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Chapter 5 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

The first place they headed to was, of course, the food corner.

The reason why Jo Sung-hyun came to the mart was because his mother had said that there was nothing to eat at home.

"Eggs are more expensive than I thought."

Jo Sung-hyun scratched his cheek and fidgeted in front of the egg corner.

The eggs were more expensive than he expected.

He hesitated for a moment and then picked up a tray of eggs and put it in the cart.

He thought about buying half a tray of eggs, but the price was similar, so he thought it would be better to buy a whole tray.

Eggs are essential for most dishes.

He would have to eat dinner with Chae-yoon from now on, so they would disappear quickly.

Chae-yoon, unlike Jo Sung-hyun who was hesitating, seemed to be just excited.

She was happy about the bear jelly, and it was her first time going shopping with Jo Sung-hyun, so it was natural.

"Do you like it that much?"

Jo Sung-hyun asked, curious about her happy mood.

Then Chae-yoon moved her arm and hugged his leg lightly.

"Chae-yoon likes daddy."

"Daddy likes Chae-yoon too."

There was a joy that only those who had not experienced it would never know, when their daughter hugged their leg and said they liked it.

Jo Sung-hyun's mouth had an irresistible smile.

"Wow...the baby is so cute."

"She's so pretty. Look at her sparkling eyes."

A couple passed by and talked about Chae-yoon.

Chae-yoon didn't seem to hear, but Jo Sung-hyun felt proud and hugged Chae-yoon lightly, who was still holding his leg.

He felt so good, even though it wasn't about him.

He felt like bragging, just saying, everyone, this is my child.

He was so proud and happy that Chae-yoon was his daughter.

He also felt sorry that he had never gone shopping with Chae-yoon for a few years after her mother left the world.

'I have to change everything this time.'

He would go shopping with Chae-yoon more often, and eat dinner with her every day.

"Excuse me, I'll pass by for a moment."

He couldn't move because Chae-yoon was holding his leg, and he heard a voice from behind.

Jo Sung-hyun quickly turned his body and looked behind.

An adult man and woman, and a boy.

They looked like a family, and they were looking at him with strange eyes.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

Jo Sung-hyun apologized first.

It was true that he had stopped.

When he apologized, their eyes softened.

"No, it's okay. I just saw the child. She must take after her dad a lot. She's so cute."

The woman smiled and said.

She seemed to have noticed Chae-yoon holding his leg.

Jo Sung-hyun held Chae-yoon's hand.

"Thank you."

He said that and moved the cart.

The boy waved at Chae-yoon.

Chae-yoon turned her body without saying anything.

Jo Sung-hyun tilted his head, seeing the boy's lingering eyes.



"Do you know that boy?"

"Uh... I saw him at kindergarten."

"Really? He was saying hello, you should say hello back. Didn't you see?"

"I saw him, but... I'm not very close with him."

Chae-yoon shook her head and said.

Jo Sung-hyun blinked.

He had seen him at kindergarten, and the boy seemed to be a little happy to see Chae-yoon.

He seemed to recognize her for sure, since he was greeting her.

But Chae-yoon said she wasn't close with him and didn't even accept his greeting.

Feeling a subtle sense of something, Jo Sung-hyun scratched his cheek.

What could have happened in kindergarten?

"Or maybe, she just doesn't like him that much."

Children can either like each other or not get along, right?

Jo Sung-hyun tried to avoid thinking too complicatedly and moved on.

"If she doesn't even respond to greetings, they must not be close, right?"


Chaeyoon seemed to ponder for a moment, then smiled brightly and spoke.

"Chaeyoon doesn't really get close to anyone!"

And at her daughter's words, Jo Sung-hyun felt his heart sink.

What does it mean that they're not close at all?

"Our Chaeyoon..."

Is she being bullied even in kindergarten?

His heart suddenly grew hot.

His head started to ache.

If she really was being bullied, it would be so painful.

Just imagining it made his temperature rise and his heart ache. If it was true...

"What should we do then?"

His mind went blank.

In that situation, Chaeyoon looked up at Jo Sung-hyun with a puzzled expression.

As if asking if there was some problem.


Chaeyoon called out to Jo Sung-hyun, grabbing his pants.

Jo Sung-hyun finally snapped out of it and opened his mouth.

"Oh, yeah. Chaeyoon. Let's quickly go grocery shopping and have a meal."

"Yeah, Chaeyoon likes..."

"I like rice!"

Jo Sung-hyun couldn't say anything.

Because of the shock he felt about himself.

He didn't even know the food Chaeyoon likes.

"I was really a terrible father. It was me."

Jo Sung-hyun thought to himself.

This time, let's be a proper father.

He made another promise.

Including the things he couldn't do in his past life, let's give twice as much love.

To his daughter, Chaeyoon.

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