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Chapter 17 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

Jo Sung-hyun and Chae-yoon headed to a school near the kindergarten.

They decided to hold a sports festival by borrowing the school's playground and gymnasium.

The sun was hot, and the wind was gentle.

"Dad, let's go quickly."

Chae-yoon, excited, grabbed Jo Sung-hyun's hand and led him.

The tired look from earlier had disappeared, and she was full of energy.

Jo Sung-hyun followed the child's lead and walked into the large gymnasium.

It was filled with students from different classes.

"Chae-yoon, look, the kids from the Sun class are gathered over there."

Jo Sung-hyun said to Chae-yoon, who looked around, moving her head.

Chae-yoon looked at where Jo Sung-hyun was pointing and thought it was correct, so she moved in that direction.

As they got closer, they saw Teacher Min Eun-jung.

"Oh, Chae-yoon, hello. Hello, sir."

"Yes, hello."

"Chae-yoon, would you like to wear this?"

Teacher Min Eun-jung asked, holding up a yellow team uniform.

Chae-yoon glanced at Jo Sung-hyun and nodded.

Jo Sung-hyun could see a name tag attached to the back of the yellow uniform.

Sun class, Chae-yoon.

While he was quietly looking at it, someone approached and spoke.

"Hello, you must be Chae-yoon's father."

"Oh, hello."

With the child in front, the parents naturally stood behind, and Jo Sung-hyun felt a little awkward as it was his first time talking to parents.

However, the awkwardness didn't last long.

Due to Jo Sung-hyun's job, meeting new people happened frequently, and he had the ability to quickly become friendly.

"No, why is Chae-yoon so beautiful?"

"Haha… That's true. She's my daughter, but I can't believe how beautiful she always is."

As the kindergarten children gathered together for the opening ceremony of the sports festival, the parents leaned against the wall and chatted.

Seeing the young children gather in their respective classes and enter with enthusiasm, the parents had proud and gratified expressions.

Jo Sung-hyun felt the same way.

They were all the same, regardless of what they did outside or their family circumstances.

At least for now, as parents in this place, they were proud and pleased with their own children.

"Now, parents, please stand up and move together with our children!"

The host said that while waving his arm, urging them to get up quickly.

Then the children in the center turned their heads and looked for their parents.

"Mom, get up quickly!"

Someone shouted, and they all laughed.

Jo Sung-hyun also got up from his seat, and Chae-yoon turned her head and looked at him, then their eyes met.

Chae-yoon smiled with her eyes and moved her body along with the host.

"Now, neck exercise! One… two… three...."

It was a warm-up before starting the sports festival.

In case anyone got hurt.

After finishing the warm-up, the sports festival officially began.

"Dad, are you doing that too?" Chae-yoon pulled Jo Sung-hyun's arm and said.

Whether they got the first order hard or what, they had to run with the young children.

The problem was, the children just ran, but the parents had to tie a rope around their legs and run.

The stride itself became the same as the young children.

"Uh, I have to?"

"Dad can do well!"

Chae-yoon said with a bright smile.

Jo Sung-hyun nodded his head.

He gently stroked his daughter's head and tied the rope that Teacher Min Eun-jung handed him around his leg.

"We need two more people, anyone willing to do it?" Teacher Min Eun-jung said, looking around.

Eventually, the preparation was over.

"The Moon class will go first."

"The Moon class has to win!"

"Why is the Moon class first?"

When Teacher Min Eun-jung said that, the kindergarten children all threw words here and there.

The atmosphere was that they could lose to other classes, but they couldn't lose to the Moon class.

"Dad, you have to cheer up!"

Chae-yoon clenched her fist with her small hand and said.

Jo Sung-hyun smiled at the child's cheer.

The race of the Moon class began.

It was a mess.

As expected of a kindergarten sports festival.

The parents who ran with ropes tied to their legs were not used to the ropes and often fell.

Jo Sung-hyun watched the scene and calculated in his head how to run without falling.

The expression on Chae-yoon's face, who was sitting next to him, gradually hardened.

And soon.

Poke poke.

She poked Jo Sung-hyun's side with her finger.

"Yes, Chae-yoon. What is it?"



"Should I tell the teacher that you can't do it? Dad, it hurts if you fall."

She seemed worried that he might fall and get hurt.

It was so cute that she wanted to tell the teacher that she couldn't do it.

She was just beautiful, no matter what she did.

Especially when she was worried about him or something.

"Dad is fine. I can run without falling."


"Yes. even if Dad falls, it won’t hurt."

"You can't fall!"

Chae-yoon shook her head and said.

Jo Sung-hyun chuckled.

In the meantime, he heard a voice saying, "Sun class, please get ready."

The race of the Moon class was over.

"Dad, I'll run hard and come back."

"Okay!" He heard Chae-yoon's bright answer, and Jo Sung-hyun moved his feet.

The race was a victory for the Sun class.

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