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Chapter 24 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

Jo Sung-hyun quietly watched Chaeyoon.

Chaeyoon had been sitting in front of the piano for a while, then turned her head to check the door.

And as soon as she noticed Jo Sung-hyun's arrival, she grabbed the mermaid princess doll next to her and ran over.

Jo Sung-hyun smiled and bent his knees slightly, spreading his arms.

Chaeyoon hugged Jo Sung-hyun.

The child had a bright face and started talking happily.

While watching the child talk about what happened at kindergarten today, Jo Sung-hyun stood up and hugged Chaeyoon.


Chaeyoon was momentarily surprised and took a breath, but the child quickly buried her face in Jo Sung-hyun's shoulder with a happy expression.



"Shall we go somewhere with Dad today?"


"To eat the tonkatsu you like?"

"Chaeyoon likes it!"

Seeing her nod vigorously, it seemed like she really liked the idea.

Jo Sung-hyun carried the child and slightly bowed his head to greet Min Eun-jeong, then they walked away.

They headed to a tonkatsu restaurant near their house.

They ordered the tonkatsu set, and Chaeyoon hummed a cheerful tune, seeming to be in a good mood.

Jo Sung-hyun glanced at the mermaid princess doll that was placed next to the child and opened his mouth.

"Chaeyoon, do you like the mermaid princess?"

"Chaeyoon likes the mermaid princess."

"Why do you like her?"

"The mermaid princess sings well!"

"And what about Dad?"


Chaeyoon, who had been alternating between looking at the mermaid princess and Jo Sung-hyun, stretched her body.

Curious, Jo Sung-hyun slightly lowered his body and approached the child.

Chaeyoon opened her mouth in a small voice.

"Dad sings really well."

"Even better than the mermaid princess?"

"Yeah. But it's a secret from the mermaid princess."


Jo Sung-hyun playfully gestured with his finger near his mouth.

So cute.

He couldn't understand how he ended up with a daughter like her.

Speaking so quietly and calling it a secret because the mermaid princess might hear, it was all so adorable.

The tonkatsu set arrived.

The owner who served them took out two small yogurts and placed them on the table.

"This is a service because the child is so cute."

"Oh, thank you. We'll enjoy it."

Jo Sung-hyun slightly nodded his head to greet him, and Chaeyoon followed suit.

The owner chuckled and looked at Chaeyoon, then turned his body and went back to the kitchen.

Jo Sung-hyun cut the tonkatsu in front of Chaeyoon into bite-sized pieces.

He cut it small enough for Chaeyoon to eat in one bite, then picked up a piece of tonkatsu with a fork and brought it to Chaeyoon's mouth.



Chaeyoon swallowed the piece of tonkatsu in one breath.

Seeing her chew, Jo Sung-hyun handed her the fork and started to cut and eat his own tonkatsu.

Chaeyoon ate the tonkatsu diligently.

He smiled involuntarily as he watched the child stuff her mouth full of tonkatsu and chew.

He carefully wiped off the brown sauce on her mouth.

"Can you eat without spilling on your clothes, Chaeyoon?"

"Yes! Chaeyoon eats well without spilling on her clothes!"

Chaeyoon said with a happy face.

Jo Sung-hyun put a piece of tonkatsu in his mouth and chewed, then swallowed and opened his mouth.



"What do you want to do after eating?"


She made a small sound, then eventually shook her head.


"I don't know...."

"Is there nothing you want to do?"

"There's too much...."

Chaeyoon said with a sullen face.

Seeing her, Jo Sung-hyun smiled slightly.

"Then shall we go somewhere with Dad?"


"A music store."

"A music store...? What is that?"

Chaeyoon looked at him with wide eyes, as if she had never heard of it.

Well, it might be a word that Chaeyoon had never heard of.

"It's a place where they sell instruments, and also do tuning and repairs. Like the piano you like, Chaeyoon."

"Right. Chaeyoon likes the piano."

Chaeyoon nodded her head.

"What do you think it would be like if we had a piano at home?"

When he asked that, Chaeyoon opened her mouth in surprise.

She even put down the fork with the tonkatsu on it, and looked at Jo Sung-hyun.

"Do we have a piano at home?"

"Not right now, but I'm thinking of buying one today. I'm asking what you think about it, Chaeyoon."

"Chaeyoon likes Dad."

Chaeyoon said out of the blue that she liked Dad, in response to the question of what she thought about having a piano at home.

Chaeyoon's eyes shone brightly at the thought of having a piano in her home.

"What if we put the piano in the living room?"

She nodded.

That was the end of it.

First, let's buy a piano and see.

Seonghyun had that thought.

Whether Chaeyoon wanted to go into the entertainment industry or participate in a competition, he just had to let the child do what she wanted.

No matter what happens, Chaeyoon just needs to protect herself.

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