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Chapter 24 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

After finishing the tonkatsu, Seonghyun headed to a reputable musical instrument store with Chaeyoon. It was a place that specialized in pianos and also had other instruments on display, as it was a large-scale instrument store.

He deliberately chose a place where they could see not only pianos but also other instruments.

"By any chance, Chaeyoon might be interested in other instruments as well."


As soon as they entered the instrument store, Chaeyoon exclaimed in admiration.

Holding the Little Mermaid in her arms, Chaeyoon looked around the store, unable to decide where to start.


The owner of the instrument store greeted them, and Chaeyoon subtly stepped back.

Seonghyun exchanged greetings with the owner of the instrument store.

"Hello. I came to see the pianos."

"What will be the purpose? Will you be using it at home or in a larger space?"

"At home."

"Well... then you should go for an upright piano for now."

"Yes, I'm debating whether to go for a digital or an acoustic piano. Because I live in an apartment."

"Ah... Although upright pianos have relatively less sound, they can't beat digital pianos. But with electronic pianos, you can adjust the volume."

The store manager nodded in agreement, and they walked around the store, looking at the pianos.

The manager nodded and started to walk.

Jo Sunghyun naturally followed him and looked at the pianos.

They were definitely in a high price range.

There were cheaper models, of course, but to buy a decent one, it would cost at least 1 million won.

For Jo Sunghyun, who was a regular office worker and was planning to quit his job soon, it was quite a burden.

‘Still, I shouldn’t buy something too cheap.’

As someone who had played music, Jo Sunghyun couldn’t help but be concerned about this.

Cheap instruments ultimately produced cheap sounds.

There was a reason why expensive things were called expensive.

It had to make a reasonably good sound and not be too expensive.

It might be a little burdensome, but it wasn’t an impossible amount to pay.

He had to choose such an instrument carefully.

"This side is the digital section, and the back side is the upright model line."

The store manager started to introduce them one by one.

Jo Sung-hyun knew something about music, but he was not an expert on pianos, so he listened quietly to the store manager's explanation.

"Can I try playing them?"

"Of course, go ahead."

The store manager gestured with his hand, as if it was obvious.

Chaeyoon looked at Jo Sung-hyun quietly, and Jo Sung-hyun sat on the piano bench.

He sat in front of a digital piano and glanced at it, then placed his hands on the keyboard.

He was used to playing keyboards, so it was not awkward for him.

Jo Sung-hyun pressed the keys slowly.

His performance was not long.

He just tapped the keys a few times and stopped.

'It still lacks the feel of a real piano.'

There was no doubt that digital and acoustic pianos had different playing sensations.

It was not that he couldn't play well on a digital piano, but it felt different from an acoustic one.

He wondered which piano would suit Chaeyoon best.

"How is it?"

Jo Sung-hyun turned to Chaeyoon and asked.

Since Chaeyoon would be the one using the piano, her opinion was the most important.

The child just had a bright face.

"Chaeyoon likes it."

He could tell that she liked it, but he didn't know if she just liked the idea of buying a piano or this piano in particular.

In the end, Jo Sung-hyun had to get up and try playing other pianos and listen to their sounds.

Every time he played, he asked Chaeyoon for her opinion, but the answer he got from her was similar.

"I like it."

"You like this one too?"


Chaeyoon nodded her head and answered.

Jo Sung-hyun scratched his cheek.

They were all decent pianos.

'Maybe I should go for an acoustic upright piano instead of a digital one.'

He thought that as he looked at the upright pianos in the back line.

Meanwhile, Chaeyoon seemed to get used to the store, and she moved away from Jo Sung-hyun a little and started to look at the pianos.

Chaeyoon carefully looked at the pianos as she walked.


She had discovered something amazing.

A piano that was bigger than any other piano she had ever seen.

It seemed to be several times bigger than the piano at her kindergarten.

Chaeyoon was mesmerized, and she walked towards the grand piano.

The child just stared at the grand piano.

She wanted to hear it.

What kind of sound would this huge piano make?

Curious, Chaeyoon slowly moved and sat on the bench of the grand piano.

"Hey, you can't go up there."

Chaeyoon didn't hear that voice, as she was focused on the wide keyboard in front of her.

Jo Sung-hyun stopped the store manager who was trying to approach Chaeyoon.

"Can you just watch her for a moment?"

"Well... that piano is very expensive, and it might not be easy for a child to handle..."

The store manager said in a slightly awkward tone.

But in the end, he decided to follow Jo Sung-hyun's words and watch for a while, suppressing his anxiety.

He thought that if the child banged the piano, he would have to stop her right away.

And then, Chaeyoon's performance began.

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