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Chapter 14 Part 1 - The Academy's Weapon Replicator

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Fate Manipulation (6)

"Is this it...?"

Aster and his companions stopped, staring at what was in front of them. There, standing right before their eyes, was a humongous statue made of stone.

The statue looked like a woman, and it also looked like a man. Its facial expression seemed cheerful, yet it also appeared sorrowful.

The statue's eyes then glowed, and a resonant voice echoed out, as if the voice itself was birthed from within the statue's eyes.

[You've done well on your journey thus far, adventurer.]

Its voice was so dry it crackled.

[Tell me the name of the god you believe in. I am the guardian of truth, as well as the mediator of the world. I shall grant you the honor of having an audience with a god.]

"This is the Sanctum, isn't it?"

Quinie uttered.

The dungeon's interior was suddenly filled with a light that seemed to originate from the Sanctum.

"You're the one who needs to go, Aster. You're the only one here who has divine power."

Aster nodded and stepped forward.

[Speak the name of the god you believe in.]

Underneath the imposing statue that towered over him, Aster softly spoke a name.


As soon as Aster gave his answer, the statue's glow intensified. The light became so blinding that Aster had to shield his eyes with his hand. When all the light finally faded, a humanoid figure appeared, having absorbed all the light into itself.

This figure was incredibly tall, and its body was translucent like a ghost's, so much so that Aster could see what was behind it. However, it radiated a divinity that was lightyears beyond that of a mere ghost.

The god of light, justice, and purity, Baldur.

His snowy white hair and exquisitely sculpted face were the spitting image of what one might imagine a god to look like. Slowly, Baldur opened his eyes.

As if descending upon the statue, Baldur settled down and looked at Aster.

[Aster Evans.]

Aster was taken aback.

He never thought Baldur would be the one to speak his name first.

"An honor to finally meet you, Baldur."

[The honor is all mine. I am truly honored to stand in the presence of humanity's hope.]

"Humanity's hope?"

[That's right. You must have a vague idea of it yourself, don't you? Your talent and your power. The heavy burden that you must carry because of those gifts.]

Without realizing it, Aster gulped.

Baldur’s power is composed of divine power, his own talent, and prestige.

During his time in Constel, Aster felt what role he needed to play.

However, hearing talk about being the hope of humanity directly from the deity himself was different.

“I don’t have the power of this sanctuary for long. Aster Evans, what is your wish?”

Upon Baldur’s words, Aster thought for a moment. But, from the beginning, he only had one wish.

“I want strength. Strength to protect everyone and repel the monsters.”

To Aster’s words, Baldur nodded nonchalantly.

“That’s like you, Aster.”

A ray of light stretched out from Baldur. It slowly gathered around Aster, and he felt his divine power grow incomparable to before.

“Aster Evans.”

As Aster felt the power imbue him, Baldur said these words.

“Aster, be wary of Frondier de Roach.”

“Yes? what’s that-”

Before Aster could finish his sentence.

Baldur’s figure slowly dispersed and turned into a ray of light from the stone statue.

Aster turned behind him to look at Quinie and Jane. They seemed on the verge of leaving as well.


Jane looked around as if she felt something strange.

Something was wrong.

Nothing had changed.

“Did we fail to clear the dungeon……?”

After reaching the sanctuary, the destination of the dungeon, and meeting the deity.

The dungeon wasn’t cleared.

Only when this dungeon returned to being a normal cave would Frondiea and Sybil be safe.

“W-what should we do, teacher?”

“First, let’s head to the exit. We should be close to the exit since we’ve reached the sanctuary. Let’s leave the dungeon for now to contact Constel and the other organizations.”


The three of them moved quickly.

* * *

I collapsed, drained of strength. This damn mana exhaustion, I never seem to get used to it.

Kneeling with my hands pressed to the ground, my body still trembled. Every muscle was cramping.

"…It's not over yet."

I gritted my teeth and stood up.

In the distance, I could see Sybil collapsed.

I wished that with Slevb's death, the poison affecting Sybil would disappear like something out of a game, but such things don't happen.

Even now, the poison was slowly infiltrating Sybil's body.

By the way, I've stored Slevb's dagger in the 'workshop.'

Since that one weapon significantly increases the danger level of any monster, it should be useful.

I started walking towards Sybil. Now, I had to carry her out of here.

By now, Aster and his group should have arrived at the sanctuary. And they would be panicking because the dungeon hasn't been solved.

This dungeon is one of Etius's unsolved dungeons.

Even if Aster meets a god in the sanctuary, the dungeon remains the same.

Gamers have tried various methods, but the dungeon has never been solved.

So, I shouldn't expect this dungeon to turn into an ordinary cave.

Let's quietly leave.


I took a deep breath and picked up Sybil.

…Damn, she's heavy.

Under normal circumstances, Frondier's body wouldn't have any trouble, but Sybil's body, paralyzed, was completely limp, and I was suffering from mana exhaustion.

Trying to carry something with a body suffering from exhaustion and dehydration must feel like this.

Let's go.

I tried to mutter, but couldn't even make a sound.

* * *

Sybil slowly opened her eyes.

It felt like floating in gentle waves. But soon, she realized she was being carried on someone's back.


Sybil tried to call out to him, but no sound came out. She couldn't muster any strength in her body. Not even enough to move a finger.

Still paralyzed.

'…Is it lucky that I opened my eyes?'

There was no discomfort in my body.

Sybil was fortunately calm, unaware of the severity of the poison she had been afflicted with.

Looking around, it seemed we were still inside the dungeon.

"…huff… huff…"

The weary voice of Frondier.

'He looks exhausted.'

Frondier's back was broader than I thought.

Solid muscles and bones.

He always seemed weak and languid. But he is indeed a man.

"…So heavy."

That bastard.

"Ugh, there's a rock in my shoe."

Frondier's body swayed significantly before regaining balance.

Seeing him struggle, Sybil decided to think positive thoughts.

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