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Chapter 4 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

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No matter how much Jo Sung-hyun failed as father, he could remember whether his daughter attended the academy or not.

According to his memory, Chae-yoon not only does not attend a piano academy at this age but also has no plans to do so in the future.

'Is this... even possible?'

Is it logically possible for a 7-year-old child who has never learned the piano to be able to 'play' the piano?

It was confusing.

"Um... sir?"

"Oh, yes. Teacher."

"Will Chae-yoon continue to be picked up directly by you in the future?"

"Unless there's anything special, I think I'll continue to pick her up."

Jo Sung-hyun replied.

In this life, he intended to do everything he couldn't do for Chae-yoon.

And one of those things is going to and from school with Chae-yoon.

Although the commuting time is tight, being a manager is a job with a somewhat flexible schedule.

Jo Sung-hyun worked more in the office than on-site, but even if he occasionally ran late, Park Jung-won would understand.

Of course, the best option is to move quickly and not be late.

"Well, I'll keep that in mind then."

"Yes, thank you."

Jo Sung-hyun bowed to the teacher and turned around.

It was just as he was about to drive off in the company car.

He deliberately took the company car today because he has to go to the studio from 11 a.m. tomorrow.

As there was no personal car, it was a good thing for him to be able to drive the company car.

"Dad's driving!"

As soon as Jo Sung-hyun gently hugged Chae-yoon and sat her in the passenger seat, she exclaimed in a bright voice.

Jo Sung-hyun chuckled and fastened his seatbelt.

Once in the driver's seat, he searched his pocket, put on wireless earphones, and called his mother, Lee Soo-hyun.

-Hey, son. What's up?

As if wondering why he called, a puzzled voice came through.

Originally, Jo Sung-hyun was not the type to make phone calls.

Partly because of the busy work, and partly because he often had to handle work matters by phone, he didn't particularly like phone calls.

"Chae-yoon, I'm picking her up."

-You? What's all of a sudden?

Lee Soo-hyun asked with a slightly surprised voice.

Jo Sung-hyun looked at Chae-yoon, who was looking at him with joy, and opened his mouth.

"Just, you told me to make some time. I made some time."

-When did you listen to me... But still, it's so nice that you make time to pick up Chae-yoon and all.

Lee Soo-hyun's voice tone rose a little.

A happy voice.

She was the one who was worried about her son and granddaughter, so she was happy just by the fact that Jo Sung-hyun went to the kindergarten to pick up Chae-yoon.

"Oh, right mom. Chae-yoon didn't attend a piano academy, right?"

-Academy? What academy for a 7-year-old. She should just play at that age.


Jo Sung-hyun answered like that, but he tilted his head.

He even thought that maybe he didn't remember, or maybe Chae-yoon wanted to play the piano so much that she secretly attended without telling him.

But it seems like she really didn't go.

His head was troubled.

The scene he had just seen was one that would make him think that it was natural to attend a piano academy.

'If she didn't go to a piano academy, did she learn the piano from someone else?'

Jo Sung-hyun thought to himself, but maybe his silence was too long, Lee Soo-hyun spoke first.

-Why? Does Chae-yoon want to go to a piano academy?

"No, not that. I just came to the kindergarten and saw Chae-yoon playing the piano, so I asked."

-Really...? I haven't seen Chae-yoon play the piano either. How is it? You're also in the arts field, after all. Does she play well?

Does she play well?

Hearing that, Jo Sung-hyun snorted inwardly.

Not just as a person who had worked in this industry for a few years, but as a musician.

No, even a person who doesn't know music would have thought the same.

'That was not just playing well.'

Of course, it might not be the case if compared to children who learned music professionally from a young age and even went to competitions.

But at least by the standards of ordinary children, it was clearly an amazing performance.

"Yeah. She plays the piano well. Our Chae-yoon."

As he said that, Chae-yoon, who was listening next to him, widened her eyes.

Jo Sung-hyun smiled at her and continued the conversation.

-Chae-yoon is good at everything. She listens well, and you don't know how pretty she is. You should also compliment her and stuff.

"I got it."

-And when you have time, go shopping. Is it reasonable to have only kimchi and water in the fridge?

"Yes, I understand. I'll go shopping on my way home today."

Jo Sung-hyun hung up the phone with a smile and turned his head to look at Chae-yoon.

Chae-yoon just smiled brightly and looked at him.

He didn't know if she was happy because she was riding in the car with him, or because he said she played the piano well.

"Chae-yoon, what song did you play earlier?"

He was sure he had heard it somewhere, but he couldn't remember.

Chae-yoon must have heard it somewhere, or watched a video of someone playing the piano and followed it.



"Dad's phone song!"

Still smiling, she said.

And at that moment.

Ring ring ring. Ring.

Jo Sung-hyun shuddered.

The phone bell was ringing through the earphones in his ears.

He felt a slight sense of incongruity, but before his brain could recognize the situation, his body moved first and answered the phone.


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