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Dream Breaker - Chapter 52

The Youngest Daughter of The Count(15) May I Help You?

Readers feel vicarious satisfaction through the protagonist of the novel.  They're willing to spend their small but precious monthly salary on it!

The reason why the protagonist of romance fantasy novels is mostly female is to make it easier for female readers to feel vicarious satisfaction.

In other words,

"This can't be...!"

Angelina Chimac, who was practically forced to move from the Count's territory to the capital of the kingdom.

She tore at her beautiful hair and screamed nervously.

'Marriage with the prince!'

It's not that she didn't like the prince. However, for her, who wanted to receive the attention and love of numerous handsome men like the original protagonist, the current situation was the worst.

If she had planned to marry the prince?

She could have done it long ago.


Isn't a young emperor better than a prince who will become a king later in life?

Moreover, it's a fact that the emperor, who would do anything for her request, is much more attractive as a husband.

However, Angelina Chimac rejected the emperor's proposal as well.


"It's too early."

Her heart fluttered every time she met a handsome man with a new personality and charm!

And she was thrilled every time she saw the handsome men compete with each other to win her love.

That was the reason she was so obsessed with the romance fantasy novel <I Became the Youngest Daughter of the Count's Family>.

Of course, she couldn't give up that pleasure.

To do that,

'I must never get married...!'

Would the king let the queen have another man beside her?

In this world where genetic tests don't exist, there's no way to allow providing an excuse for a dispute over who the real father of the born child is.

In other words, once married, it's over!

She would have to concede all the handsome men to other women and live the rest of her life as one man's woman.

"Because of that woman...!"

The woman Angelina Chimac hated was her third sister, Ann Milrina Chimac.

According to the setting of the novel's author, the righteous and conscientious Count Chimac felt guilty for breaking the engagement first because of his youngest daughter and kept it in his heart.


'The fiancée was me! But why did that girl...!'

Recently, the two families that had even fought a war entered a miraculous relationship recovery through the meeting of Somac Viscount and Ann Milrina Chimac!

That was the decisive blow.

The Count Chimac, who had resolved the ethical issue, decided to send his youngest daughter to marry the prince as requested...

Having no strength to resist, she became a prisoner in the prince's villa, waiting for the wedding.


The handsome escort knight who had been protecting her firmly was taken away by her third sister by their father's order.

Ann Milrina Chimac, heading to the Duke of Somac's territory to restore the twisted relationship between the two families, received the mission to protect her.

Nothing went as planned.

Knock knock!

"Miss Angelina, the prince has arrived."

"Tell him I don't want to see him right now!"

Upon hearing the maid's voice outside the bedroom, she responded firmly.


However, despite not granting permission, the door opened and the prince entered.

"Angelina, I know you're feeling uneasy about the quick progress, but there's no need to be shy."

"Get out right now...!"

"This is my house, and where I should be. Where should I go?"

The prince, with a gentle tone, tried to soothe her and closed the distance even more.

As he did so, Angelina Chimac stepped back and said,

"Do, don't come any closer."

"We will soon be husband and wife. And it's just the two of us here. There's no need to avoid me while looking out for other men's eyes like before."

The balance was broken.

In the original novel, from the first to the fifth volume, no one could force the protagonist to marry due to the handsome men checking each other. However, she couldn't perfectly follow 'Angelina Chimac.'

No matter how much of an avid reader, one has personal preferences, so not all parts of the novel can be liked!

It means there are better and less attractive handsome men.

"Your Highness, I have no intention of marrying you."

If she had to marry, she would choose the emperor.


The smile slowly disappeared from the prince's lips.

Frightened by that, but judging there was nowhere else to retreat, Angelina Chimac gathered her courage.

"The more you force me into marriage, the further my love will be from you."


"Stop this wedding and return with me to Count Chimac's territory. Don't you remember? The days when we were all happy together."


"Yes. Let's go back quickly-"

"You are greatly mistaken."

"Excuse me?"

Where could the misunderstanding be?

"I have never been happy in Count Chimac's territory."

"What do you mean..."

"I was just pretending to be calm, but every time you looked at other men and smiled, I felt like my insides were turning upside down."


She was engulfed in shock as if she had been hit in the head with a hammer.

"Angelina, I knew from the beginning that you didn't love me."

"That's not true...!"

"Didn't you look at other men besides me?"

"I love everyone!"

"Ha ha! I also love all the people of the kingdom. However, the person I truly love is Angelina Chimac, only you."


Angelina Chimac couldn't understand it at all.

The prince's way of thinking, loving a woman who doesn't love him back.

Of course, she wouldn't know.

"There is no reason for love. Even if you hate me, I will love you to the end."

"Such a thing..."

It's the setting of the character 'prince' who loves the protagonist. If you don't like it, you should take it up with the novel's author.

Madness began to show in the prince's eyes.

"The emperor of the empire threatened to hand you over. He said to be prepared for the kingdom's destruction if I refuse."


Angelina Chimac saw a glimmer of hope.

"So I refused."

"Are you insane?!"

The situation was getting too big for her to handle.

"I've already won this war. It's because you, the one the emperor wants, are by my side."

"Ugh! It, it hurts!"

Angelina Chimac, whose delicate wrist was grabbed by the prince.

She instinctively felt the threat and struggled, but she couldn't resist due to the difference in strength.

"If we even have a child, the emperor will be in despair."

"A child?!"

As the prince's hand moved further down, her face turned pale.

Knock knock!

"Your Highness."

"...What is it?"

"Your Majesty is urgently looking for you."

"I understand."


The prince, who let go of Angelina Chimac, turned around and said,

"In two days, there will be a ball. It's a place where I announce that I have defeated all the competitors and claimed you."


"I love you."


Angelina Chimac, who had suffered a great mental shock, collapsed onto the floor and sobbed as soon as the prince left.

"Help me..."

Someone, please help me!

She couldn't bear this situation, which had strayed far from the novel's plot.


"Shall I help you?"

A suspicious woman in a black wide-brimmed hat stepped out from behind the curtain on the third-floor terrace of the villa.

Click, click.

The sound of her high-heeled black shoes as she walked confidently and slowly towards her echoed like thunder.

"Who are you...?"

"My identity is not important. Isn't that right?"

"...Can you help me?"

"Of course. I desperately wish for your happiness."

The witch smiled.

* * *

I safely returned to the residence of the Somac Duke but couldn't rest for even a day as I had to move immediately to the port city where a storm was brewing.

"Oh! Baron Amolang! Welcome!"

"Thank you for your hospitality, Your Grace."

"The emperor has really gone mad, just like you said!"

"It seems that way."

The Somac Duke, who was giving orders from the watchtower with a clear view of the warships, greeted me with a big smile as if welcoming a savior.

"It hasn't been officially announced yet, but the empire has declared war!"

"What's their excuse?"

"They say the empress has been kidnapped. Isn't it absurd?"


In the emperor's mind, the protagonist seems to be already his wife.

'Such a terrifying obsession!'

Although I knew about it, it was unbelievable when it became a reality.

"Baron, are you tired?"


"Ha ha! But we must go immediately! The battlefield is waiting for you!"

"The battlefield..."

In the end, it has come.

"Are you scared?"

"Yes, I'm scared."

I'm afraid that my precious brain cells will be destroyed again.

"You'll get used to it soon."


Let's pray that the patient regains consciousness before the war escalates.

* * *

There is a sea the size of the Mediterranean in Europe between the kingdom and the empire.

And for geographical reasons, the Somac Duchy has been forced to take on the role of a breakwater against the empire's navy since the early days of the kingdom's founding.

"It will be a tough battle. The emperor himself is taking action."

If the young emperor, who has no heirs, let alone a legitimate child, dies, the empire will be finished!

He should be aware of the risk, but it seems he's decided to lead the campaign himself, driven mad by the news of the protagonist's wedding.

"We just need to break the main fleet led by the emperor."

"Right. It would be best if we could capture the emperor alive, but killing him wouldn't be bad either. The empire without a successor would immediately plunge into civil war."

"That would be our chance."

For the Somac family to leap to the royal family , the empire's civil war is essential.

"Don't worry too much. Baron Pimaang, who dislikes the emperor, secretly sent me a letter."

"What did he say?"

"He said that if we capture his disgraceful son, who is with the emperor, his fleet will surrender immediately."

"That's good news."

"I was really amazed by Baron Amolang's preparedness."

"You flatter me."

The Somac Duke proudly looked at the warships anchored in the harbor and explained the detailed strategy.

Now, let's set sail-

"Your Grace! Urgent news!"

"What's the matter?"

"Angelina Chimac, the fourth daughter of Count Chimac, who is about to get married, has gone missing from the royal palace!"

"...When did she go missing?"

"Two days ago!"

The time it took for the news of the protagonist's disappearance in the capital to reach the Somac Duchy.

I was also taken aback.

'Did she run away because she didn't want to get married?'

However, a strong question remained as to whether it would be possible to escape the prince's surveillance.

"She'll be found soon. Maybe she's already been found."

"I guess so. Goodness! That woman seems to have a hobby of causing trouble."

"Ha, ha..."

Unable to badmouth the patient, I mumbled with a vague smile.


"Your Grace! Urgent news!"

"It must be about finding her."

The Somac Duke was grumpy, guessing what the messenger had to say.

"No, sir!"

"Oh! Then was she found dead?"

"No, sir!"


"Angelina Chimac, who went missing from the royal palace, is said to be in the empire!"

"The emperor, who wanted to marry her, has finally gone completely mad. To think he would make a fake."

The Somac Duke's judgment was correct.

It's impossible to get from the inland of the kingdom to the empire in just two days. It takes more than two days just to cross the sea.

'Make some sense!'

We dismissed the messenger's report as a false rumor.


"Your Grace. A letter has arrived from Baron Pimaang."

"Let me see."

The atmosphere was unusual.

"...Baron Amolang. It seems we need to brace ourselves."

"Yes? Brace ourselves?"

"The emperor has taken Angelina Chimac and returned to the imperial city."


We can no longer use the strategy of capturing or killing the emperor to plunge the empire into chaos.

"Baron Pimaang, his son, confirmed that she is the real one. The emperor is even holding a welcoming party. Ha ha!"

"That's absurd..."

A physically impossible fantasy has occurred.


'I don't understand why the patient escaped the kingdom and crossed over to the empire.'

Her marriage partner has only changed from the prince to the emperor, hasn't it?

"Baron, take up your arms. The war has just begun."

"Hasn't it ended?"

The empire has lost its justification for reclaiming the empress they had taken from the kingdom.

"The exiled woman has asked the emperor to destroy her homeland."


"Baron Amolang, doesn't it seem like the world is going crazy?"

"It does."

Now it's a head-on battle with no turning back.

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