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Chapter 5 Part 1 - The Academy's Weapon Replicator

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The Branch in the Coffin, Mistletoe (3)

The meeting place was at the Miller family's mansion.

The Miller family is located in the central Harold region of the continent.

There are three main reasons why the Miller's were chosen: firstly, the family's rank is low, so they have no interest in purchasing Mistilteinn; secondly, they have no special ties with the families attending; and thirdly, they are located centrally among the attending families.


On my way to the carriage, I saw Azier.

"Do you also desire Mistilteinn, brother?"

Basically, Azier does not lie.

Being the most likely candidate to possess Mistilteinn, I was curious about his feelings.


It was only then that Azier seemed to consider it, tilting his head slightly.

"It would be nice to have."

─That response was so Azier like.

I nodded in satisfaction.

After a brief moment, the carriage stopped, and we arrived at the Miller family's mansion.

And upon seeing a certain figure in front of the mansion, I swallowed my breath.

The Iron Wall Patriarch, Enfer de Roach.

If Azier was a sword, then Enfer was the embodiment of a completed weapon.

His stern eyes and the stylish mustache that elegantly covered his lips.

His hair and mustache were white, proving his age, yet he didn't look weak at all.

Looking at it this way, it seemed incredibly unfitting that Frondier was Enfer's son and Azier's younger brother.

"Let's go."

Just two words.

I thought Azier was also rather blunt, but Enfer was even more so.

And he did not give me a single glance while speaking.

"Everyone is waiting. This way."

The mansion's butler guided us.

From Constel to here was the longest distance, so it was natural for our family to be the last to arrive.

...Actually, it wasn't so natural. We could have simply left a few days earlier.

This was merely a display of Enfer's pride and ego.

The only one who could make the distinguished families wait was Enfer, a proof of such.

The butler opened the door to the meeting room with a creak.


I almost let out a sound.

I can already feel it. The significance of the distinguished families of the Terst Empire gathering in one place.

It feels like the love of the gods they receive will soon overflow out of the meeting room as a crushing pressure.

"You've arrived."

A short greeting from an elderly man with white hair.

'Zodiac' Heldre.

"Late, are we? Seems no one has anything to say just yet?"

The head of the Roach family, guarding the opposite Frondier.

Ludwig von Urfa.


The most friendly gaze among those present, from Enfer's rival.

Ortel de Rishae.

Behind him stood Elodie.

And besides, famous family heads and notable children, all gathered in one place...


My gaze then drifted to a woman.

...Among the notable characters, none are as easily recognizable as her.

Black hair, black eyes. Even the dress she wears and the fan she holds are black, a woman cloaked in darkness.


Quinie de Viet.

The only daughter of the Viet family, and a third-year at Constel. Known as the 'little devil' for reviving her family from the brink of ruin.

Surprisingly, she has achieved such feats at just two years older than me.

For some reason, the subtle smile hidden behind her fan, seemingly directed at me, feels suspicious.

Does she know me?

I think not, but it seems worth paying attention to...

"Let's get started then. Mr. Miller, where is 'it'?"


Ludwig looked at Miller with his characteristic dialect and light tone.

Though it might seem rude to some, Ludwig speaks to everyone regardless of their social standing in this manner.

Which is to say, it's rude.

The head gestures to the butler, and soon servants carefully moved the 'container' to the table in the center of the meeting room.

"Ho, so this is it."

Heldre's eyes sparkled. His gaze was as sharp and intense as during his prime, dark and brooding.

Yet, everyone's eyes shone with the same intensity.

"It looks quite convincing, doesn't it?"

According to someone, the branch inside the container indeed possessed a certain dignity in its form.

Above all, it perfectly matched the description of the legendary 'Mistilteinn'.

“So, the real question is who gets to have it? I'll say this first. I am willing to put up the mining rights to the Idus Mines. For five years.”

Someone threw out an unexpected deal.

“Such impatience, then I will—”

From there, the competition for the family treasures and rights began.

Some had gathered various valuables and assessed their value in advance, while others, having no personal wealth, offered lands and buildings, saying it was fine to hand over assets if they had none.

Naturally, the children could only watch this unfold, keeping their mouths firmly shut and surveying their surroundings. They had no right to speak. It was merely a field trip for them.

Three houses remained unmoved: Roach, Rishae, and Quinie.

Ortel, the head of the Rishae family, had no intention of purchasing from the start, and Quinie was simply observing the situation around them.

As for Enfer, he was just biding his time.

─And it seemed that time was not far off.

“The Roach family will stake the sword.”

“My lord, there are more than one or two swords,”

Ludwig, following his usual tempo, began to tease but stopped.

“Did you just say you'd stake your sword?”

“Is there a need to repeat myself?”

Click, Enfer detached the sword sheath he was wearing at his waist. The worn leather, the weight of the steel, landed on the table.

“…Exchange a divine artifact for another divine artifact?”

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