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Chapter 22 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

As soon as Jo Sung-hyun rescued Jang Hyun-ah from the security guard and taught her about the work, he was busy.

To teach her the work right away, Jang Hyun-ah sat right next to Jo Sung-hyun.

Her seat wasn't very wide, and there was no desktop installed as it was originally a place for placing prints.

She would move to Jo Sung-hyun's seat when he leaves the company, as she was using it temporarily.

Since Jang Hyun-ah didn't have much need to use the desktop right away, it was fortunate.

"Let's start the meeting."

At Park Jung-won's words, Jo Sung-hyun, who had been explaining the schedule to Jang Hyun-ah by showing her his notes, stood up from his seat.

Jang Hyun-ah also promptly got up from her seat and headed to the meeting room.


Park Jung-won, who had put down the documents he was holding and sat down, glanced around at the members sitting in the meeting room.

"I don't know if everyone has greeted her, but she's our new member of the team. Jang Hyun-ah."

"Hello. I'm Jang Hyun-ah! Nice to meet you!"

Although Jang Hyun-ah had already greeted Jo Sung-hyun and the others, she got up again and greeted everyone.

Everyone shook hands or nodded in response to her greeting.

"Sung-hyun will be with her for the next two weeks."

"And after that?"

"It's still undecided."


When someone asked, Park Jung-won answered briefly.

With that, the introduction of Jang Hyun-ah was completed, and the meeting started right away.

"We received a song last time. The song 'Toothless Cat'."

"Oh, yes."

Jo Sung-hyun immediately showed interest.

Yumi immediately rejected the song 'Toothless Cat' at Jo Sung-hyun's single mention, and when Park Jung-won brought up the topic again, she rejected it again.

That's how the song 'Toothless Cat' was left hanging.

Jo Sung-hyun just wanted to let it go.

It was too noticeable for him to claim that it was plagiarism, and it was also uncomfortable for him to let the song go as it was.

So, quietly passing it over was the best thing from his perspective, but the fact that Park Jung-won brought it up again meant that there was something more to it.

It meant that he couldn't just let it go.

"Yumi rejected it, and the 'Toothless Cat' side seemed a bit annoyed."


"But luckily, Seo Yena happened to hear the song and liked it, so she decided to include it in her album. So we decided to wrap it up nicely."

At Park Jung-won's words, Jo Sung-hyun frowned.

Seo Yena.

She was a solo singer who had been in the industry for five years and had a solid position as an artist, although she was slightly faltering right now.

She was a singer managed by the singer team 2, and if the song went to her, it meant that Jo Sung-hyun couldn't do anything about it.

"It's a shame that Seo Yena took the song. It means that the song itself was really good."

"Hmm. For now, don't tell Yumi. Yumi is very sensitive because of her album release on Saturday, so there's no need to bother her."

Jo Sung-hyun thought that Yumi wouldn't care much even if the song went to Seo Yena, considering her personality, but Park Jung-won was right.

There was no need to provoke her.

After briefly summarizing the situation, Park Jung-won also discussed the other artists.

Since it was right before the comeback, there was no doubt that Yumi was the most talked about, but the other artists were not inactive either.

There were quite a few artists who were bigger than Yumi among the artists managed by the singer team 1.

Normally, Jo Sung-hyun would have handled the work of the other artists as well, but it was also because Park Jung-won was considerate of him that he was working almost exclusively for Yumi.

Of course, it was also true that he decided to do so because Yumi's comeback schedule overlapped with his and Yumi followed Jo Sung-hyun well.

"Okay, meeting over. Good job, everyone. Sung-hyun, take Hyun-ah and go to Yumi's shoot."

"Got it."

"You can go home on your own."


Jo Sung-hyun answered briefly and moved.

He didn't need to hurry, but he didn't have much time to spare either.

Park Jung-won knew that too, so he ended the meeting on time.

"Um... senior."

"Yes, Hyun-ah."

"I'll drive."

When Jo Sung-hyun got into the driver's seat, Jang Hyun-ah said right away.

But Jo Sung-hyun shook his head.

"It's okay. I'll do it."

Jang Hyun-ah didn't know the way anyway.

He drove faster.

As soon as they arrived at Yumi's house, they saw her waiting outside.

She was out even though there was still some time left, probably because she didn't like being at home alone.

"Hello, Yumi."

"Good morning. Oh? Hello."

Yumi, who was greeting them naturally, noticed Jang Hyun-ah sitting in the passenger seat and greeted her.

Jang Hyun-ah quickly bowed her head.

"Hello. I'm Jang Hyun-ah, who started working today!"

"Oh, you're a manager."


"I thought you were a rookie singer. I thought you were going to take me and go to your schedule."

Yumi said with a smile.

At her words, Jo Sung-hyun chuckled.

"Why do they all look like artists when I bring them? Raon also said that when he saw Chae-yoon."

"No, this is honestly not your fault... Anyway, it's your fault."


Jo Sung-hyun made a bewildered face.

Then Yumi shrugged her shoulders.

"She's too pretty."

"Ah... thank you."

Jang Hyun-ah thanked her awkwardly.

Jo Sung-hyun nodded slightly.

Jang Hyun-ah wasn't the type to be bullied wherever she went.

Of course, the same was true for Chae-yoon.

'No, Chae-yoon is the type to win wherever she goes.'

She was his daughter, but she was too pretty.

Jo Sung-hyun thought to himself and started the car.


"Yes, Yumi."

"But I'm really serious. Don't you have any thoughts of debuting Chae-yoon in the entertainment industry?"

Yumi asked.

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