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Chapter 17 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

It was lunchtime.

All the children had a small flag drawn on their cheeks.

After the race, while they were doing other things, the teachers called each child and drew a flag on their face.

After that, the children held a flag in each hand and performed a dance.

The reaction was explosive, and the heat was still high.

Gulp gulp.

Chae-yoon drank water with a sound and put it down.

Jo Sung-hyun wiped the water on the child's mouth and opened the lunch box.

Kimbap, and orange juice.

He always ate like this, so he thought it would be enough when he was hungry, but.


"You should eat that nugget too."

"Do you need more tonkatsu sauce?"

He looked around and saw that everyone had fancy side dishes.

The side dishes were so amazing that they couldn't compare to kimbap, and he was a little worried.

He wondered if Chae-yoon was feeling down.

Chae-yoon likes tonkatsu too.

Why didn't he think of packing tonkatsu?


"Yes?" She swallowed a kimbap and picked up another one.

Thump, the kimbap fell back into the lunch box.

Jo Sung-hyun picked it up and put it in Chae-yoon's mouth.

"Do you like kimbap?"

"Chae-yoon likes kimbap!" She said that and chewed the kimbap.

He felt grateful as he watched her eat it deliciously.

How did she grow up so well when he couldn't even take care of her properly?

The kimbap was quickly finished.

Chaeyoon ate more than usual because she was hungry after intense activity, even though she had packed generously.

Sung-hyun also ate more than usual while feeding Chaeyoon.

As he took a sip of orange juice and rested, he began to notice the situation of the other houses again.

Sung-hyun hadn't brought any fruit, but the other houses had thoroughly prepared even the dessert.

"I should bring fruit next time too."

As he thought that, someone approached Sung-hyun and Chaeyoon.

It was a guy he had seen at the mart before.

He approached Chaeyoon with grapes in hand.

"Here, have some."


Chaeyoon didn't respond.

Feeling embarrassed for no reason, Sung-hyun reached out to take it.

"Thanks. What's your name?"

"Not for 'mister.' It's for Chaeyoon."

"Uh... yeah."

He was a little surprised, but he didn't feel bad or anything.

He just thought it was cute.

Because he had a look in his eyes that he hoped Chaeyoon would accept it.

Sung-hyun opened his mouth while glancing at Chaeyoon.

"Chaeyoon, don't you want it?"

"Chaeyoon doesn't have to eat it."

The child shook his head.

She didn't seem to have any particular desire to eat it.

But maybe she felt bad for not accepting what the boy had given her, so the boy quickly offered it again, opening his mouth as if to say, "Take it."

"You don't have a mom. Our mom brought yours too."

Sung-hyun couldn't help but react to those words, no matter how composed he was.

He turned his head to look at the boy.

"Just now, what did you say..."

At that moment, before he could say anything, Chaeyoon moved first.


The grape flew up into the air and hit the boy's chest before falling down.

The boy had never expected such a result, and he looked at Chaeyoon with a greatly startled expression.

He seemed at a loss for what to do, stammering as if he didn't know what to do.

Sung-hyun also had never imagined that Chaeyoon would throw the grapes, so he just gasped and took a breath without any reaction.

It was the first time Sung-hyun had seen Chaeyoon like this.

Throwing something was a problem that Sung-hyun had never even thought about.

"You! You're stupid!" Chaeyoon said, pointing at the boy.

Jo Sung-hyun opened his mouth and looked at Chae-yoon.

It was the second time his daughter called someone stupid.

She used it on Jo Sung-hyun when she wrote a diary, but it was hard to say that she wrote it properly.

He had never seen Chae-yoon shout stupid with anger.

He was surprised and felt a pain in his chest.

As soon as the topic of her mother came up, she reacted immediately, and he knew that Chae-yoon was still struggling a lot.

The boy didn't expect this result at all, and he looked at Chae-yoon with a shocked face.

He stuttered, not knowing what to do.

Jo Sung-hyun also couldn't react, as he never imagined that Chae-yoon would throw a grape.

He had never seen her like this before.

He had never thought about the problem of throwing something.

"You are very bad!"

"You are worse!" The boy shouted, and Chae-yoon fought back.

Maybe that made him more angry.

The boy made a face of injustice and annoyance.

"Does being pretty mean everything?" Jo Sung-hyun was speechless when he heard the boy's words.

'What is this....'

As the children started to scream, the attention of the surroundings was drawn.

"Oh my. What's going on?"

"Chae-yoon? Young-joon?"

Teacher Min Eun-jung ran over.

Jo Sung-hyun came to his senses, trying to sort out the situation.

"First… calm down." As he tried to say that.

"Fine, don't eat if you don't want to!" The boy turned his body and left.

Jo Sung-hyun was just stunned.

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