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Chapter 4 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

-Hey, Sung-hyun. I heard you left work, sorry. Can you pick up Yumi? You're the only person I can ask. Really.

Park Jung-won's voice.

Jo Sung-hyun blinked and came to his senses.

He heard a bang from behind, and he stepped on the accelerator and opened his mouth.

"Team leader, be honest, you're trying to push me around because I'm quitting, right?"

-You're the only one. You know Yumi only takes care of you or me.

At Park Jung-won's words, Jo Sung-hyun sighed softly.

It's only been two days since he came back, isn't it too hard?

He had just barely figured out the work after recalling his old memories.

He looked at Chae-yoon, who was next to him, and said.

"...I can pick her up, but I'm with my daughter right now."

-Yumi doesn't care about that stuff. It's okay. What's the big deal about going with your daughter?

He wanted to be a good dad before being a good employee.

If Park Jung-won had just asked him to do it somehow, he would have refused.

But he didn't refuse any more when he said to go with Chae-yoon.

"...I'll go."

He said that and finished the phone call, and looked at Chae-yoon.



Chae-yoon blinked her eyes.

A smile formed on his face.

"I'm really sorry, but I think I have to do some work."

"Go with Chae-yoon?"

"Yeah. Together."

"Chae-yoon likes it!"

He couldn't help but smile at her words, raising her hand.

"Then, let's go."


Chae-yoon nodded her head vigorously.

Jo Sung-hyun eventually headed to the studio to pick up Yumi.

When he was almost near the studio.

Ring ring ring. Ring.

Jo Sung-hyun's phone rang.

He hesitated and answered the phone.

And as he answered the phone, he realized that he had heard this song somewhere.

The piano that Chae-yoon played at the kindergarten earlier.

It was very similar.


As soon as he felt something was strange, a voice came through the earphones.

-Oppa? Where are you? Should I go down now?

"Ah, Yumi. I'm just around the corner, so if you come down now, it'll be perfect timing."

-Then I'll come down now.

"By the way, Yumi."

-Yes, oppa.

"I came in a hurry, so I brought my daughter with me. Is that okay?"

-Wow. Oppa had a daughter. Why didn't I know? Anyway, I'm fine. I'll go down.

He was able to arrive at Yumi's studio soon.

Yumi pressed the button to open the door for him, and he noticed that Chae-yoon looked a bit nervous.

"Chae-yoon, are you okay?"

"Uh, uh... I can do it!"

She responded with a stiff body, maybe because she was nervous.

Jo Sung-hyun smiled and turned his gaze to Yumi, who was getting in the car.

"Hello. Oppa."

"Hello. Yumi."


Jo Sung-hyun gasped as Yumi suddenly spoke.

He glanced at her, who was looking at Chae-yoon with sparkling eyes.

"Hi. What's your name, our pretty princess?"

"Jo Chae-yoon!"

"Unnie is Jung Yumi."

Yumi introduced herself, following Chae-yoon's tone.

She stretched her body forward and handed Chae-yoon a jelly.

A famous bear jelly.

"Here, Chae-yoon eat this. Don't give it to dad. Got it?"

At Yumi's words, Jo Sung-hyun chuckled.

But Chae-yoon looked serious.

She looked back and forth between Jo Sung-hyun and Yumi.

What was she so worried about?

Jo Sung-hyun, who thought she would obviously take the jelly, looked at Chae-yoon, who didn't take it, with curiosity.

Chae-yoon finally raised her head and looked at Yumi and asked.

"Dad can't have it...?"


Yumi made a surprised sound as Chae-yoon asked in a slightly sad voice.

Jo Sung-hyun was also a bit flustered and glanced at her.

"No, Chae-yoon. Unnie is sorry. Dad can share too."

Only then did Chae-yoon's face brighten up.

"Thank you. Unnie."

Chae-yoon greeted Yumi with a bright face and took the jelly and tore the bag.

She carefully looked at the jellies of different colors and put one in her mouth.

Then she seemed to remember something and turned her head to look at Jo Sung-hyun.



"Dad, what color?"

Chae-yoon asked.

It seemed like she was asking what color jelly he liked.

He felt her intention to share the jelly with him, and a smile formed on his lips.

Isn't she so lovely?

'How could I leave such a child...'

Why did he do that?

He thought to himself and opened his mouth.

"Dad likes red..."

As he was speaking, Chae-yoon flinched.

"Ah, dad likes red jelly too?"

Was she trying to keep calm?

Her voice was trembling a little as Chae-yoon's mouth showed a red jelly.

Jo Sung-hyun quickly changed his words.

"...I actually prefer green. Dad doesn't like red jelly very much."

As he said that, Chae-yoon smiled as if nothing had happened and looked for a green jelly and handed it to Jo Sung-hyun.

"Here! Dad, I'll give you!"

How cute and happy it is for a child to give him a jelly with a bright smile.

Only those who have children would know that.

Jo Sung-hyun smiled and ate the jelly from Chae-yoon.

"Chae-yoon will eat the red jelly that dad doesn't like!"

She said that and put another red jelly in her mouth.

Yumi held her breath at the cute sight and opened her mouth.

"Oppa, isn't Chae-yoon so cute? She's also nice. And she looks so much like you that anyone can tell she's your daughter."

"Look alike?"

"Yes. You look so pretty because you look like oppa."

At that, Jo Sung-hyun turned his head to look at Chae-yoon and met her eyes.

Her clear eyes were shining.

She did look like him.

"...I guess so."

Was her talent for music also inherited from him?

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