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Chapter 14 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

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The director wants to change the picture.

The company was in charge of producing the music video, and it was using Yumi's song to make the music video.

Of course, the company and Yumi's opinions had to be included in the music video, but... basically, the director was directing the music video.

The director made sure that the company and Yumi understood what they wanted, and showed the draft to the company.

After several requests and revisions, the current scenes were born.

But the director wanted to change the direction.

"Um... Director, wait a minute."

Park Jung-won reacted immediately.

Jo Sung-hyun thought it was fortunate that Park Jung-won was here.

It costs a lot of money to add one scene to the shooting.

It was something that a team leader could decide, but it was awkward for those below to decide.

"You need a child actor, right?"

"Yes, well. That's right. It's a simple shooting, so it won't take that long or anything."

"We're happy to have a high-quality music video, but actually... isn't it too expensive to reset and proceed? It seems like a difficult decision to make easily."

Park Jung-won said with a smile as much as possible.

He explained politely, and the director knew the situation, so he had to worry.

Seeing the director hesitating, Park Jung-won continued.

"Actually, if this had been discussed beforehand and we were prepared, we would have just proceeded, but it's a bit difficult for us to extend the shooting by one more day and find a child actor now."

It was a matter of spending at least hundreds of thousands of won more.

If they had just prepared today and proceeded, they would have ended up paying only tens of thousands of won more.

But it was a sudden story, so they had to find a child actor and set up the shooting again, and they had to start from the beginning.

The director opened his mouth after thinking.

"I'm being too greedy, but since there's a child actor here, how about we look at the picture and discuss it together."

The director backed off.

If it hadn't been for Park Jung-won's words, he would have just confirmed and proceeded with the additional shooting.

"Okay, then let's do that! I'll go with Jo manager and talk to Raon and get him ready."

Park Jung-won said brightly.

* * *

He had just spoken brightly to the director, but his expression was completely different when he turned around and walked with Jo Sung-hyun.

"Ha... What's this at the end of the shooting? I wish he had told me in the morning, then I would have tried to prepare urgently."

"I know. It's all over today."

"I heard he was a self-loving and impulsive director, but I didn't know he would do this much."

"We also want it to come out with high quality."

"Sure. But who's going to get scolded when we report hundreds of thousands of won over the budget we raised in the beginning?"

"It's the team leader."

"That's right."

Park Jung-won said with a sigh.

Jo Sung-hyun could be held responsible, but Park Jung-won wouldn't pass the blame to Jo Sung-hyun.

"Anyway, we can't argue with the director... Let's just look at the picture as I said, and if it's vague, let's try to dissuade him as much as possible."


"Phew, I guess I have to stay here until the end of the shooting."

Park Jung-won said that and moved towards where Raon was.

Jo Sung-hyun tilted his head.

He couldn't see Yumi and Chae-yoon.

If only Chae-yoon wasn't there, his heart would have sunk, but since he couldn't see Yumi either, he must have gone somewhere with Yumi.


"Yes, team leader."

"You're not here to work today, but the director here... He said he wanted to see the picture. Can you do a little work?"

"Huh! Am I shooting too?"

Raon opened his mouth in surprise.

He wanted to come to the shooting site today for various reasons, and of course, one of the reasons was 'to look good to the staff' and 'to gain some experience in the work indirectly'.

But he got a chance to shoot directly.

It was a surprising and happy thing for Raon.

"I don't know yet, but he said he wanted to see the picture... I think he'll do a camera test."

"I'm fine with that."

"Then I'll call your mom."

Park Jung-won moved to make a phone call, and Jo Sung-hyun stayed with Raon.


"Yes, manager."

"Do you know where Yumi is?"

"I don't know either... I came and she wasn't there."

As Raon answered, he saw Yumi and Chae-yoon walking together from afar.

Yumi reaches out to Chae-yoon, but Chae-yoon shakes her head.

Then the child noticed Jo Sung-hyun and tried to run towards him.

But Chae-yoon remembered Jo's request not to run around on the set and stopped abruptly.

Watching the whole process, Jo Sung-hyun couldn't help but laugh.

"Oppa, we went to the bathroom."

"Thank you, Yumi."

"If you're grateful, you should keep your promise."

"I'll keep my promise even if I get scolded by the team leader."

In response to Yumi's words, Jo Sung-hyun playfully replied.

The promise he made with her last time to go to a cafe and buy sweet coffee and cake was something that had to be kept anyway.

If he told Park Jung-won, he wouldn't stop him anyway.

"Raon, this is Chae-yoon. She's 7 years old now."

"Oh, so I'm her senior?"

"Um...yes, you could say that?"

Jo Sung-hyun tilted his head in response to Raon's words.

Do kids these days really distinguish between seniors and juniors?

It seems like the kids in kindergarten somewhat care about calling older kids ‘hyung’ and ‘noona’ to each other... but he didn't really know.


Raon waved his hand with a bright face and greeted Chae-yoon.


Chae-yoon glanced at Jo Sung-hyun for a moment and then nodded in response to Raon's greeting.

And Raon was surprised by Chae-yoon's reaction.

He wondered what was so serious about it.

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