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Chapter 13 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

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This was Yumi's second music video shoot.

She did the first one when she released her first full album, and now the second one.

There was a discussion about whether it was necessary to shoot a music video for releasing a mini album, but in reality, these days, music videos were an essential element.

Fans listened to the music through streaming platforms, and ordinary listeners often encountered the music through platforms like YouTube, making music videos an excellent PR tool.

It wasn't a big amount of money in terms of cost, and the company decided to proceed with the music video as a necessary step, thinking that it could be a possible hit with a relatively small investment.

"I really can't get used to this."

Yumi shook her head and said.

She complained that she wanted to sing, not act.

But even though she said that, she was sincerely doing the shooting.

She also knew how important the music video shooting was.

Jo Sung-hyun checked that Raon was sitting quietly and watching Yumi's shooting.

Time flew by.

Yumi's title track for her mini album was a story about a lover.

But after several discussions, they decided to change the subject of the 'lover' to something else rather than having a male actor appear in the music video.

In Yumi's case, it was the piano.

It was a song about a lover, but they made it appear as a being that loved the piano.

The company had set Yumi's concept as an 'artist', so they deliberately proceeded that way.

'They emphasized the artistic aspect, and the picture came out better than I thought.'

Jo Sung-hyun thought to himself as he watched Yumi's music video shooting.

It was only a 4-minute-long video, but the shooting lasted all day.

And in the evening.

Jo Sung-hyun, who had been taking care of Raon well in between, smiled brightly as soon as Park Jung-won arrived.

"Ah, team leader. Welcome."

"You're so happy. Are you happy to see me or do you want to go see your daughter?"

"Hey, team leader. Of course, it's my daughter."

Jo Sung-hyun smiled slyly and said, and Park Jung-won chuckled and slapped Jo Sung-hyun's shoulder.

"Go ahead. I can only stay for 40 minutes. Bring her back within that time."

"That's about how long it'll take."

"Okay. Now, what... I see, it'll take about two more hours."

Park Jung-won glanced around the shooting site and said.

He was right.

Judging by the progress, it seemed like they had to shoot for another two or three hours.

It would end a little after 8 o'clock.

"Then, I'll be back."

Jo Sung-hyun greeted Park Jung-won and left his seat.

* * *

Jo Sung-hyun smiled.

He saw Chae-yoon running towards him.

He bent his body slightly and opened his arms, and hugged the child. He lifted his head and saw Min Eun-jung, the teacher.

"Hello, teacher."

"Hello, sir. Chae-yoon talked about you all day today. She said she met the mermaid princess on the weekend. I think this is the first time Chae-yoon talked so much."

"Ah... Thank you for listening to her."

"Oh, no. Chae-yoon has such a nice voice. I like listening to her talk. She said she's going somewhere with you tonight...."

"Ah, yes. I felt bad for leaving Chae-yoon alone, so I'm taking her to where I work."

"Experiencing the real world, huh?"

Min Eun-jung said that and Jo Sung-hyun smiled lightly.

He greeted her and then said,

"Chae-yoon, shall we go?"


Chae-yoon answered in a cheerful voice and Jo Sung-hyun carried her and moved.

They moved by the company car.

It was fortunate that the shooting site was not far away.

It would have been hard to go and get Chae-yoon and come back if it was far.

Chae-yoon looked excited.

She sat in the passenger seat and hummed and sang a song.

It was the song 'When will my life finally begin' that she had heard once at the aquarium and kept singing along.



"Do you like that song so much?"

"Chae-yoon likes it."

She nodded her head and answered.

What could he say when the child liked it?

Jo Sung-hyun also just nodded his head and drove.


He got Chae-yoon out and closed the door.

Chae-yoon looked curious.

She opened her mouth and looked around the shooting site.

Jo Sung-hyun held Chae-yoon's hand and moved carefully.

"Chae-yoon. You have to be quiet here. Especially when the director shouts action, you can't say anything."


"Yes. Shh."

Jo Sung-hyun answered, looking at Chae-yoon who brought her short finger to her mouth and said shh.

The staff were sitting and resting, and Yumi was setting up.

Even though Yumi was setting up, the other staff should have been moving for the next scene, but most of them were sitting and resting, which was strange.

"What's going on? Where is Raon?"

Seonghyun asked Yumi.

"Are you here? Hello, Chaeyoon."

Yumi waved her hand.

Chaeyoon nodded her head.

Seeing that, Yumi smiled and then turned to Seonghyun.

"Raon is in the restroom. Oppa, I'll keep an eye on Chaeyoon for now, so why don't you go over there where the director and the team leader are."

After leaving Chaeyoon with Yumi, Seonghyun headed towards where the filming director and Team Leader Jungwon Park were having a conversation.

He quietly interjected into their conversation.

"...I think we need to add a scene to make it more natural. Here, the part where Yumi plays the piano. The song is about how I, who was once a child, have grown up. So it would be nice to bring in one young child who can play the piano and film an additional scene. It's just adding a scene, so it shouldn't be a problem..."

As the director was speaking, he noticed Seonghyun and paused.

"Didn't you say you brought someone today, Sung-hyun?"

He asked, pointing at him. Jo Sung-hyun was a little flustered, but quickly opened his mouth.

"Ah, yes. I brought one of our child actors and my daughter..."

"A child actor? Can that actor play the piano? Well, even if not, it's fine to just take a look at the picture for now. Shall we have them sit down?"

Something strange started to happen.

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