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Chapter 11 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

The song on SoundCloud and the song by 'Toothless Cat' had a lot in common.

It was definitely plagiarism.

They had cleverly tweaked it to sound slightly different, but they had not touched the part that ran through the whole song.

In the end, anyone who listened to the music properly and knew something about music would be able to tell.

The song on SoundCloud was not a very popular composer.

Well, of course.

If they were a popular composer, would 'Toothless Cat' have even thought of plagiarizing them?

'Toothless Cat' was not a fool.

They would not do something that would easily get them caught, they plagiarized because they had a very low chance of getting caught and they had a loophole in case they did.

'These bastards are really...'

When Jo Sung-hyun was making music, he had to stay still even when his music topped the charts and won awards.

He could not claim his songs as his own.

He knew how unfair it was and he wanted to help this composer as much as possible.

But, no matter what, Jo Sung-hyun's top priority was Chae-yoon.

He chose to spend more time with Chae-yoon rather than worrying about how to prevent this composer's song from being plagiarized.

Actually, this composer would get some compensation anyway.

It was a known fact that 'Toothless Cat' was exposed for plagiarism in the past life and the original composer received some compensation.

It was a pity that the 'some' was not that impressive.

"Chae-yoon is the most important thing."

Jo Sung-hyun muttered that and hugged Chae-yoon, who was looking at the monitor.

"Shall we eat breakfast?"

He asked with a smile, and Chae-yoon nodded.

Jo Sung-hyun knew that Chae-yoon was still looking at the monitor even though she nodded, and he stopped his steps toward the kitchen.

"Do you want to listen more?"

Wondering if Chae-yoon was interested in this song, Jo Sung-hyun asked her while looking at her.

The child seemed to hesitate for a moment and then opened her mouth.

"Chae-yoon likes songs."

Seeing her clearly expressing her desire, Jo Sung-hyun smiled and immediately played the music again.

When he played the song uploaded on SoundCloud, Chae-yoon listened with her mouth tightly shut.

Seeing his daughter listening to the music with a face he had not seen before, Jo Sung-hyun was a little surprised.

It was quite a serious expression.

It was not an intentional expression, it was just a natural expression that came out when she was concentrating.

The fact that Chae-yoon could concentrate so much on the music was surprising to Jo Sung-hyun.

It also meant that Chae-yoon was interested in music to that extent.

"Next one!"

As soon as the song ended, Chae-yoon turned her head and requested to Jo Sung-hyun.

In response to his daughter's request, Jo Sung-hyun immediately played 'Toothless Cat's' song this time.

The child showed a focused expression again.

Frowning slightly, Chae-yoon, who had been listening, opened her mouth as soon as the song ended.

"La la la la la."

The similarity between the two songs.

Watching his child accurately pick up on that and make a sound, Jo Sung-hyun let out a bitter laugh.

This was not just a coincidence, and it was not just a somewhat talented level.

If you could pick up on the similarity with just listening a couple of times and make a sound...

If she could learn to express the similarity logically when she learned the score and the chords properly...

At that level?

She was definitely not at the level of an ordinary child.

"Our Chae-yoon is a genius!"

Jo Sung-hyun said that and gently embraced Chae-yoon.

"A genius?"

"Yeah. Chae-yoon is a complete genius."

If someone else had seen it, they might have said that he was just boasting or something, but Jo Sung-hyun had no hesitation.

He looked at Chae-yoon with eyes that seemed to see the most lovable thing in the world.

As someone who had been involved in music, he was certain.

'It's not just because she's my daughter...'

This was not just something he said because Chae-yoon was his daughter.

Jo Sung-hyun put his hand on his chest and could say it confidently.

His daughter was a genius.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter aRaion! Yeah, must be hard for a solo composer to successfully fight copyright infringement against a corporation.