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Chapter 4 Part 2 - The Academy's Weapon Replicator

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“Did you hear? About the mistletoe.”

“Yeah, the auction was canceled, right?”

A few days later.

The talk of the town in Constel was about the mistletoe.

Every student and professor alike, everyone's attention was on it.

The party that discovered the mistletoe put its dew up for auction. But it was canceled soon after.

This was an expected development. What the prestigious families offered was something that couldn't be converted into a mere sum of money.

In the end, the heads of the prestigious families were going to gather in one place and come to an agreement. Any nobles of lesser status wouldn't even be able to attend.

Today was the day of that noble's meeting.

For once, the eyes of the classroom were all on Frondier today.

Regardless of his character, he is still the son of a prestigious family.

They say his father, Enfer de Roach, deeply loves his son.

The 'son' in question here is not Frondier, but his older brother, Azier.

Then there was Frondier's recent statement.

His incomprehensible bluff that 'that's not how mistletoe looks' had become a rumor known to the entire grade. The moment he would be found out was soon approaching.

For all these various reasons,

Frondier had become the center of attention in today's Constel.

Of course, the person in question, Frondier, just sat there, drowsy-faced as usual.


After school, Elodie came to Frondier's classroom.

There are six classes per grade at Constel.

Elodie and Frondier are in the same grade, but they're in different classes.

Frondier is in Class 5, while Elodie is in Class 2, the same as Aster.

Since Aster is the main character in the game Etius, many named characters are gathered in Class 2.

As Elodie approached Frondier, the eyes of the students gathered on them.

But Elodie's behavior was perfectly normal, in a way.

She is also the daughter of a prestigious family, a daughter of the Rishaie family, which is a rival to the Roach family. Naturally, she will be attending today's meeting.

"Don't go making strange comments even at the meeting place."

Elodie warned.

"Strange comments?"

"Like Mistilteinn not looking the way it does or whatever."

"I won't say such things. Don't worry."

"It's not about worrying. I'm just afraid I might end up being embarrassed. Well, it's a relief if you're not going to talk nonsense."

Elodie sighed ostentatiously.

Frondier laughed.

For a moment, a light flickered across his languid face.

"I don't need to do that, because it's mine."


What did he just say?


"Oh, you mean it belongs to the Roach family?"

"That's one way to put it."

"Then say it that way. Don't talk weirdly."

* * *

Frondier and Elodie headed towards the school gate together.

Many students were watching them.

As if they were looking at a bride and groom coming out of a wedding hall.

Of course, the relationship between the two was almost the opposite.


Then someone approached. It was Aster.

Being promising students in the same class, they naturally had a connection.

By the play standards, around this time, Aster would start talking to Elodie.

"Take care."

"Yeah. Though there's nothing for me to do."

Elodie joked with a smile.

Aster smiled back, but there was a slight stiffness in his smile.

"Elodie, can I ask you one thing?"


"I know it's a lot to ask, but if possible, get Mistilteinn. I'd feel relieved if it's you."

Elodie smiled bitterly at Aster's words. She was not unaware of Aster's situation. However, it's not as easy as it sounds.

From the Rishaie family's perspective, Mistilteinn is not an item worth coveting to that extent.

They would take it if they could, but it's not something worth shedding financial blood over.

The Roach family is probably the most likely candidate.

The family head, Enfer, is said to be willing to do anything for Atzie.

That's why Frondier claims Mistilteinn is his own; there's a good reason for it.

"…Well, I'll try."

Elodie said.

Depending on the progress of the meeting, I might even be able to raise my voice once. Though I'm not sure how much that would mean.

"Don't worry, Aster Evans."

Suddenly, Frondier spoke.

Aster looked at Frondier.

Aside from an encounter in the training room, they were practically strangers.

To such an Aster, Frondier calmly said,

"I'll take away your worries."

With those words, Frondier walked away.

Elodie followed shortly after.

"What does that even mean? You'll take away his worries?"

"Exactly what I said."

What does that even mean, exactly?

Elodie looked uneasy.

In fact, for Frondier, there was a more important and nerve-wracking issue than the meeting itself.

The figure waiting for him at the school gate, that was the issue.


A cold voice called out to Frondier in front of a stationary carriage.

The first impression Frondier had of him was, if one were to make a comparison, like a sharpened blade.

Sharp yet firm eyes. Tightly closed lips that seemed to symbolize everything about him.

If one were to judge by the standards of beauty alone, he would be considered one of the most handsome in the continent, but few could approach him due to his sharp and seemingly dangerous demeanor.


This man was Frondier's brother, Azier de Roach.

He inherited all the talents of the impregnable house lord Enfer and grew beyond them, becoming a cheat character in the official Etius ranking.

"You've wasted a lot of time. Get on the carriage. Father is waiting."

Azier moved without giving Frondier a chance to speak.

It was a gesture that naturally suggested it was the only course of action.

Elodie, who came with them, had already boarded a carriage prepared by the Rishae family.


Frondier boarded the carriage.

This man he saw for the first time today was his brother,

And the person most likely to discover Frondier's true identity.

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