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Dream Breaker - Chapter 53

The Youngest Daughter of The Count(16)

Due to the reliance on crude telescopes and human eyes, the chances of encountering an enemy fleet in the middle of the ocean are very slim.


Humans are not machines, so rest is essential. Especially if there are many people who are not used to being on a ship.


Before setting sail, I was careless, thinking that I wouldn't get seasick.

But eventually, I surrendered to the rocking ship that felt like an amusement park ride, and I ended up emptying everything in my stomach.

Pat pat!

"My lord, are you alright?"

Valentine, the knight who was patting my back as I leaned over the deck and vomited vigorously, seemed unaffected by the terrible situation.

"Are you okay, Valentine?"

"Compared to riding a wild horse, this is bearable."

"I envy- Ugh!"

Looking around, it seemed that I was the only one suffering from seasickness.

"Baron Amolang, just bear with it a little longer. We'll see the island soon."

"That's the fifth time I've heard that..."

The comfort of Viscount Somac, who was standing firmly on the rocking ship as if his feet were glued to the deck, was not helpful at all.

"If the empire's main fleet hasn't arrived at the island yet, we'll be able to rest right away."


They say there's an island in the middle of the ocean that's used like a rest stop.

It's a place where people who are not used to the sea, like me, must pass through.

Small-scale naval battles can ignore the island, but in a large-scale naval battle with seasick soldiers, rest is a crucial factor...

In other words,

"The island will be the decisive factor."

Whether the kingdom or the empire secures a smooth supply route by taking the island will be the key to this war.


I want to set foot on stable land.

"Your Majesty! We can see the island!"


At the sailor's shout, I stared at the coastline with my bloodshot eyes.

'It's true!'

Something flickered faintly in the distance.

"What about the empire?"

"...I can see the empire's flag. It seems they have occupied the island."

"We have no choice. Send a message to all the ships! Sail at full speed! We'll attack before the empire notices...!"

Viscount Somac quickly issued orders with a determined expression.

A very disadvantageous situation.

But there was no time to hesitate, knowing that the gap would widen as time passed.

"For Somac!"

"For Somac!"

Everyone shouted the slogan.

Especially, the overwhelming fighting spirit of those who stand by Viscount Somac as comrades is amazing!

These are the talented people that Viscount Somac, who has received the 'eye for people' from a novel writer, has diligently befriended.

'He really gathered them diligently.'

As a result of accepting my advice that if you want to become a king, you need many outstanding subjects.

However, since we cannot fight 1 against 100 like in a movie, it would be difficult for them to have a significant impact on the outcome of the war.


"Sir Amolang, get ready quickly too!"

"How much of a chance do you think we have?"

"...The empire's fleet, without the weakness of an emperor, is powerful."

That answer was enough.

"Viscount, do you trust me?"

"Of course."

"Then please give up on the surprise attack and wait until tomorrow's dawn."

"...Do you have a way to win?"

"If I come back alive, we will definitely win."


"Yes. Definitely."

Let's start a life-or-death gamble.

* * *

Upon discovering the kingdom's fleet, the empire did not move from the island. Time was on their side.

Moreover, they didn't push themselves because they could win with minimal damage if they fought using the defensive facilities installed on the island.

In the midst of such a standoff, night came.

"Let's go."

I painted myself black from head to toe, making my skin pitch black.

"... Valentine, what have you been looking at?"

"I'm looking at the little Lord, My lord."


I was at a loss for words at Valentine's confident attitude.

"Baron Amolang, isn't the island too far away for infiltration? Wouldn't it be better to get closer with a small boat..."

Viscount Somac worried, looking back and forth between me and the island.

"Then we'll be caught."

The empire, not being fools, had the island's surroundings brightly lit with torches. If they discovered a small boat, they would immediately strengthen their guard.

"Well, that's true..."

"I'll be back."

I jumped into the sea with my pitch-black naked body.


'A swimmer should be able to swim this much!'

I am confident in my physical strength, enough to be mentioned as a national representative in the 10km swimming event.

I don't know the exact distance from here to the island, but there won't be a situation where I'm exhausted halfway and become food for the fish.


I moved underwater all the time, except for when I breathed so as not to be noticed by the guards.

Nuclear Submarine!

I will clearly show that this nickname is not an exaggeration at all.

How long did I swim like that?


Finally arriving at the island, I hid behind the cliff beside the harbor where the empire's warships were anchored and caught my breath.

'Wow! I almost died!'

The rough waves and currents were a problem, but this seemed to be much more than 10km, no matter how I thought about it.

Anyway, the important thing is that I arrived at the island without getting caught.

What do I have to do now?

"Let's get started."


I dived again and headed towards the area where the empire's warships were gathered.

"What about the kingdom?"

"They're quiet."

"Isn't it a night attack? Strange. Keep watching."

"Yes, sir!"

Leaving the voices coming from the warships behind me, I swam down under the ships.

'I hope it goes well.'


I summoned the legendary sword that could cut through rocks like pudding.


The bottom of the warship, made of sturdy wood, was smoothly cut without even making a sawing sound.

'Good. Next!'

I could make a huge hole in the ship and flood it, but if I did that, the empire would quickly notice the anomaly.

I needed to adjust the degree of damage to make them sink slowly.


I didn't count how many ships there were. I cut through all the ships anchored on the island, regardless of their size.

After going around the island like that,

I decided that it was okay to be discovered now, so I made bolder cuts while going around the island one more time.

"Water, water!"

"Quickly, start with the food...!"

"Is it a surprise attack?!"

The island became noisy with the empire's soldiers who finally noticed.

Deciding that it would be dangerous to be more greedy, I,


After dismissing the summoning of the legendary sword, I hid, took a rest, and then returned to the kingdom's fleet.

* * *

"I'm back."

"Baron Amolang, did you really succeed...?"

"Yes. All the ships anchored on the island have sunk."


Viscount Somac was too surprised and didn't even budge with his mouth wide open.


I, whose stamina seemed infinite, lay down on the deck, completely exhausted.

"My lord, let me wipe you off."

"Ah, thank you."

Valentine, the knight, wiped the water off my body with a dry towel.

'Ah! That place is... um...'

I wanted to do the sensitive parts myself, but I couldn't move a single finger due to the sudden fatigue.

"It's scary."


In response to Viscount Somac's unexpected mumbling, I answered with silence.

"Defeating the empire's main fleet all by yourself without any casualties... It's something that would only appear in myths."

"So, are you scared?"

"To the point where I want to kill you right here."

Surprised by the Viscount's confession, Valentine looked shocked.

"Your Grace?!"

"Ha ha! Calm down, Knight Valentine. If I had wanted to get rid of Sir Amolang, I would have done it quietly. Isn't that right?"

"Yes, that's right..."

Valentine, who was about to cover me with a blanket she brought, sighed with relief, stroking her chest with her hand.

I spoke calmly.

"Let's go. The glory of victory belongs to you, Viscount."

"At least pretend to be scared."

"If you want."

"Never mind."

Viscount Somac, with his lips pouting like a sulking child, looked around the island and spoke.

"When I heard your plan, I was sure it would fail. The distance was too far for a person to swim."

"You lied."

"Ahem! But I didn't give up on the surprise attack and waited, did I? It's no different from believing in your success."

"Ah, yes."

That's how it turned out if you only looked at the results.

"Baron Amolang, from now on, I'll spread the rumor."

"What about the attack?"

"Do we need to attack an enemy without weapons? From the moment you succeeded, this battle is our victory - no, the victory of the sea god."

"Sea god...?"

What's the reason for the sudden appearance of a god here?

"Sir Amolang, yield your merits to the sea god."

"Why me?"

"From today, you are the sea god who protects the Somac family."


I became a swindler like the genius shaman Yoo Il-am.

* * *

"Look! The sea god who protects Somac has sunk all of the empire's warships!"



Viscount Somac, who became a pseudo-religious leader, did not attack the island even after dawn.

Instead, he deceived the innocent nobles and soldiers with agitation and fabrication.


'Does this really work?'

The kingdom's nobles and soldiers, who witnessed the 'miracle' of all the empire's warships sinking overnight.

They began to praise the non-existent sea god.

"Oh, great warriors of the sea god! Surround the island."

"How long do we have to keep the siege?"

"Didn't I say? We won the moment Sir Amolang succeeded. If we just keep cutting off the empire's supplies like this, they will self-destruct."


The empire's warships, which carried most of the food, sank.

On the other hand, there were no casualties among the soldiers, so the consumption of water and food was inevitably very fast!

Viscount Somac calculated that they couldn't last long on an island with limited self-sufficiency.


"Your Grace, the supply ship has arrived."

"Maintain the siege as it is now and proceed with the supply. There's no need to hurry."


Although the kingdom's supply situation was inconvenient, there was no worry about starving to death.

On the fifth day like that,

"Your Grace! It's the empire's fleet!"

"They've finally come! Avoid a full-scale battle and open a path for them to enter the island!"


Viscount Somac's absurd order, who had been thoroughly blocking the empire's supply.

I had a bad feeling.

"Sir Amolang."

"I don't want to."

At first, I didn't know, so I challenged it fearlessly, but I can't do it twice.

"Then how about this?"

"What is it?"


Suddenly, Viscount Somac knelt in front of me and began to beg.

"O great sea god! The protector of Somac! I beg you!"


"O sea god! In the Somac Duchy, there are many women and children waiting for us to return safely."

"...This is the last time."

"Ha ha! O sea god! Thank you! When I return, I will erect a statue to honor you!"


This isn't just for the kingdom. If we don't fight and lose, the empire's soldiers won't die either.

Hoping that everyone swept up in this war can return safely to their hometown...


Although the security was strengthened because they had experienced it once, they couldn't catch me, who had become more skilled.

"It's the sea god!"

"The curse of the sea god is on the ship...!"

"Ugh! The sea god again?!"

For some reason, the empire's soldiers knew the existence of the 'sea god.'

There was no one to control them, as even the commanders who should have calmed them down were in a similar state of fear.

At that time,

"Don't be scared! The enemy is human! Follow me!"

"Baron Pimaang?!"

Splash! Splash!

Those who noticed my presence jumped into the water.

'Can they catch me?'

Even if they have confidence in swimming because they've lived by the sea for a long time, they are still ordinary people.

It was too much for them to catch me, a swimmer who surpassed my natural talent.



There was someone I couldn't perfectly avoid.

A handsome man with blue hair.

As someone who has memorized all the features of the handsome men appearing in the romance fantasy novel <I Became the Youngest Daughter of the Count's Family>, I noticed right away.

'It's Baron Pimaang.'

It wasn't surprising since his character setting was that he was very good at swimming.




I couldn't leave him alive when he realized that I was an ordinary human, not the sea god.


Baron Pimaang, who tried to recklessly block the legendary sword with his bare hands.

As both of his arms were severed, he slowly sank, dyeing the sea red.



Having eliminated the witness, I sank all the empire's ships and leisurely escaped.

And two days later,


A rowboat with a pure white flag symbolizing surrender slowly approached.

"We won."

"Ha ha! It's all thanks to the great sea god's help!"

Viscount Somac looks at me and grins cheekily.

"The sea god is retiring now."

"Ugh! Retirement is difficult, how about compromising with a vacation?"

"I'll think about it."

At some point, it feels like the novel has changed to <I Became the Sea God of a Duke’s Family!>

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