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Chapter 25 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family


As she lightly pressed the piano keys, a clear sound came out.

Chae Yoon was amazed by the sound that was completely different from the piano she usually played, and opened her eyes wide.

A clear and clear sound.

Chae Yoon was nervous in front of the piano for the first time.

She had never been like this before.

When she played the piano at kindergarten, he just played without any thought, just having fun.

When she played the piano on the set, she felt it was more fun because it made a better sound.

But now.

'It's beautiful...'

The sound of the piano was so beautiful.

If the piano she played on the set was like the voice of the Little Mermaid, the piano she was playing now was like her father's voice.

Chae Yoon blinked and pressed the keys again.

Ding. Ding.

The keys that she pressed without much meaning, made a sound again.

Chae Yoon felt the sound with her whole body.

The child didn't know that the owner of the instrument shop was looking at her with an anxious look from a distance, or that Jo Sung-hyun was looking at her with hopeful eyes.

Chae Yoon just focused all her attention on the piano in front of her.

Carefully, the child's hand moved and pressed the keys in order, starting to play.

The piano made a beautiful sound.

Ding. Ding. Dang.

It was not a thrilling or tense performance.

A very simple melody that felt like she had heard it somewhere.

It was the song of the Little Mermaid that she had heard at the aquarium.

Chae Yoon played for a few minutes, and finally stopped her hand.

She was excited by the sound of the piano, but it was hard.

It was too big to play properly.

After staring at the keys for a long time, Chae Yoon finally jumped down.

As if nothing had happened, the child walked away.

Towards where her father was.

* * *

Jo Sung-hyun laughed bitterly as he saw Chae Yoon coming towards him.

He just laughed involuntarily.

She played the song of the Little Mermaid on the piano.

The piano was so big that Chae Yoon looked smaller and seemed to struggle, but anyway Chae Yoon played well enough to call it a performance.

It was amazing that she still remembered the song of the Little Mermaid, and that she played it on the piano.

He was amazed every time he saw him.

Chae Yoon had never learned the piano properly.

'Ah, my daughter is really a genius.'

Jo Sung-hyun thought to himself.

A genius who was so outstanding that no one could approach him.

Chae Yoon, who was now 7 years old, played the piano like that, how much better would she be in a little time?

His head was complicated.

He wanted to buy the grand piano right away when he thought of Chae Yoon's performance he had just seen and heard, but money was money... To buy a piano like that, he had to move first.

It was absurd to have a grand piano like that in a normal house.

He might have been able to do it in a detached house, but he couldn't have a grand piano in an apartment.


Chae Yoon buried her face in Jo Sung-hyun's leg and made a sound.

Then Jo Sung-hyun came to his senses and picked up Chae Yoon.

The owner of the instrument shop was still out of his mind.

He stared blankly, looking back and forth between Chae Yoon and the piano, wondering what had just happened.

Jo Sung-hyun opened his mouth to him.


"Yes, yes?"

The owner of the instrument shop came to his senses and looked at Jo Sung-hyun.

"Please show me some other models."

"Oh, yes. I understand."

In the end, Jo Sung-hyun turned his head and looked around.

He had already brought the grand piano home in his mind, but it was impossible in reality.

In the end, he chose an electronic piano that he could play comfortably at home.

It was a more expensive model than a cheap electronic piano, but Jo Sung-hyun was able to choose it after considering various things.

"Shall we do this?"

When Jo Sung-hyun asked, Chae Yoon nodded her head.

He made a decision and paid right away.

"Phew, thank you."

The owner of the instrument shop had a completely different attitude than before.

Before, he was kind to him as a customer, but now he was amazed by looking at Chae Yoon from time to time.

It was natural.

He hadn't heard Chae Yoon's performance before, but he had heard it now.

If he was the same after hearing that performance, he wouldn't have been qualified as an instrument shop owner.

"Then, I'll deliver it to this address tomorrow evening."

"Yes, thank you."

As he turned his body after saying that.

The big grand piano that Chae Yoon had played earlier caught Jo Sung-hyun's eye.

He couldn't take his eyes off the grand piano for a long time.

Maybe he still had regrets.

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