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Chapter 6 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

Jo Sung-hyun's daily life changed.

He had barely returned, but Jo Sung-hyun tried to get used to getting up earlier than usual and preparing Chae-yoon.

Even though it was only the third day.

He found that amusing, and Jo Sung-hyun sneaked a smile.

He looked at Chae-yoon, who was sleeping next to him.

Squeak squeak.

Chae-yoon, who was exhaling faint breaths, was frowning as if she was dreaming.

Jo Sung-hyun quietly wrapped his hand around Chae-yoon's fist.

Chae-yoon's face had relaxed a bit, but unfortunately, it was time to wake her up.

"Shall we get up now?"

Jo Sung-hyun asked softly, holding Chae-yoon gently.

At his question, Chae-yoon made a sound similar to a groan and buried herself in Jo Sung-hyun's arms.

Isn't she too cute?

Look at her trying to snuggle into his arms even in her sleep.

Jo Sung-hyun made a happy face, then regained his senses and woke Chae-yoon up.

"Chae-yoon. Don't you have to go to kindergarten?"

"Ugh... Is it a kindergarten day today?"

"Yes. It's a kindergarten day today."

"I want to go a little later..."

At Chae-yoon's words, looking at him with sleepy eyes, Jo Sung-hyun laughed.

"Are you going to be late for kindergarten?"

Even at the word late, Chae-yoon didn't care and wrapped her arms around Jo Sung-hyun's waist and closed her eyes.

"Chae-yoon likes daddy."

"Daddy likes Chae-yoon too. Come on, let's get up and brush our teeth."

Jo Sung-hyun carefully lifted Chae-yoon and said.

In the end, Chae-yoon yawned and opened her eyes.

Jo Sung-hyun looked at Chae-yoon, who was yawning with her small mouth wide open, and thought about putting his finger in once, but gave up.

Chae-yoon looked at him blankly, as if she knew or didn't know his thoughts.

"Let's brush our teeth."

Jo Sung-hyun picked up Chae-yoon and walked toward the bathroom.

"Ah~ do I have to?"


Chae-yoon opened her mouth.

Jo Sung-hyun carefully helped her brush her teeth.

After finishing washing her face, Chae-yoon went out with a piece of bread in her hand.

Jo Sung-hyun also followed his daughter with a piece of bread in his mouth.

He drove his company car and took Chae-yoon to kindergarten.

Inside the car, Chae-yoon was excitedly shrugging her shoulders, and Jo Sung-hyun was able to drive with a smile along with her.

"Let's go."


Chae-yoon jumped and hugged Jo Sung-hyun.

Jo Sung-hyun carefully put the child down and held her hand.

Chae-yoon held Jo Sung-hyun's finger and moved her feet.

After confirming that she had entered the kindergarten, Jo Sung-hyun turned to the kindergarten teacher who was about to greet him and turn around.

"Excuse me, teacher."

"Yes, sir."

"Can I have a consultation with you in the evening? About Chae-yoon..."

He still had the uneasy feeling he had heard last night.

He couldn't solve anything right now, so he wanted to talk to the teacher who was taking care of Chae-yoon and assess the situation.

"Yes, of course, sir. I'll keep the evening time free."

She answered kindly and bowed her head slightly, and Jo Sung-hyun also bowed his head.

He glanced at the kindergarten and turned around and got into the car.

It was time to go to work.

* * *

Jo Sung-hyun headed to Yumi’s house to pick up her today.

After taking her to the studio, he had to go to work.

Today was just a matter of driving for her.

Next Tuesday was the problem.

He had to go with her and spend the whole day together for the music video shoot.

It wasn't a problem to wait, but he had to look good to the music video director as well as take special care of Yumi.

And he also decided to take Raon with him....

'It's going to be hectic.'

Jo Sung-hyun thought to himself and stopped the car.

Yumi was outside the house.

She was waiting for him in advance.

Jo Sung-hyun was a little surprised by the fact that she was waiting for him and blinked his eyes.

Yumi greeted him as she got into the car.

"Good morning. Oppa."

"Hello. Yumi. You weren't at home, but you came out early."

She was a rookie, but she was still a rookie who was getting a not-so-bad response.

It could be burdensome for her to be outside as a celebrity, but it was surprising that she was waiting for him in advance.

"Chae-yoon isn't here today?"

"Yes. She went to kindergarten."

"That's too bad. I brought some jelly for Chae-yoon. Can you give it to her?"

"Ah, thank you."

Jo Sung-hyun didn't refuse.

He had just bought a jar of jelly yesterday, so he didn't need to accept it, but he had no reason not to reject it either.

If he didn't accept it, Yumi would feel awkward too.

Jo Sung-hyun soon focused on driving.

Yumi was a quiet person.

Park Jung-won had said that she wasn't that quiet, but Jo Sung-hyun thought that she was one of the quietest and well-behaved celebrities he had ever experienced.

She was basically bright, but she didn't show an overly excited look.

After dropping off Yumi.

Jo Sung-hyun went to work.

"Hey, hurry up. Let's go to the meeting."

As soon as he arrived, he had to go into a meeting.

"A meeting?"

It was a meeting he hadn't heard of, so Jo Sung-hyun was confused.

Park Jung-won hit his arm and gestured for him to come in quickly.

In the end, Jo Sung-hyun headed to the meeting room as soon as he unpacked his stuff.

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