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Chapter 10 Part 1 - The Academy's Weapon Replicator

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Manipulating Fate (2)

After class.

Frondier, Sybil, and Aster were sitting together at a cafe on campus.

Sybil was sitting at a round table, rolling her eyes back and forth between the two.

In front of her sat the most reputable good and bad boys of the first year.

Aster Evans, respected by both teachers and students, possessed strong divine power and talent.

Frondier de Roach, who spent all class sleeping and lazing around, with neither divine power nor talent.

Their mere presence together drew the cafe's attention, making Sybil self-conscious.

The attention was partly because Sybil was with them, but she didn't realize it went that far.

"Aster, why did you pick me?"

Frondier's languid lips parted.

Sybil was curious about that too, naturally shifting her gaze to Aster.

But Aster, surprised by the question, widened his eyes.

"Why? You helped me."


"Mistilteinn. You helped ease my worries."

"…Worries that would've disappeared eventually anyway."

Frondier sighed.

"Ah, I heard about that too."

Sybil's eyes sparkled as she spoke.

Frondier's actions at the nobles' council were a famous incident.

The so-called insolence of the human sloth, Frondier.

His outrageous behavior in front of the Empire's prestigious families.

From boastful words claiming not to fear divine punishment to reckless actions destroying trade goods.

Ultimately, Frondier's actions benefited his family, but they were seen merely as reckless.

"Frondier, are you really not afraid of divine punishment?"

Sybil asked.

It wasn't out of mockery or disdain but pure curiosity.

Frondier looked at Sybil and replied.


"…That's it?"


Sybil mumbled, taken aback by the short answer.

"It's too risky for someone just wanting to show off."

"Why would I show off in such a situation?"

I guess he knows.

It didn't seem like he was trying to show off.

"Let's skip that for now, we have something else to discuss today."

Aster said, as if to clear the air around them.

Sybil said, "The third-year students and the teacher who will accompany us. Who should we choose?"

Indeed, there was a reason the three of them were gathered.

The dungeon exploration team requires five members. At least two of them must be third-year students and a teacher.

"Who should we choose? Teachers are generally cooperative, but many third-year students refuse. They're busy with their own work and find it bothersome. Shouldn't we assume some will refuse and start by writing down a list?"

Soon after, Sybil and Aster mentioned a few third-year seniors.

Sybil was diligently writing down the names mentioned.

Meanwhile, Frondier remained silent.

The two didn't ask Frondier anything, not only because they knew of his reputation for being lazy, but also because he seemed to be deep in thought, unusually so.


And after much deliberation, Frondier spoke up.



Aster asked back.

"Quinie as in Quinie de Viet?"


Frondier nodded, and Aster and Sybil's eyes met.

Quinie de Viet.

A genius who revived her family from the brink of ruin at a young age not even 20.

Known as 'Little Devil Quinie' for her cold efficiency, ruthless decision-making, and genius commercial skills.

Frondier said, "How about it? Building a connection with senior Quinie from now could be a big help in the future."

"That's true, but..."

Both of them agreed but with hesitant expressions.

Sybil frankly said, "I don't think she'll help."

That's right. None of them had a close relationship with Quinie.

Moreover, Quinie is extremely thorough in her cost-benefit analysis. She's not someone who would simply agree to accompany a dungeon party.

Something significant has to be offered.

"As far as I know, Quinie senior hates 'credit' or 'debt'. The idea that you'll repay her later for accompanying you to the dungeon won't work at all."

Aster agreed with Sybil's words in a show of solidarity.

At that moment, Frondier's languid eyes briefly sharpened.

"If I bring Quinie senior along, both of you would have no complaints, right?"

"…Frondier, are you planning something reckless again?"

Aster's expression hardened.

Frondier smiled at his worried face.


Sybil was a bit surprised by that smile.

Given that Frondier's appearance was the epitome of a high-class noble, when a smile graced his languid face, it was quite a sight to behold.

"Don't worry. I'll make a proper trade and come back."

* * *

After parting ways with Aster and Sybil, I headed back to school.

Seeing them exchange numbers on their phones reminded me that I didn't have one.

In Etius, just as there are devices that mimic TVs, called "WizardView," there are also devices that mimic smartphones, called "SagePhone."

Everyone simply calls it a "phone." With a phone, you can freely use calls, texts, and messengers.

But Frondier doesn't have a SagePhone. Neither does his brother Azier nor his father Enfer.

Enfer is from an older generation, and his way of thinking is even more outdated, showing no interest in such things, and Azier feels the same since his father doesn't use one.

However, from my position of needing to help Aster, having a SagePhone is crucial.

It's essential for emergency contacts and easily checking locations.


I stopped in front of a classroom. Just stopping there seemed to double the attention and commotion surrounding me.

Ignore it.

As the door slid open, a few students inside turned their gaze this way.

Initially, it was just a few, but as they shook their friends in surprise, pointing in this direction, and openly said, "Look at that," even more people around began to look this way.

So, in the end, everyone was staring.

…Let's get this over with quickly and leave.

I approached a woman. She, of course, was already looking at me. With a face that couldn't hide her disbelief.

"I've found you, Senior Quinie."

"......Have you lost your mind?"

'Little devil' Quinie.

It was quite amusing to see her, who always wore a leisurely smile, looking flustered.

"We met at the Miller family's mansion last time, didn't we? I feel like I didn't properly introduce myself then."

"No need. If you want to make connections with me, send the corresponding amount to our family's account. Don't make me stand out."

Quinie waved her fan dismissively.

I brought my face closer to hers. Around us, I could hear exclamations of 'Kyaa!' and 'Oh my,' along with gasps.

Quinie froze as well.

I whispered in her ear.

"I want to sell information to Quinie de Viet."

At those words, Quinie's fluttering hand stopped. She looked at me with a calm gaze.

She was no longer a student but had become the head of the Viet family.

"I don't like nonsense."

"Neither do I."

"......This isn't something we should discuss here, is it?"

I nodded once and turned to walk away. Without looking back, I could hear Quinie's footsteps following me.

The murmuring around us grew louder, but...

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