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Chapter 19 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

The sports day ended safely.

The aftermath was long.

They were young children, and they ran around all day, so they couldn't help but be tired.

Chae-yoon was exhausted all day on Sunday.

Jo Sung-hyun also spent the day rolling around following the child.

He was also tired because he had been active properly for a long time.

He ran and played tug-of-war, so he was tired enough.

Chae-yoon rolled around on the bed with the mermaid princess doll in her arms.

She liked the small doll so much that she ate with the mermaid princess doll on her lap.

Jo Sung-hyun was afraid that he would spill food on the doll and fed Chae-yoon as carefully as possible.

That's how Sunday passed, and Monday.

Chae-yoon didn't let go of the mermaid princess doll when she went to kindergarten.

Jo Sung-hyun was conflicted by seeing the child.

He understood that she liked the mermaid princess doll, but he didn't know if she could take it to kindergarten or not.



"Do you have to take the mermaid princess to kindergarten?"


Chae-yoon nodded her head strongly as if she couldn't imagine kindergarten without the mermaid princess.

Jo Sung-hyun couldn't stop the child any more by seeing her like that.


"Okay, but if teacher Min Eun-jung says no, daddy will take the doll back and bring it when he comes to pick up Chae-yoon."


Chae-yoon answered.

She seemed to firmly believe that teacher Min Eun-jung wouldn't say no.

When Jo Sung-hyun went to kindergarten with Chae-yoon.

Fortunately, teacher Min Eun-jung didn't stop Chae-yoon from bringing the doll in.

"Chae-yoon, you have a new friend?"

"It's a mermaid princess!"

"Will our mermaid princess be with Chae-yoon today?"


Chae-yoon said in an excited voice.

Teacher Min Eun-jung smiled and continued.

"Our mermaid princess might be scared of kindergarten, so Chae-yoon can take good care of her, right? And introduce her to your friends."

"Chae-yoon can do it well."

With a confident voice, Chae-yoon answered.

Jo Sung-hyun smiled at the sight of Min Eun-jung handling the child skillfully.

He sent Chae-yoon inside the class and teacher Min Eun-jung looked at Jo Sung-hyun.


"Yes, teacher."

"It's really good that Chae-yoon brought the doll, and I personally think it's a positive change."

"Yes, yes."

"But first, there are other children, so if there is a problem because of the doll, please dissuade her a little afterwards."

"Oh, yes, I understand."

Jo Sung-hyun answered right away.

It was obvious that he would dissuade her from bringing it if there was a problem.

If he had stopped her from bringing it to kindergarten today, Chae-yoon would have been very gloomy, and Jo Sung-hyun was glad that it wasn't that.

He exchanged greetings with Min Eun-jung and then went to work.

He left a little early, or maybe the others came to work late, half of them were empty.

"Sung-hyun, are you here?"


At Park Jung-won's voice, Jo Sung-hyun turned his body and answered.


Park Jung-won lightly hit Jo Sung-hyun's shoulder and moved his steps to his seat.

"Everyone's not here?"

"Well, they're out. They're probably taking care of the kids."


Well, they all go out a lot.

They must have had schedules from early today.



"Let's eat lunch early today."

"What time?"

"Let's eat by 11 o'clock."


To eat by 11 o'clock, he had to go out and eat and come back soon after doing a little work.

"We have an interview today, remember? It starts at 11 o'clock."

He had no idea.

After the meal, who he would meet.

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