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Chapter 16 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

He was busy for a few days.

The music video shooting for Yumi's mini-album was over, so he really had to prepare for the final stages of the mini-album.

Preparing for the shooting was one thing, but there was more to do after the shooting was over.

It was really the final work, so he had to coordinate the schedule with the promotion team and make phone calls here and there.

The promotion team must have been trying hard to expose Yumi's mini-album to the public, but that was not enough.

Even if they prepared 120 percent, not 100 percent, the public would only notice a few percent.


"Yes, team leader."

"Did you confirm the schedule with the sound source team?"

"Yes, I organized it in a file and sent it to them."

The upload team, the management team, and the promotion team were different.

Of course, if it was urgent, they would just work without any boundaries, and that was natural, but they were still separate.

"What did you say they were coming back that day?"

Team leader Park Jung-won asked again.

He already knew it well, but he was asking because he was nervous.

Park Jung-won was the type to relieve his tension by talking to someone constantly when he was nervous.

"Big Boys and Duyongies are coming back, the others don't matter."

"Big Boys are idols, so let's skip them... So our real competitors are Duyongies. How is Yumi?"

"She doesn't seem to care much about the competitors. At least on the surface."

Jo Sung-hyun calmly answered and tried to ease Park Jung-won's tension.

He became a team leader, but Park Jung-won was always nervous when the album of the artist he was managing came out.

And that was the same even when he became a director later.

It was just the way Park Jung-won was.

"Big Boys might be worth competing with, but Duyongies are a bit vague."

Jo Sung-hyun said.

Park Jung-won blinked in surprise.

"Big Boys are worth competing with?"

Big Boys were a boy group.

A small entertainment company gathered five tall male idols and made a group called Big Boys, and the result was not bad.

They were not explosively popular, but they were well exposed enough for the public to know their name.

Even if they were not explosively popular, it was strange to say that they were worth competing with, since they were seniors and a boy group compared to Yumi.

"I think so."

Jo Sung-hyun said casually and turned his body.

He didn't remember exactly, but he remembered that Big Boys' performance was not as good as expected.

Then why not try to compete with them.

Jo Sung-hyun thought that.

He was done with his work, so he was about to finish up and leave, when Park Jung-won called him from behind.

"Oh right, Sung-hyun, I almost forgot to tell you. Let's do an interview together next Monday."

"An interview?"

"Yeah. I need to find someone to replace you. We'll do the interview on Monday and start working on Tuesday. And you teach them your work for two weeks."


Well, it was time to find a successor.

It was worth finding someone in just a week.

"Well then, I'll leave now."

"Yeah, you've been leaving work on time these days. But wait, why do you seem a bit rushed today?"

"I have something to take care of."


"There's something like that."

Tomorrow is the day of the kindergarten's autumn sports day.

* * *

Despite it being a weekend morning, Sung-hyun woke up early.

Kindergarten Autumn Sports Day.

I didn't feel this nervous even when we had team-building events at work.

"I just found it bothersome."

No, I don't understand why an entertainment management company would go hiking for team-building.

With a click of his tongue, Jo Sung-hyun quickly regained his composure and prepared the ingredients.


It was simple, but since he wasn't very skilled yet, it took some time.

While seasoning the rice, he felt a presence behind him.


He turned around slightly and saw Chaeyoon standing there.

The child looked at Sung-hyun with sleepy eyes, and Sung-hyun, who had been working quietly, hesitated on what to do when he saw his awake daughter. He took off his vinyl gloves.

"Chaeyoon, should Daddy put you to sleep while making gimbap?"

"...Chaeyoon can make kimbap too."

Sung-hyun carried her back to the bedroom and stopped when he heard what Chaeyoon said.

"Can Chaeyoon make kimbap? Aren't you sleepy?"

"Well... I'm not sleepy."

With a sleepy face, Chaeyoon replied.

Sung-hyun chuckled and nodded.

"Then, can you sit here and help me peel the crab sticks?"

Sung-hyun entrusted the task of opening the crab stick package, which wasn't difficult, to Chaeyoon and started seasoning the rice again.

After a while, when Sung-hyun turned his head.

He saw Chaeyoon, who had taken a bite of the crab stick and fallen asleep, leaning against the chair.

Sung-hyun couldn't help but let out a sigh at how cute she looked.

How did such a child come out of him?

Sung-hyun carefully moved Chaeyoon onto the bed and made kimbap again.

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