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Chapter 19 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

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Pan Entertainment, the company where Jo Sung-hyun works.

Despite being a weekend, there were several people who came to work.

Team leader Park Jung-won also came to work, and one of the team members who worked with Jo Sung-hyun also came to work and handled the work.

The reason why they came to the company on the weekend was one.

It was because of Yumi's music video.

The first editing was finished, and they wanted to check the result in advance.

Team leader Park Jung-won played the video, and the two checked the music video together.

It was not completely neatly edited, but it was enough to know the direction.

"Wow, team leader. This is no joke. She plays the piano well."

The young girl who appeared once at the beginning of the video, and once again at the end of the video.

The team member exclaimed, pointing at the child.

Park Jung-won, who was watching the video with him, chuckled.

"Hey, do you know who that is?"

"...? Who is it?"

The team member asked with a puzzled face.

He thought it was just one of the child actors, but seeing that he asked who it was, it seemed that it was not just a child actor.

"Sung-hyun's daughter."

"Jo Sung-hyun? He has a daughter?"

The team member's eyes widened at Park Jung-won's words.

He learned for the first time that Jo Sung-hyun had a daughter.

"Yeah. He had. She played the piano on the spot without any sheet music."

"Huh. Crazy. She's a genius."

"She's a genius. She takes after her dad."

Park Jung-won nodded his head and said.

He felt it while shooting the music video this time.

Surely, blood can't lie.

Other people might not know, but Park Jung-won vaguely felt the musical talent that Jo Sung-hyun had.

He had been watching him work right next to him, so he couldn't not know.

Even if he was a bit immature and made mistakes in other areas, he hardly had any problems in the musical area.

He was originally very diligent and good at his work, but if he didn't have any musical sense or talent, it would have been hard to do that much.

At Park Jung-won's words, the team member reacted.

"Huh? Jo Sung-hyun plays the piano well?"

"Sung-hyun is good at music."

"Really? I had no idea."

"You've never been to karaoke with Sung-hyun, have you?"


He nodded his head as if it was obvious.

He was too busy working, when would he go to karaoke.

They were not close enough to sing together at karaoke.

"He sings like a killer. Does he only sing well? No, that's not it. He didn't even study composition professionally, but he has such a great sense of music that it's better to follow what Sung-hyun says when it comes to music."


Even after hearing all of team leader Park Jung-won's words, the team member couldn't believe it and opened his eyes wide.

Seeing that, team leader Park Jung-won chuckled and tapped the team member's shoulder.

"Didn't you know? Sung-hyun is also a genius. He just doesn't know it himself."

Park Jung-won's voice echoed quietly in the office.

* * *

The songs of the six people were all over.

And Jo Sung-hyun.

"Okay, our first place winner, Chaehoon’s father, can choose the prize first."

He chose the mermaid princess doll without hesitation.

After choosing the prizes in order, Jo Sung-hyun immediately moved his steps to where Chae-yoon was.

As he walked with the doll in his hand, he burst into a hollow laugh.

He had decided not to do music.

But he broke that decision just to get a doll.

It was funny.

His decision was broken by such a trivial thing.

Well, what's so important about this.

He realized that it was not important whether he did music or not.

The only important thing was.


His daughter.

He smiled softly and showed the mermaid princess doll, and Chae-yoon quickly hugged Jo Sung-hyun's leg.

"Daddy sings really well!"

He got the mermaid princess doll, but Chae-yoon's interest was more on Jo Sung-hyun than the mermaid princess.

It might be because she saw him singing for the first time, but she looked surprised that he sang well.

"Did daddy sing okay?"

"Totally... uh, better than the mermaid princess!"

Jo Sung-hyun couldn't help but smile, knowing that that was the best compliment Chae-yoon could give.

She said he sang better than the mermaid princess, he was proud.

"Chae-yoon. I also brought you the mermaid princess doll, did daddy do well?"

"Yes! Daddy is the best!"

Chae-yoon nodded her head strongly.

He felt good to hear it again.

Jo Sung-hyun handed the mermaid princess doll to Chae-yoon, and Chae-yoon took the mermaid princess doll with a bright face.

The child smiled with the mermaid princess doll in her hand and then put the jelly she was holding in Jo Sung-hyun's mouth.

It was the last one left, a green jelly.

"No, Chae-yoon, why does your father sing so well? Is he a singer?"

"Ha ha. No, I'm not. Young-joon's mother also sings well, right?"

Young-joon had a robot toy in his hand.

In the end, Young-joon's mother went out with Jo Sung-hyun and brought the prizes.

She was quite good at singing.

She had the skill that she wouldn't hear anyone say she couldn't sing anywhere.

"I seduced Young-joon's father with my singing."

She said jokingly, and Jo Sung-hyun chuckled.

Jo Sung-hyun thought it was a relief.

They were different in half, but if Chae-yoon became a little closer to Young-joon and opened her heart to other people, there would be nothing better than that.

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