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Chapter 11 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

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On Sunday, both Jo Sung-hyun and Chae-yoon rested well.

Knowing that Chae-yoon was interested in music, Jo Sung-hyun deliberately played calm classical music to start, and also played the songs that Yumi was preparing for the mini album.

Even though Chae-yoon seemed to not pay much attention, she occasionally showed signs of quietly listening to the music.

Whenever that happened, Jo Sung-hyun felt that the complicated worries in his head were gradually resolved.

Maybe it was because they had been to the aquarium, but Chae-yoon fell asleep a little earlier than usual.

Jo Sung-hyun was thinking of reading a fairy tale book to her, but she fell asleep first and he didn't have a chance.

The next day.

On Monday, Jo Sung-hyun left the house with Chae-yoon.

It hadn't been long, but Jo Sung-hyun was quite used to being with Chae-yoon.

"Hello, sir."

"Yes, teacher. Hello. Thank you for your help today."

Jo Sung-hyun greeted Min Eun-jung and then went to work.

He wasn't late, but the other employees had come out a little early and were preparing.

Seeing them a bit busy, Jo Sung-hyun quietly headed to his seat.

"Hello, Seong-hyun."

A colleague next to him greeted him, and after exchanging greetings with him, Jo Sung-hyun moved his eyes to Park Jung-won's seat.

It was empty.

"Where's the team leader?"

"Oh, he said he has a schedule with Yumi from this morning and he'll be back after lunch."

"He could have left it to Road."

"Yumi prefers to go with the team leader or Seong-hyun the most, you know."

"Well, yeah, but..."

He was a bit worried.

Park Jung-won was a good boss and a good person.

If Jo Sung-hyun was out, he might have to take care of Yumi himself all the time.

If he said he didn't care about that at all, it would be a lie.

"Yumi seems really peculiar. She's very meticulous too."

"She is meticulous. Yumi's personality is not bad."

Jo Sung-hyun said.

Yumi was quite nice, if you had to put it that way.

She didn't throw tantrums or anything.

It was very common for celebrities to throw things or do something like that, but at least Yumi didn't do that.

Jo Sung-hyun stretched once and started working.

He occasionally glanced at his smartphone, looked at the wallpaper, and focused on his work again.

The picture of Chae-yoon taken at the aquarium on Saturday was set as his wallpaper.

He ate lunch at the cafeteria on the basement floor of the company.

As soon as he saw the pork cutlet that came out as the main menu, he thought of Chae-yoon and sighed.

He was becoming more and more of a doting father without knowing it.

After finishing his meal, Jo Sung-hyun returned to the office and felt that the atmosphere of the office was tense.

It was different from the morning.

He quickly looked around and saw a bit of the situation.

Something had happened in the conference room.

Park Jung-won, the team leader, with a slightly awkward face.

And Yumi, frowning.

Seeing that, Jo Sung-hyun felt that the situation was a bit tricky.

The team was most sensitive and careful about Yumi lately.

It was natural, since the mini album was almost done.

In that situation, Yumi came to the company and showed this kind of attitude, it was definitely something.

Park Jung-won saw Jo Sung-hyun and gestured to him.

At his gesture to come in, Jo Sung-hyun moved his steps.

"...Team leader, this is a bit unfair, don't you think? I didn't do anything to upset you."

Yumi said, frowning.

Jo Sung-hyun lightly tapped the door to make a sound and close it, to let her know that he had come in.


Yumi closed her mouth when she saw Jo Sung-hyun.

"What's going on?"

To understand the situation, Jo Sung-hyun asked first.

Yumi didn't open her mouth, and Park Jung-won explained.

"Well, why. You know the song we had a meeting about last time. 'Toothless Cat's' song."


He nodded, and Yumi made a sound next to him.

"You knew about it too, but you didn't tell me?"

She said that and raised her hand to her chest, muttering that she felt betrayed...

Jo Sung-hyun looked at Park Jung-won, not fully understanding why Yumi was angry.

As if to ask for more explanation.

"She heard that song, Yumi. So..."

"It's ridiculous that I don't know about the song that's going to be on the album."

Yumi cut off Park Jung-won's words.

Jo Sung-hyun finally understood the situation completely.

"Yumi. First of all... The team leader brought the song, but the timing was a bit late, right? We have a title song MV shooting tomorrow."

But it's not too late to add it.

It's a situation where we can think about whether to add it to Yumi's album or not.

"I was planning to ask for your opinion after the music video shoot because I thought it wouldn't be good if you were unnecessarily stressed during the shoot."


Perhaps it was thanks to Jo Sung-hyun's calm explanation.

Yumi also listened calmly and let out a sigh.

Park Jung-won nodded his head as if cheering for Jo Sung-hyun.

"I apologize for not informing Yumi. Our decision was that we shouldn't mess up the things we were originally preparing because of the additional song that we don't know if it will be included or not... It seems like it was a mistake."

After Jo Sung-hyun explained thoroughly, he bowed his head.

Yumi took a step back, seemingly flustered by the sight.

"It's okay. There's no need to apologize... But it would be great if we could share information quickly. Specifically, about the album."

Yumi clearly expressed her intention, even though she said she was okay.

Jo Sung-hyun immediately agreed to do so.

It's quite common for artists to come to the company, and it's also common for them to express their dissatisfaction like this.

In fact, it's rare for someone to express their dissatisfaction so calmly.

However, Jo Sung-hyun found it surprising that the person expressing dissatisfaction was Yumi, and he could breathe a sigh of relief as the situation was somewhat resolved.

"What do you think of the song?"

"As expected, 'Toothless Cat', the song is really good. I'm sure Yumi likes it too."

Park Jung-won said with an overly bright expression.

However, Yumi turned her head to look at Sung-hyun and spoke up.

"What about you, oppa?"


"What do you think about the song?"

Yumi asked.

Sung-hyun looked straight into her eyes and replied.

There was no conflict.

It's best to avoid what can be avoided.

"I think it's better for you, Yumi, not to do that song."

Upon hearing this, Jungwon turned his head to look at Sung-hyun, and Yumi quietly met his gaze, then soon burst into a small laugh.

"Then I won't do it."

She said lightly and turned away.

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