an FPS?

While I was sitting at my desk, pondering, I heard Young-ju talking to someone on the phone.

“Yeah, senior. What happened to that thing you asked about last time? Oh, the project's canceled? Why? Don't know? Are you sure? I heard they've been preparing for over five months. Okay. Let me know immediately if the project restarts. Yeah, thanks, senior. Bye.”

After hanging up, Young-ju sighs deeply.

I was curious about his conversation but pretended not to hear since it could be personal.

As I search for a game to play, I hear Young-ju’s voice again.

“Hey, Ji-hyun. Didn’t your company say they were building a new office? Who’s doing the interior construction? I’m wondering if we could take on some interior design work. Can you give me the contact or email of the person in charge? Text it to me, please. Thanks. Our company? Artist Company. I’ll buy you a drink later. Okay, bye.”

The moment I hear Young-ju's second call, my desire to play a game shatters.

While my employee is diligently seeking work opportunities for our next step on the weekend, here I am, the boss, thinking about playing games. I feel utterly pathetic.

And I'm deeply grateful to Young-ju for working so hard for our company.

But it feels too embarrassing to directly express my gratitude and admiration.

So, I go to the kitchen and make a sweet iced coffee with lots of cream and sugar, Young-ju’s favorite, and place it in front of her. Young-ju raises an eyebrow in surprise at the sight.

“What’s this for, suddenly being so nice?”

“Because you're pretty.”

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