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Chapter 18 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

The sports day continued.

Jo Sung-hyun did his best at his daughter's kindergarten sports day.

It was nothing special, just a kindergarten sports day, but he wanted to show his best side to Chae-yoon.

Maybe it was a childish feeling.

But what could he do?

That was his true feeling.

The mothers came out and played a game of blowing up balloons and popping them quickly.

"Go dad! Go dad!"

Jo Sung-hyun played tug-of-war with Chae-yoon's cheering.

Tug-of-war was harder than he thought.

Maybe it was because he hadn't done it in a long time, he lost to the other team.

The problem was, the other team was the Moon Class.

"Why did you lose!"

"You can't lose to the Moon Class."

He heard the voices of the Sun Class children talking to their parents.

Chae-yoon came over to him and patted his leg.

"You did well, dad."

"But dad lost."

"Chae-yoon is okay!"

She really didn't seem to care much about losing to the Moon Class.

The official sports day ended around 3 o'clock.

The first place class was, fortunately, the Sun Class.

Chae-yoon was able to get a first place sticker on her chest.

Chae-yoon wasn't really interested in winning or losing, but she seemed happy to get the first place sticker and kept laughing.

She had a jelly in her hand as a prize.

There were other prizes too, but she had already handed them over to Jo Sung-hyun.

It seemed that nothing was better than jelly for Chae-yoon.

"Here, dad, eat."

Chae-yoon took out a green jelly and offered it to Jo Sung-hyun.

She still remembered that he said he liked green jelly.

Jo Sung-hyun took the jelly from Chae-yoon, when someone came over and talked to him.

"Hello. Chae-yoon's dad."

Jo Sung-hyun, who saw Young-joon first, nodded his head.

"Ah, hello. Thank you for the grapes earlier."

"Oh, no, no. I'm sorry. Young-joon was rude."

"No, it's not your fault. I'm sorry."

As they were talking, Chae-yoon looked at Young-joon and opened her mouth.

"You're second place."

Young-joon, who was in the Moon Class, had to settle for second place.

Young-joon nodded his head as an answer.

Chae-yoon seemed to think of something and opened her mouth again.

"Did you get a prize?"

"I got a pencil and a notebook, you know?"

He pointed to the prizes that his mother was holding and said.

At that, Chae-yoon tilted her head.


"Jelly is...."

"You don't have jelly?"

When Chae-yoon asked, Young-joon finally nodded his head.

Young-joon's mother and Jo Sung-hyun quietly watched the children's conversation.



Chae-yoon took out a few jellies and offered them to Young-joon.

Young-joon's eyes widened.

"Th, thank you."

He thanked her and took the jellies nervously.

Chae-yoon turned her body without any change in expression and looked at Jo Sung-hyun.

In that situation, the announcer brought a karaoke machine to the front of the gym and opened his mouth.

"Well, we have some prizes left for our children. But, it would be a shame to take them back to the teachers."

"That's right!"

"Give them out!"

"I want a robot!"

"I want an Ella doll!"

The parents and children shouted.

Jo Sung-hyun didn't care much about the prizes, so he stayed still.

But he flinched when he saw Chae-yoon's eyes.

He turned his head slightly and saw what was at the end of Chae-yoon's gaze.

"Mermaid princess."


It was a mermaid princess doll.

Of course, it wasn't exactly the same as the mermaid princess they saw at the aquarium.

But it was a look that anyone could tell was a mermaid princess.

She looked like she really wanted it.

Chae-yoon didn't usually want or ask for much, so it was surprising to see her express her desire so openly.

"So! We have prepared something special. This time, it's our parents' stage. A chance to give your children a prize!"

"Mom, I want that robot...."

Young-joon tugged on his mother's arm and whispered.

Jo Sung-hyun waited for Chae-yoon to ask him for something, but she didn't say anything and just looked at the mermaid princess doll quietly.

"We have six prizes left, so we'll only have six people. Just sing one song and vote for the ranking, and then you can take the prize you want in order."

As expected, it wasn't for nothing that they brought the karaoke machine.

They wanted them to sing a song. He had expected that, but it became a reality.

Jo Sung-hyun hesitated.

Should he go or not?

He had vowed not to do music, and that was a firm decision.

He didn't want to compose or sing.

For Chae-yoon.

He wanted to focus only on his daughter.

He hated to spend time on music that he could spend on his daughter.

That's why he made that decision.

He was worried about what to do when he saw that Chae-yoon had a talent for music, but...

At this moment, he felt a clear mind.

He had a conflict at some point, and he expected that this moment would come soon.

He didn't know what choice he would make, but he thought he would have a lot of trouble.


'What does it matter.'

What's the problem?

Jo Sung-hyun might psychologically reject music and want to distance himself from it.

But what's the fundamental reason for that?


It's because he wants to do better for his daughter.

Then isn't the problem solved?

Chae-yoon wants it.

That reason alone was enough for Jo Sung-hyun to break his resolution and accept music again.

It was a very trivial cause.

Just a small reason that his daughter wanted a mermaid princess doll.

Jo Sung-hyun decided to accept music again, which he had given up and vowed never to approach again.

"Well, now we have four people. And that lady over there, five people... Is there one more person?"

The announcer skillfully led the situation.


When Jo Sung-hyun turned his head slightly and looked at Young-joon's parents, Young-joon's father quickly said.

"I'll take good care of Chae-yoon."

"Thank you."

He thanked him.

Chae-yoon looked at Jo Sung-hyun and Young-joon's father alternately with wide eyes.

And Jo Sung-hyun.


He raised his hand.

"Ah, there's the dad over there, six people! Then, please come to the front, six people!"

Jo Sung-hyun walked briskly.

His singing skills were average.

But the standard was.

'Maybe it's just okay among singers, but not among ordinary people.'

It was just a little different from others.

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