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Chapter 26 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

"You pressed the button on the side earlier, right?"


"The piano that was on was turned off by Chae-yoon pressing the button. Press the same button again...."

Jo Sung-hyun said as he reached out and pressed the power button on the side of the piano.

After waiting for a moment, he raised his hand and lightly tapped the keys.

Not now, but in the future, it would be one of the main OSTs of the movie "Kingdom of the Wind" produced by the world's largest animation company, 'Dazzling'.

It was the beginning part of "Do you want to play with fallen leaves together?"

It was a song that was so popular in the future that Jo Sung-hyun had also played it often.

He didn't analyze the sheet music and play it, but he could follow the main melody as much as he could, so it wasn't that hard.

Tara-ran tara-ran.

As he pressed the keys lightly with one hand, a clear sound rang out.

Chae-yoon's eyes widened.

"Daddy plays piano too!"

The child's voice grew louder, as if surprised.

Chae-yoon grabbed Jo Sung-hyun's hand, who was about to move away from the keyboard.

"Daddy likes piano too?"

A question thrown at him.

Jo Sung-hyun had to think a little about how to answer that question.

"Daddy... just a little? I can't play well. Chae-yoon will play better than Daddy, right?"

At that, Chae-yoon shook her head.

As he looked at her quietly, Chae-yoon opened her mouth with confidence.

"Daddy plays piano well."

She said as if it was obvious, and then moved her hand slightly to place it on the keyboard.

And then.

Tara-ran tara-ran.

She followed the song that Jo Sung-hyun had just played.

Then she lifted her head and looked at Jo Sung-hyun with a bright smile.

She looked like she was asking him to play the next part.

In the end, Jo Sung-hyun scratched his cheek and reached out.

He moved his hand slightly and continued to play.

Tara-da-ra tara-da-ran.

He played two more bars and stopped his hand and looked at Chae-yoon.


Chae-yoon, who was making a sound with her mouth slightly open, put her hand on the keyboard and followed the same play as Jo Sung-hyun.

She played so well.

Jo Sung-hyun was so excited that he helped Chae-yoon play until the end, playing two or three bars at a time.

He was a bit vague in his memory, so he just arranged it as he liked in the middle, but he played it almost similarly.

He stepped back and watched Chae-yoon play quietly.

Chae-yoon, who played well, showed a look that was not a waste of the modifier 'genius'.



"Do you know what this sound is?"


As if she didn't understand what he was saying, Chae-yoon blinked her eyes and looked at Jo Sung-hyun.

Jo Sung-hyun blinked his eyes back at her.

Hey, no way.

She wouldn't know 'do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do'.

He felt that she was good at following the sound as she heard it.

But he couldn't imagine that she was doing that without knowing the scale.

No, he didn't even think that Chae-yoon might not know it in one corner of his head....

He didn't expect her to really not know.

He couldn't imagine playing the piano without knowing the scale in his head.

"Chae-yoon. This is do."


As Jo Sung-hyun pressed the keyboard and said, Chae-yoon made a sound to match the do sound.

"This is re."


"This is mi."


He went back to do like that.

Chae-yoon repeated 'do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do'.

Jo Sung-hyun adjusted the height a little while Chae-yoon was playing the keyboard, so that the child could play comfortably.

He set the height to fit Chae-yoon perfectly.

And he was about to go to the sofa, but Chae-yoon's voice stopped him.



"What is this? After the blue sol."

Chae-yoon asked that and played the song 'Will you play with the fallen leaves with me?' again.

Jo Sung-hyun quickly figured out the sound and answered Chae-yoon.

"B flat, E flat. So now it's fa, B flat, E flat. And then sol, B flat, E flat."


Chae-yoon raised a question mark over her head.

Jo Sung-hyun calmly explained one by one.

It was a very difficult and complicated part, but Chae-yoon understood it a little bit.

Jo Sung-hyun explained for a while and then sat on the sofa and watched Chae-yoon play happily.

"But Chae-yoon."


"Why didn't you like writing your name on the piano? It's Chae-yoon's piano."

"Uh... because the piano is a piano?"

She ended her sentence with a question mark, as if she didn't know what she was saying.

But Jo Sung-hyun was a bit shocked by that.

Chae-yoon was not simply accepting the piano as hers.

She was talking to the piano as an independent entity.

Jo Sung-hyun thought deeply about that and continued to listen to Chae-yoon's play.

He understood exactly what it meant to say that she was so pretty and he wouldn't even hurt her if he put her in his eyes. [T/N: A Korean Idiom]

He was falling more and more for his daughter.

* * *

Time passed quickly.

That meant the weekend was coming.


Yumi's album release was right around the corner.

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