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Chapter 6 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

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Five people, including Park Jung-won, started the meeting.

Usually, when they said meeting, it was usually about managing the artists' schedules.

Adjusting the time, or deciding whether the work that came in was suitable for this artist or not.

If not, it was mostly about how to proceed with this artist's album.

This meeting was similar.

"First of all... applause."

Park Jung-won said that and clapped.

The team members also followed him and clapped familiarly.

Clap clap clap.

He didn't even know why he was clapping, but he just did.

When the applause died down a bit.

Park Jung-won opened his mouth with a snort.

"Yesterday I went to a meeting. And I got a song. From none other than 'Toothless Cat'."

"Wow. You said you were going to a meeting yesterday, and that was 'Toothless Cat'?"

"Wow... good job, team leader. This is for Yumi's mini album, right?"

The team members were excited as a group.

'Toothless Cat' was a composer who was maintaining a pretty good performance.

He was at least in the mid-range of the chart.

In a situation where it was hard to get into the chart, a composer who was stable in the mid-range was something everyone liked.

"It would have been okay as the title track, but unfortunately, the title track has already been decided and the music video is in progress, so let's pass on that. Anyway, let's listen and decide whether it would be good to include this song in Yumi's album or give it to someone else."

"What are you talking about, Team Leader? If it's 'Toothless Cat,' there's no need to listen to it. Just subtitle it right away, right?"

"We have to include it no matter what. It's 'Toothless Cat' after all."

The team members responded to Jungwon Park's words.

Jo Sung-hyun remained silent, quietly observing the situation.

"But we originally planned to have four songs, and now we're adding one more, so we need to listen and decide. It's important. Just give it a listen for now."

Park Jungwon said as he played the music.

Jo Sung-hyun focused on the music without saying a word.

He believed that he was better than anyone else sitting here when it came to listening to music, as he had spent a lot of time with it.

The song started playing quietly.

Upon hearing it, both Park Jungwon and the other team members showed satisfied smiles.

The song itself was good.

Just by looking at the name 'Toothless Cat,' it was already trustworthy, and the quality of the song was also good, so they might think there's nothing more to see.

After the song ended.

"Kyah, we definitely have to proceed with this. If we don't, we'll look like fools."

"Thank you for your hard work, Team Leader. Yumi will definitely like it, I can tell."

The team members say.

Park Jungwon nods with a pleased expression on his face, then notices Jo Sung-hyun standing still.

Jo Sung-hyun meets eyes with Park Jungwon and makes a strange face.

"Why? Is the song not good?"

Park Jungwon asks.

Not sure what to say, Jo Sung-hyun hesitates for a moment.

"No, the song is good. It will chart. Maybe, it's possible to reach the top 20."

Jo Sung-hyun decided to answer honestly.

The song was too good.

Anyone who knew how to listen to music properly. No, even someone who didn't know much about music would say that this was a good song.

In fact, this song by 'Toothless Cat' was so well-made that it was included on Yumi's mini-album.

Surely, it had a good result.

'It didn't last a week.'

That good result didn't last more than a week.

It was revealed that the song "Toothless Cat" included in Yumi's album was plagiarized, and because of that, "Toothless Cat" could no longer engage in entertainment activities.

Yumi also suffered a blow and couldn't properly engage in activities for a year, but started to recover little by little after a year.

It was fatal for Yumi, who was just starting to rise as a rising star, to be involved in such an incident.

It's something that will happen in less than a month from now.

Should I tell them about this or not?

"But why does your face look like that? It's not like you have any worries or anything."

Park Jungwon asks, looking puzzled.

Seonghyun hesitates for a moment, then finally opens his mouth.

It wasn't pleasant for either Yumi or Park Jungwon to be harmed, but above all, the composer who composed this song.

'The real composer, not the toothless cat.'

He didn't like seeing him suffer.

Jo Sung-hyun had also been betrayed by the company in the future, and despite it being his own song, he couldn't call it his own in that situation.

He didn't want the composer who wrote this song to feel that dirty feeling.

As someone who does the same music.

"I... don't really feel it. The song itself is fine, but I'm not sure if this song suits Yumi...."

But since he couldn't openly say that this song was a plagiarized song, it was best to turn the conversation that way.

Upon hearing his words, Jungwon Park looked at Jo Sung-hyun with a mysterious expression.

"Are you serious?"


"If you say so... Alright then. Since it's not something we can decide among ourselves, let's call Yumi later and hear her opinion. For now, focus on the music video shoot, and after the shoot."

Jungwon Park didn't say much except for a slight twitch of his eyebrows because he fundamentally believed in Jo Sung-hyun's abilities.

After reaching that conclusion, the meeting came to an end.

Jo Sung-hyun finally took a seat in his own place and took a deep breath.

Staring at the still unlit monitor, he let out a sigh.

It had only been a short while since he joined the company, but Chaeyoon was already on his mind.

Three weeks ahead.

After successfully completing his work at the company during that period, he would be free.

If that happened...

'I'll be able to spend more time with Chae-yoon.'

He was ready to do his best to be a good father.

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