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Chapter 14 Part 2 - The Academy's Weapon Replicator

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After walking for a while.

Frondier stopped.

I wondered if he was tired, but then I saw the dungeon brighten.

This wasn't the light from outside. It was a sacred aura materialized.

'…This is, a sanctuary.'

Sybil realized.

I've heard about it. Some dungeons have sanctuaries at their final destination.

A precious place where you can face the deity you believe in and amplify their power.

'This is the destination.'

The statue spoke.

[Adventurer, you have done well. Speak the name of the deity you believe in. I am the steward of truth, also the mediator of the world. I will grant you the honor of facing your deity.]

'Frondier doesn’t have divine power.'

But if this is a sanctuary, mentioning any deity could grant an opportunity to meet them. And if truly fortunate, one might even receive divine power.

'Which deity will Frondier mention?'

Curiously, Sybil perked up her ears.

"I do not."

Frondier opened his mouth.

"Believe in any deity."


Sybil doubted her ears.

The statue simply asked.

[What is the reason?]

The statue is called the steward of truth because it can know the deity humans believe in.

Therefore, mentioning the name of a different deity in front of the statue is meaningless.

The statue knew from the moment it saw Frondier that he did not believe in any god.

‘Not believe in gods?’

To Sybil, these were shocking words.

In this world, most people do not receive divine power.

But not believing in gods is a completely different story. How can one not believe in gods when they clearly exist?

‘Then, what about what he said during the Mistilteinn incident?’

-I have never been afraid of such things.

Were those words not bravado or posturing, but because he truly did not believe in gods?

"I believe in humanity."


Those words settled in Sybil's heart.

Every word Frondier spoke built upon the last.

"I believe in the will of humans. I believe in the days they have strived to build with all their strength. There is no room for gods to intervene."

These words were so dangerous that if someone from the church heard them, he might be branded a heretic.

But to Sybil, those words were like a mighty wind. A wind that peeled away the fates enveloping her.

"Everything today becomes tomorrow. I believe in this obvious truth."

Frondier's words pierced Sybil's heart like a blade.

...Was it so?

Was I also like that?

She felt ashamed of herself without knowing why.

"I do not believe in gods."

Sybil, who is loved by fate.

That love was like a cradle, too comfortable and cozy.

It seemed to lead her swiftly to the grave.

"Because I do not believe in fate."

That last statement remained in her heart as an eternal echo.

* * *

I did not feel very good as I answered.

It was partly because of mana depletion. And partly because I was carrying Sybil.

But it was also because this whole conversation felt like a waste of time.

A sanctuary that gives those endowed with divine power the opportunity to face a god.

"That's no use to me. It'll only be useful to Aster."

[You don't believe in God, that statement isn't a lie, is it?]

Why do you keep asking me useless questions? You clearly know I don't have divine power.

Is not having divine power different from believing in God? It seems strange to say you don't believe in God in a world where God's existence is obvious.

"I don't believe."

[──Is that so.]

Suddenly, the stone statue started to glow. The statue, which previously only had its eyes glowing brightly, was soon enveloped in light.

It was a sight that even I had never seen before.

"What, what is it?"

And the light gathered in front of my eyes to show me some kind of picture. The picture, although I don't know what it is, looked like a magic circle.

My eyes naturally absorbed the shape of the magic circle into the 'Workshop.'

Creak, soon all the light died down and the stone statue started to crack. It soon turned into a large fissure.

Giant pieces fell to the ground.


What is this? Did I make a mistake somewhere?

The moment I thought that, the atmosphere of the dungeon changed.

The strangely twisted stone patterns and trees returned to their original forms. The walls and floor returned to their original states.

The dungeon was now an ordinary cave.

……In other words,

I cleared the dungeon.


I've never seen this kind of result while playing the game, nor could it happen.

I blankly stared at the remains of the broken stone statue for a moment.

'I should get out for now.'

I started walking again.

There's not much time left for Sybil.

* * *

I met up with Aster and the others not long after leaving the dungeon.

I left Sybil with Jane. As her teacher, she would be better at taking care of her than I would be.

Jane and Quinie were relieved when I explained everything that happened.

I told them that Sybil had taken care of most of the monsters.

After I returned to the dormitory.

[Professor Jane: Ms. Sybil has been hospitalized. She'll probably be fine by tomorrow.]

A message arrived on my SagePhone.

Quinie and Jane took this opportunity to ask for my messenger address.

It was a suitable pretext to prevent dangerous situations like this from happening again.

Of course, there was no reason to refuse.

[Quinie Senior: If you feel anything unusual about your body, make sure to tell us.]

[Aster: Thanks. Sybil is alive thanks to you. Take a rest for now.]

"How kind of them."

But I can't rest.

I immediately sat down at my desk. First, I checked my smartwatch.

[Dungeon Conquest Reward]

- Completed the conquest of the Dungeon, the Sanctuary of Truth.

- Acquired the magic circle of ‘Menosorpo’.

The magic circle that unfolded before my eyes right after the sanctuary was destroyed. It seems its name is Menosorpo.

But I don't know how to use it. I don't have any knowledge about magic circles, so all I know is the name of the magic circle.

"Is there no other way than to activate it myself?"

I'll try using it when I have time later. Then I might learn something.

"Next is this."

I reached out to the frame containing the viscoelastic metal, Obsidian.

Weaving, Obsidian.

Grade - Rare

Slevb's Creepy Dagger

[Slevb's Creepy Dagger]

• Grade: Rare

• Description: A dagger owned by Slevb. The strong grudge of Slevb has turned into toxicity. The toxicity acting on the blade has magical properties and does not fade or disappear.

<Ability details>

- Poison (Paralysis): Poisons the attacked opponent. The poisoned target rapidly becomes paralyzed, and if not detoxified within 24 hours, they will die.

...Indeed, it's toxic.

This characteristic has good synergy with my Weaving.

If 'toxicity' is added to my Weaving that appears and disappears momentarily, it can deliver a lethal attack to the opponent.


It's too dangerous.

Let's not use it on people.

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