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Chapter 27 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family


If it was the usual Jo Sung-hyun, he would not have gone to work on weekends.

He used to go to work regardless of weekdays or weekends, but now he prioritized Chae Yoon and did not go to work on weekends.

But still he had to go to work today, not for any other reason, but because it was Chae Yoon's matter, he did not refuse.

"I'm so nervous."

Yumi, who was sitting in the back seat, muttered.

A voice without confidence.

Jo Sung-hyun blinked his eyes and glanced at Chae Yoon, who was looking straight ahead.

He left the house with Chae Yoon, picked up Yumi, and was on his way to Pan Entertainment.

In a few hours, Yumi's music video will be released, and they agreed to monitor it together.

He gently turned the steering wheel and opened his mouth.

"What are you nervous about? Yumi's music video came out well, and the sound source was well extracted."

You can think of it as releasing the sound source at the same time as the music video.

Later, there are more places that proceed by releasing the music video first and then releasing the sound source a few hours later, but there are still many places that release them at the same time.

Pan Entertainment was the same.

He thought about saying that releasing the music video first would have a better promotional effect and not distract attention, but he decided to proceed as it was because he didn't think he needed to do that.

"It's more of a problem because it's well extracted."


"Because if it doesn't work here, it feels like it's really my fault."

"Don't worry. It'll be fine."

Jo Sung-hyun said with a light smile.

His voice was full of confidence, and Yumi smiled as if she felt a little relieved thanks to Jo Sung-hyun's confident words.

"It's amazing."

"What is?"

"How can you be so sure that it will be fine? It's not just saying that it will be fine, but it's really thinking that it will be fine."

At Yumi's words, Jo Sung-hyun awkwardly smiled.

He had no choice but to be sure.

In his previous life, Yumi's album performance was quite good.

The only flaw was that the song 'Toothless Cat' was a plagiarized song, and that was revealed, so Yumi's growth was stalled, but that song was not included in this album.

There was no part where the growth was stalled, and at the same time, the song that could boost Yumi's popularity was gone, but Jo Sung-hyun was not worried.

Yumi's other songs also had above-average results.

She herself started to 'brand' herself from this album.

Until the last album, she was called a rookie unknown singer, but now she was no longer unknown.

"Yumi is Yumi. Of course it will be fine. The song is good, and you sang well."

Jo Sung-hyun said.

That was not because he knew the future.

It was a word that he could say because he sincerely thought so.

Yumi smiled as if she liked his words.

"What? Why do you look more confident than me who is releasing the album?"

"I'm Yumi's manager. Of course I can do that."

In fact, Yumi was not in a situation where she had a dedicated manager yet, but Team Leader Park and Jo Sung-hyun were working as if they were dedicated.

Jo Sung-hyun almost managed everything about Yumi, so it was okay to call him a dedicated manager.

"This album, how hard did Team Leader and I prepare for it. It's bound to be fine."

Jo Sung-hyun said.

In fact, he didn't remember all the processes of preparing for this album because it felt like a very distant past.

But he knows well that Park Jung-won and he had a hard time.

At Jo Sung-hyun's joke, Yumi laughed with a face that was much less tense.

Chae Yoon, who was sitting in the passenger seat, turned his head and looked at Jo Sung-hyun.

"Dad, did you work hard?"


At the child's words, Jo Sung-hyun didn't know how to answer for a moment and asked back.

The answer came from behind.

"Yes. Dad worked hard for unnie and prepared for her."

Yumi imitated Chae Yoon's tone and said, and Chae Yoon looked at Jo Sung-hyun quietly and reached out a green jelly from the jelly bag that Yumi gave him as soon as they met in the morning.

"If you're tired, you can eat jelly."

He said that and offered jelly, and he couldn't refuse.

As soon as Jo Sung-hyun caught the signal, he quickly ate the jelly that Chae Yoon offered.

"Chae Yoon."


"Do you share jelly with your unnie?"

"What color do you like?"

"Chae Yoon likes red, Chae Yoon's dad likes green, right?"

Then Chae Yoon nods his head.

Yumi smiles brightly, checks the jelly in the jelly bag, and opens her mouth.

"Then I'll like yellow."

Maybe she was excited that it didn't overlap with the colors she and Jo Sung-hyun liked.

Chae Yoon smiled and looked for a yellow jelly and handed it to Yumi.


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