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Chapter 10 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

Sunday morning.

Chaeyoon, who had played happily until last night, was still sound asleep.

Whether it was because his body was used to it or not, it was about 8:30 when Jo Sunghyun opened his eyes.

He had slept at 11 o'clock last night, so he had slept a lot.

'It's been a long time since I slept long.'

He had not been able to sleep long because of insomnia since his past life.

He couldn't sleep easily even after he came back, because he had to worry about various things and grasp the reality.

It was really a long time since he slept for more than 9 hours.

Jo Sunghyun exhaled and got up.

Chaeyoon was still snoring next to him, so he carefully got up and got out of bed.

The daily routine of seeing Chaeyoon sleeping next to him when he opened his eyes.

Had he already gotten used to it even though it hadn't been a few days?

Now, if he opened his eyes and Chaeyoon wasn't next to him, he felt like it would be too empty.

He looked at Chaeyoon sleeping quietly, and then turned his body and went outside.

The house was not very big, but it was big enough for two people to live together.

One big room, one small room.

Living room, kitchen.

Everything was there.

Among them, the space where Jo Sunghyun mainly lived was the small room.

It was a room with a desk, where he could work on a desktop computer.

He used to always work in the small room and get exhausted, but he hadn't been in there for a few days.


The door of the small room opened with a small sound.

He turned on the light, and Jo Sunghyun looked around.

The desk that was scattered messily was the first thing that caught his eye.

He could tell that it was about Yumi's new album, seeing the traces of him working hard on something.

'Come to think of it, I have to tell Yumi too.'

There was a music video shoot for Yumi's new album on Tuesday, and he would probably be shooting until late at night.

He couldn't leave Chaeyoon alone to go home from kindergarten, so he planned to take her to the set after telling Yumi.

If she says no....

'Then I'll have to ask the team leader to come in the evening.'

It would have been absurd if he was in a normal situation, but the most important thing for Jo Sunghyun was Chaeyoon now.

He couldn't do anything about it.

"Yumi will probably be okay with it."

Yumi liked Chaeyoon, so the chances of her being okay with it were high.

He thought he would have to talk to her tomorrow, and he sat down and pulled out a chair.

He sat still for a while, and then his thoughts went to the song that would be included in Yumi's new album.

If this was originally included in Yumi's album, the reaction would be good at first, but then it would be revealed as plagiarism and it would be hard to perform properly.

He wanted to solve it, but he didn't want to confront it directly.

It was hard to say that he couldn't use it because it was plagiarism.

"...Should I look for it once."

If it was revealed as plagiarism, it would be a song that was exposed, so it would be possible to look for it.

Jo Sunghyun thought that and logged into SoundCloud.

SoundCloud was what was mentioned when the plagiarism incident broke out.

He didn't remember the details, but he remembered that much.

SoundCloud was a platform that Jo Sunghyun also used frequently later.

It was hard to find realistically.

There were tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of songs on SoundCloud.

It wasn't easy to find a plagiarized song there.

Jo Sunghyun didn't have much expectation either.

How could he find it.

He just skimmed through it with that thought.


Jo Sunghyun's hand stopped.


Something, similar?

The same pattern.

There were some different elements in the middle, so there was a difference, but there was a common point that a person who did music could know.

He rummaged through his smartphone and played the audio file that Park Jungwon, the team leader, had uploaded to the group chat.

After listening to the whole song, he played the song on SoundCloud again.

The song on SoundCloud was much more immature and unpolished, but...

"Wow... It's the same."

He heard Chaeyoon's voice from behind, and Jo Sunghyun quickly turned his body.

"Chaeyoon, did you wake up?"


She didn't look sleepy.

She must have slept well.

Jo Sunghyun swallowed his saliva and opened his mouth.



"Does the song sound the same to you?"


Chaeyoon smiled brightly and answered.

"Which part is the same?"

"Na-na-na-na is the same...?"

She sang the same part, and then looked at Jo Sunghyun with a lack of confidence.

He heard that and gave a hollow laugh.

Last time, when Chaeyoon played the piano at kindergarten, he let it go because of Yumi's thing.

No, to be precise... He pretended not to know.

Jo Sunghyun was not ready to accept music yet.

He wanted to see Chaeyoon as she was, not related to music.

So he tried to ignore it and tried to see Chaeyoon's appearance without music.

But now.

Jo Sunghyun knew instinctively.

Oh, it's hard to separate Chaeyoon and music.

Our Chaeyoon.

His daughter.


She had talent for music.

Jo Sunghyun, just like he did.

Chaeyoon had talent.

He didn't know how much talent it was.

It didn't matter if it wasn't a great level of talent.

Or if it was a level of talent that would be called a genius.

It wouldn't matter what happened as long as she liked it.

He thought that and saw Chaeyoon smiling happily in his eyes.

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