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Chapter 10 Part 2 - The Academy's Weapon Replicator

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"So, what is it?"

We moved to an empty classroom.

Quinie meticulously cast the 'Whisper of the Wind' magic to ensure our voices wouldn't leak out. It was a welcome move on her part.

I closed my eyes for a moment.

It was best to get on friendly terms with Quinie as quickly as possible. For me, and for Aster.

It wasn't just about the benefits her trading company could offer, but more importantly, because she was 'someone you can trust.'

In Etius, having someone you can truly rely on and trust your back to is more important than anything.

But right now, I don't have much to offer her.

However, there's one thing. One piece of information that Quinie would definitely be interested in.

I pondered for a moment on how best to say it, then opened my mouth.

"A monster from 'outside' is coming."


Quinie's expression hardened.

The monsters from the outside.

As mentioned before, in the world of Etius, the domain of humanity is insignificant. Humanity as it is now struggles even to deal with the monsters within that domain.

'Outside' means, literally, outside the realm of humanity. The monsters lurking there are different from those within.

She cast a dubious look at me.

"Are you sure you should be saying that so casually? It won't just end there, will it?"

"But if left alone, it truly won't just end."

Quinie glared into my eyes as if she could read my inner thoughts by doing so.

I accepted her gaze.

"The third years have a dispatch mission coming up, right? For a temporary professional experience."

"...And how do you know about that?"

"You'll face a monster from the 'outside' there."

"...How many?"

Quinie demanded the details of the information before verifying its authenticity.

That was the right approach.

I held up my index finger.

"Just one."

"...One? You mean a single creature?"

"Yes. A particularly weak individual from the outside world's pack. An outcast that couldn't withstand the life of the pack and was left behind. You'll face that one."

Quinie blinked at my words, her expression one of uncertainty about how to react.

I smiled gently.

"It doesn't sound that dangerous, does it?"

"...Honestly, it doesn't. I've never encountered a monster from the outside. But to fear just one, and an outcast at that, seems almost like underestimating the pros, doesn't it?"

"That thought isn't wrong. A creature that inferior could indeed be subdued by just one pro."

"Then why-"

"Because the dispatch mission Quinie senior is set to undertake wasn't originally considering that creature."

Quinie's eyes widened at my words. As expected of Quinie, quick to catch on.

Still, speaking directly has its effects, so I continued.

“Many will die. The monsters on the 'outside' are far stronger, and above all, more cunning, even if they are of the same kind as the monsters inside. They will hide themselves and attack people from a distance where the Pro's eyes can't reach them. Until the moment the Pro discovers them.”

“……Oh, my.”

Quinie, who had been listening quietly, raised one side of her mouth.

“There are many third years. There are ordinary people in the training ground too. What are the chances that I'll be the one to face that thing? The Pro will find it before that happens. All I have to do is avoid it while others deal with it. Besides, you have already leaked all the information, so what do I have to give you?”

She doesn't care about other people's deaths as long as her safety is guaranteed.

A cold-hearted person who only thinks about money and power in order to raise her family's status.

'Little Devil' Quinie.

……She's very good at deceiving people.

That's why she's the head of the Viet family.

“I know its weakness. The information I'm selling is that.”


Quinie's gaze wavered.

If she really intends to hide among people and run away, this information is meaningless.

What good is knowing a weakness? Just keep running away and that's the end of it.

But Quinie wavered.

Because her saying that she would sacrifice others was just a lie.

I lowered my eyes. I'm sick of seeing Quinie's bluff anymore than this.

“Don't you hate it when people die?”

“……! Wh, who are you……!”

“I have my own means of obtaining information. This information came to me that way.”

Memories of the countless times I've played the Etius game in the real world. There is no more accurate source of information than this for me.

At my words, Quinie bit her lower lip. I can hear the sound of her mind whirring rapidly.

Quinie looked at me straight in the eye and said.

“So? What do you want? Money?”

She's cool and quick.

She must have judged that it would be much more profitable to form a business relationship with me than the possibility of me lying.

“No. We managed to get a chance to enter the lower dungeon this time. Would you like to accompany us?”

“……Will that do?”

Quinie asked suspiciously.

I smiled.

Quinie doesn’t like deals that are overly advantageous to her. That’s because she suspects there’s a catch hidden somewhere.

“And I need a few things.”

That’s why I said it. To make a fair deal with her.

In fact, from my point of view, this is the main point.

Since I’ve succeeded in completing Gram’s Weave, even if it’s unfinished, I need many things.


“Yes. First, I need something that can increase my total amount of mana. It doesn’t matter if it’s an elixir or an artifact.”

“……You want a lot all of a sudden. Is there anything else?”

“Another thing is an accessory that can hold water. I’d like it if I could wear it on my body and it’s easy to take out or put in water. And the inside shouldn’t be visible.”

“That’s a strange order. Why don’t you just carry a water bottle?”

“I want it to be very, very easy to take out and put in.”

Quinie tilted her head even more and looked at me like I was a weirdo. But I had nothing more to say.

The accessory that can hold water is actually for storing ‘Obsidian.’

To be exact, I just said water instead because I thought Quinie would find out.

“Fine. Is that all you need? I promise to provide it in the name of the Viet family.”

“Thank you.”

“So? What’s the weakness?”

“The weakness is, uh.”

I stopped as I thought of something.

Quinie’s eyebrows furrowed.

“What is it? You’re not going to say you don’t have one now, are you?”

“No. Now that I think about it, there was one more thing I needed.”

“What is it?”

“It would be nice if I could also receive a Sagephone.”

Quinie opened her mouth in disbelief.

“You don’t have a phone?”

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