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Chapter 11 Part 1 - The Academy's Weapon Replicator

I became an Extra in a game no one cleared, defy fate by duplicating objects! DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,AWR,Fantasy,Reincarnation,Harem

Manipulating Fate (3)

"Hmm. It's not going as planned."

Sybil's fingers brushed her lips as she fell deep into thought.

'Aster Evans...'

His divine power is too well-known.

Ordinary people, upon receiving divine power, would hurry to hide it within their family, but when the owner of the divine power is as renowned as Baldur, there's no need to hide.

Instead, it's better to make it widely known, benefiting from other families or institutions. Thus, Aster's divine power is known to all, regardless of his will.

With his thick network of trust, sincerity, talent, and a captivating appearance.

'I really want to make him mine.'

But it's not going as planned.

After Frondier left to recruit Quinie, she thought she had tried quite hard.

She was gently rejected with a soft smile.

'I had put so much effort into my expression, gestures, and even the tone of my voice for that proposal.'

As Sybil walked, a rhythm emerged in her movement. Soon, she was almost dancing as she moved.

Sybil has rarely faced rejection in her life. The world always caters to her tastes.

Therefore, she cannot understand the unfortunate. She cannot comprehend people's efforts.

It's not that she looks down on effort. She literally does not understand it.

Because she believes everyone has the same luck, talent, and puts in the same effort as she does.

For her,

'Rejection' is neither familiar nor pleasant.


Creak, creak.

Ah, it can be heard. The sound of fate aligning. The sound of those gears moving just a little bit in her favor.

Of course, Sybil knows this sound is merely a hallucination.

──Fate does not make such sounds.

Without any forewarning, fate is already prepared for her.

* * *

The dungeon I'm going to participate in has a 'sanctuary.'

Those with divine power are given the chance to briefly face the owner of their divine power, that is, the deity.

A simple wish can be granted, or just a few words can strengthen the Force.

This is the perfect place for Aster. So, if it were the original game, Aster would reach that place and see Baldur.

That way, Baldur's power could be further strengthened.

“I don’t need to go.”

For me, who doesn’t have the Divine Power, it’s obviously useless.

I’ll leisurely explore and watch Aster do the event in the sanctum.


I saw Quinie waiting at the main gate of the Constel.

I felt a little relieved. I’m sure Quinie wouldn’t do that, but the possibility that she wouldn’t come after we made a deal was definitely there.

“You’re fast.”

Quinie waved at me. Her expression was subtle.

“Frondier, why did you participate in this dungeon raid?”

“Oh, I didn’t originally plan to participate, but Aster nominated me.”

“Aster Evans? Hmm…”

Quinie looked surprised at me. It was as if she was asking, ‘You’re close to Aster?’

“Huh? Hey, did I come late?!”

From a little further away, a cheerful voice could be heard, and Sybil, running in a hurry, could be seen.

“I told you, you’re not late.”

Behind her, Aster calmly followed, speaking.

Sybil ran up to me and gasped for breath.

“R, really not late?”

“Teacher hasn’t even arrived yet, what are you saying?”

“Yeah, that’s a relief.”

Sybil was relieved. Soon, she found Quinie and bowed deeply.

“Hello. I’m Sybil Forte. I’ll be in your care today.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Quinie de Viet.”

Quinie also nodded pleasantly.

It seemed like it was their first time meeting, but they quickly started a conversation.

These two are good at communication and dealing with others. And they’re a little similar to each other.

Okay, now here comes someone I feel awkward with.

While I was bringing Quinie here, Sybil and Aster went to pick up the teacher.

“Everyone, did you wait long?”

A poised yet gentle voice was heard.

Teacher Jane.

She is the female teacher I met as soon as I came to this world.

So, she’s the one to whom I resolutely stated was not mistletoe when I saw the branch of the Mistletoe.

She probably doesn’t have good feelings towards me.

“I’m Jane, who will be in charge of today’s guidance and escort. Shall we leave right away?”

Jane smiled. Her face directed towards me was sparkling clean.

…At least that’s how it looked to me.

* * *

Frondier and the group moved by car.

It took about an hour by car to get to the dungeon. Since it was quite a short distance, everyone was relieved.

Constel students who enter a dungeon are given vacation time depending on the size and dangerousness of the dungeon.

The period assigned this time was three days. They had to complete the dungeon raid within that time frame.

“We’ve arrived.”

After getting out of the car, Jane looked around the front of the dungeon.

"Hmm! Good, good. It's a very orthodox dungeon."

The entrance to the dungeon was a rectangular passage made of stone. There was a staircase leading down in front of it.

The easiest way to recognize a dungeon is the outer appearance of its entrance.

When the terrain changes into a dungeon, the dungeon changes its shape and becomes very noticeable.

As if it’s inviting people in.

“Wow, this is a dungeon…”

Sybil looked around the dungeon entrance with sparkling eyes.

It must be her first time seeing a dungeon.

Frondier should’ve been the same, but he had an indifferent expression on his face.

“Now, from here on, Aster, Frondier, and Sybil should focus on observing! Quinie and I will take care of the dungeon raid.”

Dungeons are dangerous for 1st years.

In fact, the problem is not the monsters, but the traps lurking inside the dungeon.

Constel is a place for training combatants, so they can deal with monsters, but they are relatively vulnerable to traps.

"I'll lead the way, and I'll ask Quinie to take the rear."


From the front: Jane, Aster, Frondier, Sybil, Quinie.

To anyone watching, Frondier was in the safest position. This was decided based on reputation and skill.

"Let's get going."

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