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Chapter 23 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

"You're doing great, Yumi~"

The director said in a sweet voice.

He wasn't usually such a nice person, but today's shooting was going very well, so he seemed to be in a good mood.

Jo Sung-hyun was watching quietly from behind the scene.

He was watching Yumi's shooting and remembered what she had said on the way.

'But I'm serious. I think Chae-yoon can debut in the entertainment industry, don't you think?'

He felt like he could hear Yumi's voice in his ear.

Jo Sung-hyun frowned.

It wasn't really hard to make Chae-yoon debut in the entertainment industry.

The kid had a real talent.

A talent that anyone would call a genius, and he knew it best.

He was ashamed to say this, and he might not have the right to say it, but... Chae-yoon was his daughter.

He couldn't not know.

Things that you had to know a bit about music to do, Chae-yoon just did them without knowing anything.

Even if Jo Sung-hyun didn't know much about music, he would have called her a genius.

But, could he really send Chae-yoon to the entertainment industry?

There were two kinds of celebrities in the entertainment industry.


And famous.

Unknown artists were miserable.

No matter how hard they tried, they felt like nothing worked, and they were ignored everywhere they went.

What about famous artists?

They weren't easy either.

Yumi was a relatively famous artist.

She wasn't a top star, but there were many people who had heard her songs at least once.

But she also struggled.

Now it was the album preparation period, so it was this much, but during the activity period, she had to come out from dawn and do the schedule, and she had to do many other things.

In the end, being commodified was the same for unknown and famous, only the degree was different.

That's why Yumi, who was so obedient, came to the company and talked to Park Jung-won, the team leader.

They solved it on the surface, but Yumi, Jo Sung-hyun, and Park Jung-won. They all knew that they had no choice but to be commodified.

It was really hard to be respected as an 'artist' and work.

Even if the company treated them as 'artists', the public wouldn't.

Could he handle that?

Jo Sung-hyun knew the dark side of the entertainment industry very well.

He knew how far he could fall... Could he really let Chae-yoon step into the entertainment industry?

'It's hard.'

He had no intention of stopping Chae-yoon from doing music.

He had the thought that he had to support her as best as he could in that aspect.

But, debuting in the entertainment industry was a different story.

Jo Sung-hyun's dilemma, which started from Yumi's words, stopped with Jang Hyun-ah's question from the side.

"Senior. How long are you shooting today?"

"I expected it to be until evening, but looking at the situation, it seems like it will end a bit early. I think it will be just in time if I take Yumi and go to the company, so you can leave then."

"Huh. Is that okay? I heard that working as a manager, staying up all night and stuff is natural like eating."

Jang Hyun-ah said, widening her eyes.

Jo Sung-hyun scratched his cheek and opened his mouth.

"Well, that's true, but you don't have to force yourself to stay up all night. There might be times when you have to stay up all night or come out early in the morning, but... Not right now."

It's okay until this week.

It's still before Yumi's comeback.

She'll release the song on the weekend, so it'll probably get busy from next week and there will be times when he has to come out early in the morning.

After doing that once or twice, Jo Sung-hyun will leave the company.

He nodded his head as if he understood, and looking at Jang Hyun-ah, Jo Sung-hyun opened his mouth.

The past had changed.

If it was the original, Jang Hyun-ah wouldn't have started working as a manager, but how did she end up having an interview?


"Yes, senior."

"Why did you apply to Pan Entertainment?"

He asked, but Jo Sung-hyun had to hold back his laughter.

Wasn't it funny to ask this to the daughter of the representative of Pan Entertainment?

"Uh... I said it in the interview, but I really want to make a star with my own hands. That's my dream. So I took acting lessons, vocal lessons. To try to understand a little bit."

"Did you always want to be a manager? I mean, not that you wanted to do something else?"

"Yes. I just prepared for Pan Entertainment only. Actually... I'm only telling you this, but I didn't expect much this time. I didn't think I would get in, so I just tried my best in the interview, but I got in and I wondered if this was a dream."


Jo Sung-hyun nodded.

She seemed to have taken the interview as an experience.

He nodded his head like that, and Jo Sung-hyun realized why the past had changed.

'Is it because of me...?'

If Jo Sung-hyun hadn't been there, or if he hadn't strongly recommended Jang Hyun-ah, another manager might have come in.

No, if Jo Sung-hyun hadn't quit, the company wouldn't have been in such a hurry to recruit employees.

In the end, Jo Sung-hyun was the one who created this situation.

When he realized that, Jo Sung-hyun chuckled.

"Try your best. You can achieve your dream, Jang Hyun-ah."

Jo Sung-hyun said that.

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