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Chapter 16 Part 1 - The Academy's Weapon Replicator

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Test (1)

A package arrived in my room. Inside was a single letter.

[Just try not to be surprised.]

Scary, Ms. Quinie.

Soon, the third-year students will have their professional experience. That's when the monster from outside I warned about will come.

I've detailed the timing of my arrival, the monster's weaknesses, and how to deal with them, so there shouldn't be much damage.

...That is, considering it's an attack by an external monster.

I checked the contents of the package.

First, there was a ring. It had a blue gemstone shining brightly.

[Viet Trading Company's Magic Ring]

•Grade: Rare

•Description: A high-quality ring handled by the Viet Trading Company.

•Feature: Slightly increases the total amount of the wearer's mana.

If I'm right, this gemstone is 'sapphire.'

The effects of Etius's accessories depend on the creator's decision, but generally, the metal's material greatly influences the abilities.

The most important aspect is 'color.'

The redder the gemstone, the more it increases the strength or stamina needed by combatants, while blue increases mana or intelligence. Green is for dynamic vision, reflexes, speed, and other colors depend on the creator's discretion.

If it's sapphire, it's a blue series, meaning it's a fairly expensive gemstone among mana accessories. It will be very meaningful in increasing my mana.

I immediately put it on my index finger. Before I wore it, the ring seemed much larger than my finger, but once on, it fit perfectly. It's almost like an optical illusion.

And there's another item. This is what I'm most looking forward to.

An artifact to store Obsidian.

I told Quinie it needed to be easy to take out and put in the water, using a very vague expression.

I'm counting on her sense.

"Is this it?"

I lifted something out of the box as I felt it in my hand.

"…What is this?"

A long chain made of metal. A small gem wrapped in luxurious decorations.

What I was looking at was a necklace.

It's certainly beautiful and luxurious. The black gem probably reflects my request that its interior shouldn't be visible.

I like both the design and its reflection.

…But this.

"How do I put Obsidian in here?"

* * *

In the border region of the Terst Empire, Tyburn.

This place is located opposite Yeranhes, the domain guarded by the head of the Roach family, Enfer.

Tyburn is the domain of the Urfa family.

The head of this Urfa family is Ludwig Urfa.

"So, the dead and injured?"

"Eleven dead, about thirty injured. It's very few for an incident caused by an external monster."

"Hmm, that's fortunate indeed."

Ludwig was sitting in a carriage, listening to the situation.

In the Tyburn region, the 'professional experience' of the Constel third-year students was scheduled.

It's a constant task at Constel, where they observe the duties of professionals and, if possible, are given simple practical exercises.

But it seems that a monster from 'outside' has invaded the area where they were assigned.

"What's the identity of the monster?"

"It's a black werewolf. It's presumed to have strayed from its pack."

"…You mean to say only eleven died before it was stopped?"

Ludwig was astonished.

While the death of people is never a pleasant matter, the fact that the number was surprisingly small was definitely a relief.

Werewolves, being originally wolves, live in packs. When in a pack, they actively hunt for prey, but once an individual strays, it becomes incredibly sinister.

While together with its companions, it behaves like a fearless warrior, but becomes an assassin the moment it's on its own.

The black werewolf, in particular, is even more sinister when alone, making it more troublesome to deal with.

Especially if it's 'outside'.

"There was someone who anticipated and countered it efficiently and quickly by identifying the 'outside' black werewolf's weakness."

"Oh, who?"

"You'll meet them in person. We've arrived."

The carriage stopped, and Ludwig stepped out.

The site was bustling, with the injured being moved and the dead being identified.

Following a subordinate's lead, Ludwig arrived at a familiar face.

"No way, isn't that Lord Viet?"

Ludwig looked at Quinie de Viet with interest.

Remembering she was a student at Constel.

Having met as family heads on many occasions, Quinie's young age felt particularly striking at times like this.

"…You've arrived. Ludwig Urfa."

Quinie's complexion as she greeted Ludwig didn't look too pleasant.

Her expression, hidden behind a fan, was clearly enduring revulsion.

"What's with that expression? I hear thanks to you, the damage wasn't severe."

"…Yes. Thanks to me, eleven people died."

Quinie's words were filled with self-derision.

One corner of Ludwig's eye twitched.

"Quinie, you're still not over it?"

"…You speak as if it will be alright with time."

"You did well. Many more could have died. You prevented that. Be proud."


Though Quinie didn't feel much better, she considered Ludwig's words to be true.

She had done her best. Even if she could go back in time, it would have been difficult to handle it any better.

'…So, eleven people died.'

Quinie remembered what Frondier had said.

All the information he had given was correct. The identity of the monster outside, its weakness, even its habits.

Quinie had shared this information with the professionals in advance to minimize the damage.

If possible, she had wanted to cancel this temporary pro experience altogether.

But information with weak evidence lacks persuasiveness.

The pros, having heard Quinie's words, deemed it possible but couldn't cancel the entire schedule.

That was the extent of the response, and that was the extent of the casualties.

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  1. I'm confused about how MC can say something that will happen in the future so clearly like "eleven people will die"

    It's okay to tell information about "monsters outside will attack" or something else like that because it could happen, the exact number of victims is a different matter.

    1. Hey, I think you are mistaken. This is the present, ie, 11 people have died now. And to quote the original statement by MC in Chapter 10 Part 2:
      “Many will die. The monsters on the 'outside' are far stronger, and above all, more cunning, even if they are of the same kind as the monsters inside. They will hide themselves and attack people from a distance where the Pro's eyes can't reach them. Until the moment the Pro discovers them.”

    2. Wrote all that just to not have understand what was written in the story

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