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Chapter 9 Part 2 - The Academy's Weapon Replicator

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It was Aster’s turn as the order was passed around.

The blade he swung left a fairly large scratch on the rock. However, it was not enough to cut it.


Aster’s clothes puffed up as if being blown by the wind. Then, his pupils glowed white, and the white light dyed his hair.

Ah, that’s it.

“Stop it, Aster. Using divine powers is prohibited.”

“Oh, uh, I apologize.”

Aster nodded and went back to his seat.

Yeah, if you borrow Baldur’s power, you could probably cut that rock.

But that somewhat dampened the students’ enthusiasm.

A rock that not even Aster could cut. That fact was quite shocking to the students.

And then, it was several turns later.


“Oh my?”

The rock had been cut.

The girl standing there, holding a sword thinner than her own arm, looked flustered.

She was fidgeting, unsure of what to do with the cleanly cut rock.

It was only natural that the eyes of everyone, including Alex, went wide.

──I found her.

Pink hair, green eyes.

“Wow! Professor! Look! I did it!”

Her hair danced, and her excited shoulders drew a graceful line.

Every gesture was lively yet bewitching, and her expression seemed innocent, yet held a hint of cunning. From head to toe, she had a delicate appearance as if she was sculpted by a god.

“……Sybil, you pass.”

Alex said with a trembling expression.

Sybil Forte.

A woman beloved by fate,

And one of the ‘main villains’ of Etius.

‘Sybil Forte…….’

If this world wasn’t truly the result of the world’s movements, but had an element of ‘luck’ embedded in each individual.

Then, a person who seemed to be born with only that luck was Sybil Forte.

Sybil wasn’t a villain because she had a bad personality. She was basically an optimist and an opportunist. She did what she wanted to do, and she didn’t do what she didn’t want to do. Even if she started something, she would drop it if she got tired of it.

However, her fate always aligned perfectly with her will.

“Sybil, could you use Aura before?”

“No! This is my first time!”

Sybil spoke cheerfully. Her words weren’t a lie.

Although it may appear as vanity to others, Sybil had never learned how to cut ore until just now.

There’s a simple explanation for why she’s able to cut that rock now.

Because she wanted to.

Because she wanted to have the ‘dungeon pass’ that Professor Alex had mentioned.

Not everything she desires comes true.

However, if it’s something she can do, she’ll do it. If what she desires isn’t realistically impossible, then it will happen.

While others repeatedly train over and over to build knowledge and skill, Sybil skips the entire process.

……That's why she’s a villain.

Because when faced with an enemy she can’t defeat with her power or her luck, she immediately collapses.

Because she has zero experience of overcoming such adversity.

A character who is destined to ‘fall’ or ‘retreat’.

That's why, during their first playthrough, players trust Sybil due to her good stats and ease of use, only to get smacked in the back of the head at the end.

If you blindly support Sybil, she will climb to an incredibly high position with her sky-high talent and luck.

From that position, she’ll devour the soldiers, regions, and even countries under her control.

Then she’ll leisurely survive on her own and disappear.

Yet, if you give Sybil adversity from the start in an attempt to make her grow mentally, her fate won’t allow it.

There is no character that can overcome Sybil’s ‘luck’.

Not even Aster can stand up to it.

So, in the end, the player has to focus on their own growth and surpass Sybil with their own strength while neither helping nor hindering her.

There are few villains as troublesome as this.

“Teacher, about the dungeon pass. Do I need to bring a companion?”

“Hmm. You need to fill five slots. Out of those five, you need to include one third-year and one teacher, so if you want classmates, you can include two more besides yourself.”

A dungeon expedition with upperclassmen and professors in tow can be said to be extremely safe.

Moreover, most people here have hardly ever experienced a dungeon. To have a proper experience, it's essential to have someone experienced.

I knew from the beginning who Sybil wanted to accompany her.

Slowly opening her mouth, Sybil, as I anticipated, calls out,


She calls Aster's name.

I nodded quietly, satisfied.

In reality, there's nothing for me to gain from the dungeon.

Rather, it's important what Aster Evans gains from this dungeon. His growth is as crucial for breaking the game as mine.

‘It's not a difficult dungeon, and with Aster and Sybil, they should easily break it. The teacher is going too.’

It's a party without worries.

Meanwhile, I should focus my energy on my training.

“Will you come with me, huh?”

Sybil's tone is almost like a seduction.

A refreshing smile and a slightly tilted posture.

Her pink hair flutters.

“Yeah, sure.”

Aster readily agreed.

Sybil clapped her hands with ease, showing her happiness.

Wow, I can see the boys' eyes around us growing cold.

To feel Sybil's popularity this easily.

“But there's one spot left for a classmate. Can I choose that one?”

Then, Aster said something strange.

As far as I know, Aster wouldn't say such a thing.

Even though later on, Lunia Fricell, who's practically the game's official heroine, joins out of jealousy for Sybil.

Aster wouldn't usually make such a proposal to anyone.

“Huh? Sure.”

As Sybil responded, all eyes turned to Aster.

Amidst the curiosity about who Aster would mention,


He called me.


I lifted my head upon hearing this.

Why suddenly call me out here?

Wasn't he looking for someone to go to the dungeon with?

“Wanna go to the dungeon?”

It was me.

Despite Aster's sudden nomination, I maintained a calm demeanor.

As a proud Korean gamer and someone deeply immersed in this game, I can keep my composure in any situation.

With such a contemplative mindset, after understanding the intent behind Aster's words, I answered,


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