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Chapter 16 Part 2 - The Academy's Weapon Replicator

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-You hate it when people die, don't you?

Frondier's voice echoed in her ears.

Frondier had information that Quinie most desperately wanted to keep hidden. From the beginning, he possessed this piece of information that Quinie least wanted revealed.

Given the timing and tone of his revelation, it was clear he hadn’t spoken carelessly.

The vulnerability that Quinie harbored, something close to ‘fear,’ was undoubtedly known to Frondier.

‘Let’s consider it a blessing in disguise.’

Frondier didn’t use that information to demand anything from Quinie. There was no blackmail involved.

What existed between them was merely a fair exchange.

Frondier provided Quinie with information about the external monsters, and Quinie compensated him accordingly.

This indicated that Frondier, too, desired to maintain a good relationship with Quinie.

‘Frondier. Hard to put a price on.’

It was Quinie’s habit to judge everything in terms of money. This habit applied equally to people.

She believed that assigning the right value was the fairest way to treat someone.

To her, Frondier was an exceedingly troubling figure.

The fake Mistilteinn incident.

The series of actions in the dungeon.

And the information he provided her.

Nothing was clear, everything shrouded in fog.

“It’s tough to look at them; why don’t you go somewhere and rest?”

Ludwig noted Quinie’s expression and thought she was troubled by the corpses.

He was one of the few humans who knew Quinie’s weakness.

Thus, this kind of consideration was something only Ludwig could offer at the moment.

But Quinie shook her head.

“No. I am the head of the Viet family.”

Indeed, she was the head of the Viet family.

Quinie, the ‘little devil’ who raised her family at a student’s age.

Her instincts as a family head were sounding an alarm.

It was an alarm from her sense regarding ‘Frondier.’

* * *

Days later, inside a luxurious sedan.

“Elodie, are you listening? Elodie?”

“...Ah, yes. Sorry, Dad.”

“Just in case, call me ‘father’ when we arrive at the Roach estate.”

“If you were worried about that, you should’ve called brother.”

“Calling your brother would only lead to another quarrel with Frondier. You know that.”

Elodie sighed deeply at Ortel’s words. She had been looking out the window all the while.

Elodie and Ortel were on their way to the Roach estate.

The two families, both of high repute and longstanding friendship, often met and interacted in this manner.

For two families with many enemies, such public activities were crucial. Displaying the friendship between two strong noble families would deter others from acting rashly.

“You seem unusually distracted. Is there something on your mind?”

“...Yes, a little.”

Indeed, Elodie had been lost in thought until a moment ago.

Frondier’s recent actions seemed strange.

His lethargic and sleepy appearance remained the same.

From the Mistilteinn incident to the dungeon exploration a few days ago.

Even Aster seemed to have a fairly high opinion of Frondier.

- I will take away your worries.

Frondier said that to Aster. And it turned out to be true.

In other words, Frondier knew that the Mistilteinn was fake before he actually saw it.


There was only one answer.

'Frondier knows the true form of Mistilteinn.'

What was thought to be a bluff is now believed to be the truth. But if that's the truth, another problem arises.

How can a human know about Mistilteinn? Mistilteinn, whose shape no human has ever seen.

'...Does Frondier have divine power?'

Someone among the gods must have shown Mistilteinn to Frondier directly. Then, of course, he would know its form.

As far as Elodie knows, there's no other possibility.

...Thoughts endlessly chase each other's tails.

Assuming it's true that Frondier has divine power.

What have Frondier's actions shown all this time?

Divine power is mostly determined at birth.

The gods have already chosen whom to love.

Meaning, it's highly likely that Frondier had divine power from the beginning.

All this time, it was believed that Frondier's lazy behavior was because he lacked both divine power and talent.

But if Frondier actually had divine power?

That assumption collapses completely.

'Frondier's laziness had a hidden intent...?'

Frondier with divine power.

If he has divine power, even if Frondier lacks talent in combat, it's not a big problem. Now, it's also uncertain whether Frondier truly lacks talent.

It's all speculation, but.

Frondier might have deliberately pretended to be lazy.

But for some reason, he stopped being lazy...



"We haven't arrived yet."

"Still, it's time to start getting used to it."

"Yes, yes, Father. Have I missed anything about Frondier?"

Ortel seemed puzzled by Elodie's question, not quite understanding it.

"Huh? Missed what?"

"I heard recently that Frondier has been less lazy at Constel. Is there a reason?"

"Oh, that. I heard it from Enfer. He said he was told to rank within the top 10 of the year. Or else he'd be expelled."

Elodie nodded at that and fell into thought again.

Top 10 of the year. Expulsion if he fails.

Did he not want to be expelled?


'I can't help it. It's my fault, and I can't reverse it.'

There was no sign of regret on Frondier's face as he said those words.

While saying it was his fault, he didn't really seem to think he did anything wrong.

As if it was a mistake made on purpose. As if he was prepared for it to be irreversible.

"We've arrived."

Shortly after, the car stopped, and Elodie's thoughts came to an end.

They got out of the car and headed towards the Roach estate.

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