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Dream Breaker - Chapter 54

The Youngest Daughter of The Count(17) Your Name Is...

Having achieved an overwhelming victory without any damage, the Somac family easily landed on the empire's mainland.

As a result, the port cities that had no power to resist surrendered one after another. But this was just the beginning!

"We will surrender."

"We give up."

It was an undeniable fact that the empire was enjoying its golden age due to the setting of the novel writer, but excellent soldiers were not something that could be bought with money.

It took a long time!

Men and women meet, fall in love, get married, have children, the children grow up, become adults, receive training....

In other words, it takes a long time to recover military power once lost.

"This is a nightmare...!"

"How could this happen...?"

The empire's nobles and people who invaded the kingdom never imagined that they would be defeated and invaded in return.

Completely off guard, they couldn't even resist the army of the Somac family.

"Open the gates and surrender!"

"I'd rather die than surrender!"

"Are you going to abandon the sons born and raised on this land?"


"We don't have enough food to feed the prisoners! If they die, it's the lord's fault!"

"...We will surrender."

The empire's lords who were holding out by closing the gates had no choice because of the large number of prisoners.

If only they had fought and died, there would have been at least a pretext for revenge...

"My father..."

"My brother..."

It wasn't strange at all for people to betray and secretly open the gates to save their captured family members!

Especially if there were lords and heirs among the prisoners, there was no hesitation.



Instead of the family's emblem, a white flag was raised in the castle, and the tightly closed gates and drawbridges were lowered.


"Duke Somac. It's been a while."

"I'm truly sorry for your son's death, Count Pimaang."

An empire's noble who had made deals behind the scenes came in person.

"...You couldn't save him?"

"They say he ignored the commander's orders and recklessly jumped into the sea."


"But Count, what is the reason you came to see me at this time?"

"The wise emperor has gone mad over a woman."


The emperor's reputation fell to rock bottom along with the news of the defeat.

"The western and southern nobles of the empire have made a decision. They will surrender to the Somac family on the condition of preserving their status and receiving the prisoners."

"It must have been a tough decision. I accept."

"Devotion to Somac."

"For Somac."

Half of the empire surrendered.

The land, which is larger than the kingdom, has now come under the Somac family!

Moreover, since the Somac family's army had conquered this land alone, there was no reason for the kingdom to claim it back.

If they have a conscience.

"Duke Somac, someone from the Bitcoin upper class has come."

But the situation didn't end here!

A beautiful woman with fierce eyes that should never be underestimated fearlessly came to find us.

"What is the matter with the empire's upper class?"

"My father, the Viscount Bitcoin, has sent a gift to you, Duke."

"Oh! You must be that..."

"As you guessed, Viscount Somac, I am a pathetic woman who had her beloved man taken away by Angelina Chimac."


The daughter of the wealthy Viscount Bitcoin of the empire ended up with the disgrace of being divorced because of the protagonist.

"If you hand over the safety of a man captured as a prisoner, the Bitcoin upper class will sever ties with the empire and help the Somac family."

"The Viscount has made a great decision."


"After stamping the slave seal on the prisoner, I'll hand him over."

"Thank you for your consideration."

A touching story of a man who left after a divorce and returned as a slave!

Let's wish the happiness of the two who met again after twists and turns.

"...I don't know, Baron."


"Things are going so well that it's scary. Is this really okay?"

"Just accept it comfortably. You've prepared well so far."

"Well... that's true."

Can the empire in its heyday collapse so easily?

It's because of the novel's setting.

The empire is a powerful centralized system where the nobles cannot express their dissatisfaction even if the emperor welcomes the protagonist, who is not politically helpful, as the empress.

The nobles' private soldiers are limited, and the proportion of the central army that follows only the emperor's orders is very high.


'It's fatal if we lose.'

The defeat in the war is directly reflected in the emperor's power.

In addition, the nobles, who have only the minimum army to defend their territory, are vulnerable to external invasions.

This is the result.

"We surrender."

"We surrender."

The nobles who read the trend abandoned the emperor and bowed their heads to the invading army.

It took about two weeks to get here.

Without a proper war, we, who have crossed the empire's territory, have surrounded the imperial capital.

"The end is in sight."

It was time to meet the patient.

* * *

Angelina Chimac, who had no interest in complicated politics and violent wars.

Despite the emperor keeping his mouth shut to reassure her, she couldn't help but realize the seriousness of the situation.


"Step down, incompetent emperor!"

"Execute Angelina Chimac!"

"Cowardly emperor, come out right now!"

Thud! Thud! Thud!

It was because the army surrounding the palace was protesting day and night, beating drums.


"Angelina Chimac's buttocks are..."

"The number of men she slept with is in the hundreds..."

"Unable to control her lust..."

They focused on attacking Angelina Chimac, the emperor's Achilles' heel.

Slander is a given!

They even made up stories and drove her to be seen as a lewd demon.


The horrible sound that could be heard even when she covered her ears with a blanket.

There was a bedroom with soundproof walls to protect the emperor's privacy, but she couldn't stay there all day long.

'I'm going to be killed!'

She couldn't breathe due to the malicious insults.

Would they let her go easily?

The moment she was caught, it was certain that she would suffer all kinds of humiliation.

"Don't worry."

"You're the emperor! Do something!"

"Trust me."

"Is that all you can say?!"

The emperor, who kept repeating the same words like a parrot.

And when she got angry, he would gently stroke her head or suddenly kiss her lips to calm her down!

But he couldn't come up with a fundamental solution to block that horrible noise.

'Where's the witch?!'

Angelina Chimac looked for the mysterious woman who had saved her from the clutches of the mad prince.

The mysterious power that moved from the kingdom to the empire in the blink of an eye!

She needed that power again.

"Help me!"

But no matter how desperately she cried, the witch did not show herself.


"Angelina, get ready."

The emperor, who had returned, spoke to her with a serious face.

"What preparation?"

"I've decided to open the gates of the palace."

"Are you crazy?!"

Outside the palace was the fiancé she had abandoned.

Would he forgive her?

No way.

"Don't worry too much. I'll protect you at all costs."

"How can I believe that...!"


"No way!"

On the day she impulsively shared her love with a bodyguard knight, she didn't apologize to Viscount Somac and proudly mentioned 'Valentine', the knight.

However, what a surprise!

Although the two were close, their relationship was not yet at the level where they could be called lovers.

'It's unfair!'

But no matter how much she regretted and tore her hair out, she couldn't turn back.

"Open the door."

"I said no! Why don't you listen to me...!"

The emperor, who had never refused her request in any case.

However, for the first time, he was rejected.

Why on earth!

"Angelina. I can endure any insult to me. But I can't stand to involve you, who has done nothing wrong-"

"Just bear it! I'm fine! So never open the door!"

"I'm sorry."



Despite Angelina Chimac's desperate plea, the door to the palace opened.

* * *

The surrendered emperor wanted only Angelina Chimac's safety and happiness, on the condition of cooperation.

"It's difficult. I was going to skin her alive and hang her up."

Duke Somac, who sat on the emperor's throne, clicked his tongue.

"Can you just sit there?"

"Of course."

Viscount Somac, who became Duke Somac, married the third daughter of Count Chimac and strengthened the alliance between the two families.

In addition, the nobles of the kingdom began to join the Somac family, which became stronger than the royal family...

The kingdom lost the power to control Duke Somac.

'This is beyond my expectations.'

He expected Viscount Somac, who had the qualities of a tyrant, to play an active role, but his turn never came.

That's how weak the kingdom and the empire were.

The character settings made only for the protagonist's love became the cause of the collapse of the two countries.

"Viscount Amolang."

"Huh? Suddenly I'm a baron?"

"Don't you like it?"

"I have to accept it if you give it to me."

"Considering your achievements as a founding contributor, even a duke wouldn't be enough, but I'll let it go for my peaceful sleep."

"You're honest."

I, who had no ambition for status or promotion, just let it go.

"...Baron. What's your purpose? Can you still not tell me?"

"It's revenge."

I, who had no more reason to avoid it, spoke refreshingly.


"Yes. I, who was wandering the world, was swept away by the war between the Somac and Chimac families and died."


Duke Somac's eyes widened. Even Valentine, who had been quietly listening while escorting me.

"I helped you, Duke, to take revenge on Angelina Chimac, the cause of that war."

"You were dead?"


"But how are you alive?"

"I'm barely maintaining my life after death. I'll disappear soon."

"I can't believe it... but given the miracles Baron Amolang has shown so far, I can't help but believe. And the reason why you had no ambition to an unusual extent."

Duke Somac seemed to be convinced.

"If you're grateful, please erect a small statue for me."

"I'll erect a big one with pure gold! Anything else you want?"

"Hmm... Ah! I'd like to ask for the promotion of Valentine, who has assisted me in my shortcomings."

"I'll let the Baron do it himself."


"If you're really going to die soon, I hope you realize it before you die."


What am I supposed to realize?

* * *

Duke Somac's coronation began with the dethroned emperor being castrated naked in front of everyone.

A horrible sight that was difficult to watch even for a fellow man!


The emperor, who silently endured contempt and pain for the sake of his beloved protagonist.

Thanks to his cooperation, Angelina Chimac, who could be safe, was confined to a windowless cell.

"Open the door."

"Yes, Baron Amolang."


It was a modest bedroom. There was nothing special about it except for the fact that it was stuffy due to the lack of windows... No, there was.

"I'd like to have a conversation with Her Highness alone. Step out and wait for a moment."

"Yes, Baron."

Although there were no clear achievements due to thorough concealment, there was no one in the palace who did not know that I received the trust of 'Emperor Somac'.


Angelina Chimac was under the surveillance of knights even when changing clothes or attending to her needs.

Where are human rights?

It would be fortunate enough not to receive horrible punishment like the dethroned emperor.


"I refuse."

"I haven't said anything yet."

"I don't know what that woman, who has seduced countless men, will do to Baron Amolang."

"...I wouldn't know even if I regretted it."

"Thank you."

I slowly approached Angelina Chimac, who was lying in bed with a blanket over her head.


"Get lost."

A word from the patient who took off the mask of the ideal protagonist 'Angelina Chimac', loved by all men.

I didn't care and said.

"Kim Eun-jung."


"Kim Eun-jung. How do you feel about becoming the youngest daughter of a Count?"


Angelina Chimac - no, Earthling Kim Eun-jung, who raised her upper body while folding the blanket, glared at me with her swollen eyes and yelled.

"Who are you! How do you know the name of my past life...!"

"I'm a shaman."


"The shaman who got ice cream from your real mother."

It was the most expensive ice cream in the world.

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